10 Best Apps for Seniors

Considering the importance of the new applications, using them apps can be challenging but also very useful for seniors. Even though it might be hard for older people to adapt themselves to new technological changes, the advances can make their life easier and bring them joy and fun. The drawback here is that it might be difficult to decide on which app to download for most seniors. So we have compiled some of the best apps available on the market that may help seniors a lot.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

The Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app turns a smartphone into a digital magnifying glass, using the phone’s camera to enlarge text and objects. This is particularly useful for seniors who have difficulty reading small print in books, menus, or labels. The added flashlight feature is helpful in low-light conditions. For instance, a senior trying to read a medicine bottle in a dimly lit room can use this app to see clearly, ensuring they take the correct dosage. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for seniors to use without complex navigation.

Medisafe Medication Reminder

Medisafe Medication Reminder is a lifesaver for seniors who take multiple medications. It helps in managing pill schedules, reminding them when to take each medication. The app can also track blood pressure, glucose levels, and other health metrics, making it a comprehensive health management tool. An example of its utility is when a senior has a complex medication schedule; the app can remind them at the appropriate times, reducing the risk of missed or double doses. Its user-friendly design and the ability to support family or caregiver connectivity enhance safety and oversight.


Audible is an audiobook service that’s perfect for seniors who love reading but struggle with small print or have vision impairments. With a vast library of audiobooks, seniors can listen to their favorite novels, biographies, and more. The app’s simple interface makes it easy to navigate and find books. For example, a senior might enjoy revisiting a classic novel from their youth or exploring a new genre without the strain of reading physical books. The ability to change the narration speed is an added bonus for those who prefer a slower pace.


Skype is a video calling app that helps seniors stay connected with family and friends. Its intuitive design makes it easy for seniors to use, offering both video and audio calls. For example, a grandmother in New York can regularly see and speak with her grandchildren in California, nurturing relationships despite the distance. The app also supports group calls, making it possible for family gatherings to happen virtually when in-person visits aren’t feasible.

Brain Fitness Pro

Brain Fitness Pro is designed to keep the mind sharp through a series of brain-training exercises. These games are intended to improve memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. For a senior, engaging in these brain exercises can be both a fun and stimulating experience, helping to maintain cognitive function. The app offers different levels of difficulty, allowing seniors to progressively challenge themselves at a comfortable pace.

Find My iPhone or Find My Device for Android

Find My iPhone (for iOS) and Find My Device (for Android) are essential for seniors who might misplace their phones. These apps allow the user or a family member with access to locate the lost device. For instance, if a senior leaves their phone at a doctor’s office, they can use another device or computer to find its exact location. The simplicity of setting up and using these apps makes them highly suitable for seniors.


GoodRx is an app that helps seniors save money on prescriptions. It compares drug prices across different pharmacies and provides coupons for discounts. This is particularly beneficial for seniors on fixed incomes. For example, seniors prescribed a new medication can use GoodRx to find the lowest price in their area, ensuring that they may get the best deal possible. The app’s straightforward interface makes it easy for seniors to navigate and use.

Spotify or Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music are music streaming apps that offer a wide range of music from various eras and genres. Seniors can listen to their favorite songs from their youth or discover new music. These apps can be particularly comforting and enjoyable for seniors, providing a sense of nostalgia or relaxation. For example, a senior could create a playlist of their favorite songs from the 60s and enjoy them anytime. The user-friendly design of these apps ensures easy navigation for seniors.


Lumosity offers brain games designed to enhance cognitive abilities. The games are developed by neuroscientists and aim to improve memory, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem-solving skills. For seniors, this can be an engaging way to keep their minds active. The app tracks progress, providing seniors with a sense of accomplishment as they improve. Its intuitive interface and adaptive difficulty level make it suitable for seniors of varying cognitive abilities.

SilverSneakers GO

SilverSneakers GO is designed for seniors who want to stay fit and active. It provides tailored workout plans, schedules, and fitness tips. The app includes easy-to-follow exercise routines suitable for different fitness levels and mobility limitations. For example, a senior looking to improve their flexibility can find specific exercises for that. The app’s clear instructions and visual guides make it easy for seniors to follow along and stay engaged in their fitness journey.

20 New Apps for Seniors for 2024

Selecting 20 highly useful apps for seniors in 2024 requires a focus on ease of use, practicality, and enhancing everyday life. The apps are chosen to help various needs such as health management, safety, social connectivity, and mental engagement. Here’s an updated and detailed list:

Health and Wellness

  1. MyTherapy Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker: This app simplifies medication management with reminders for pill intake, measurements, and refill alerts. It’s particularly useful for seniors managing multiple medications.
  2. Calm: A meditation and sleep app that offers guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music. It’s ideal for seniors looking to improve their mental health and sleep quality.
  3. Blood Pressure Monitor: This app allows seniors to track their blood pressure readings, pulse rate, and weight. It includes analysis tools and graphs to monitor trends over time.
  4. MapMyWalk by Under Armour: Encourages seniors to stay active by tracking walking routes, distance, and calories burned. It’s great for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Communication and Social Engagement

  1. Marco Polo – Stay In Touch: A video messaging app designed for seniors to stay connected with family and friends by sending video messages at their own pace.
  2. Nextdoor: This neighborhood app helps seniors stay informed about what’s happening in their community, find local events, and even seek help from neighbors.

Entertainment and Learning

  1. TuneIn Radio: Offers access to a wide range of radio stations, including news, music, and sports. It’s easy to navigate, making it suitable for seniors who enjoy listening to radio programs.
  2. TED: Provides a vast library of educational and inspiring talks on a multitude of topics. It’s a great way for seniors to learn new things and stay intellectually stimulated.

Utility and Assistance

  1. Big Launcher: A user-friendly smartphone interface with larger icons and fonts. It simplifies smartphone use for seniors who struggle with small screens and icons.
  2. Clarity – A Wallpaper Changer: This app makes it easy to set up large, clear, and high-contrast clock and weather widgets on the home screen, enhancing visibility.

Safety and Emergency

  1. bSafe – Personal Safety App: Includes features like SOS signaling, location tracking, and a timer that notifies contacts if you don’t check in.
  2. ICE Medical Standard: Stores medical information and emergency contacts on the phone’s lock screen, providing quick access for first responders in an emergency.

Finance and Shopping

  1. Mint: This app helps seniors manage their finances, track spending, and create budgets, offering a simplified view of their financial health.
  2. ShopWell – Better Food Choices: Assists in making healthy food choices by scanning grocery barcodes, providing nutritional information and suggesting healthier alternatives.

Brain Games and Cognitive Exercises

  1. Peak – Brain Training: Offers a variety of games and puzzles designed to challenge memory, attention, problem-solving, and mental agility.
  2. Words With Friends 2: A social word puzzle game that’s both entertaining and great for keeping the mind sharp.

Travel and Navigation

  1. Roadtrippers: Perfect for seniors who love to travel, this app helps plan road trips, find interesting stops along the way, and provides easy navigation.
  2. GasBuddy: Helps find the cheapest gas prices nearby, which is particularly useful for seniors on a budget.

Home and Lifestyle

  1. Nest (now Google Home): This app allows seniors to control smart home devices like thermostats and cameras for increased comfort and security.
  2. Plant Identifier: For seniors who love gardening, this app identifies plants and gives care tips, turning gardening into an easy and enjoyable activity.