10 Best Senior Citizen Centers

Life Senior Services in Tulsa, OK

Life Senior Services specializes in community-based and home services that encourage healthy aging for seniors. There is support and services for family caregivers with major roles in helping those who still live at home. Life offers centers for active aging, volunteer opportunities, affordable housing, and solutions allowing adults to maintain their independence while living their best lives. There is also a coordinated and comprehensive senior health care program for inclusive care for the elderly called Life Pace. Qualifying members are transported to the adult daycare center for health care, nutritious meals, social services and to participate in Club Life. Life also offers Life Edu, which offers activities such as cooking and crafts, a program for tax assistance, and vintage housing. There is also a Life senior line where that offers reliable resources on taking care of seniors. http://www.lifeseniorservices.org/seniorline/default.asp

Bozeman Senior Center in Bozeman, MT

It is a non-profit center that strives to provide fitness, educational, supportive, and recreational services for its clientele, aged 50 and above. The Bozeman Senior Center offers a variety of activities. These include painting, special presentations, singing, creative writing, acting, bingo, meditation cribbage, hikes, pinochle, line dancing, canasta, lunch, seminars, slide shows, theatre as well as movies. Senior travelers are given a wide choice of international, national, and local trips for over 25 years. There is also a fitness group that can be joined through Zoom by members of the center. There is a kitchen manager and kitchen staff who provide meals to the members daily. The Bozeman Senior Center also has a 2nd hand Rose thrift store. There is a wide range of clothing, bedding, kitchenware, shoes, toys, knick-knacks, etc. There is also a well-equipped woodshop. An annual fee is paid to gain access. https://www.bozemanseniorcenter.org/

Senior Community Services in Minnetonka, MN

This is a non-profit organization whose vision is to engage the community to reimagine aging by assisting the elderly and their caregivers to live their full lives. Services are provided which include caregiver support, where social workers access ways to get the support needed to maintain life balance. Provision of health and home maintenance such as indoor and outdoor chores for instance lawn care, snow removal, minor repairs, and safety installations. There is a Medicare support program that bridges the financial gap between Medicare coverage and medical bills for seniors.

Additionally, there is a senior outreach where families can access affordable and appropriate services to help them stay longer in the community. https://seniorcommunity.org/

Sixty & Better in Fort Worth, TX

Sixty & Better, once known as Senior Citizens Services opened centers and served meals. It rose from the pandemic with a new direction and purpose. They now serve seniors with new programs. It provides means for seniors to stay connected and have fun. Older adults are empowered to have dignity, independence, and live a purposeful life. Sixty & Better helps seniors to be active, healthy, and contribute to their communities. There are healthy living programs that give guidelines for managing chronic diseases, diabetes, exercise, and avoiding falls. There are also social programs for sharing conversations, making new friends, and intergenerational programs to help with raising grandchildren. Talk time companion calls are available where staff and volunteers contact a senior weekly for a friendly telephone conversation. The organization is offering new programs, classes, and opportunities for seniors throughout Tarrant County. Participants in the programs significantly increase their healthy eating habits, activity levels, and socialization. There are activities such as chair yoga, and Tai Ji Quan, for better balance, and bingocize is a combination of bingo and exercise. https://www.sixtyandbetter.org/

Senior Citizens Organization, Inc. (SCOI) in Noblesville, IN

SCOI is a volunteer organization that serves all of Hamilton County. It was the first group dedicated to senior citizens as their main focus in Noblesville. The organization gives its members a place to fellowship and have fun. They provide seniors with services, information, and referrals to local agencies as well as their services. SCOI also serves as a medium for organizations and groups to engage in joint endeavors to assist the elderly, coordinate programs, and exchange information. All organized elements of the community are encouraged to cooperate in programs related to seniors. They also study the problems and needs of the elderly in the County and seek appropriate solutions. https://www.seniorcitizensorg.org/default.php

Auburn Senior Center (ASC) in Auburn, CA

The ASC has a mission to elevate the quality of life of seniors while supporting their vitality and independence.  Opportunities for recreation, socialization education, fitness, and health are provided to promote participation in community life. Seniors above 50 get opportunities for classes, special events, and socializing to remain independent and active. Almost half of the senior members go to the center for weekly activities and volunteer. There are over 300 members from 3 counties, Placer, El Dorado, and Nevada. Cell phone training and tech support are also offered. AARP free tax services are provided to seniors members. Some companies support the needs of seniors by providing travel opportunities. http://www.auburnseniorcenter.com/

Missoula Senior Center (MSC) in Missoula, MT

The Missoula Senior Center involves seniors in Missoula. It is members are 50 years and above. They have services and programs which include recreation, health and fitness, lifelong learning, arts, community services, and travel. Yearly or lifetime membership fees are paid to receive programs and services. The dues pay for the production of the senior center blazing trails, the building upkeep, maintenance, cleaning, surrounding property, and program equipment. They develop and implement services and programs that support the emotional, intellectual and physical health and wellbeing of seniors and help as a central point for community projects which improve education, health, recreation, and socialization for elders and their families. MSC has a thrift store with affordable prices. They have items such as jewelry, kitchen items, shoes, clothes, crafts, and many more. http://www.themissoulaseniorcenter.org/

Clay County Seniors (CCS) in Gladstone, MO

The CCS serves as an agency for resource delivery and it provides services that promote intellectual, physical and emotional wellness in the Clay county senior adults. They achieve this through advocacy, community collaboration, and responsible management. The CCS has funded programs inclusive and equitable in implementing their service programs. Senior support is provided in transportation, meals on wheels development and funding, in-home care, and adult day health care. Also, there is a file of life, lifelong learning through community. CCSS also partakes in area initiatives such as KC Communities for all ages to develop age-friendly societies. https://www.claycoseniors.org/

Cache County Senior Citizens Center in Logan, UT

The philosophy of the Cache County Senior Citizens Center is based on that the aging process is normal and that humans need peers with whom they can intermingle and get encouragement and support from.  Programs and services for seniors above 60 years are provided for independent and healthy lives. The center assists other agencies in serving seniors, serving community needs, and providing seniors with opportunities to develop their potential within the community. They believe that seniors also have ambitions and creative capacities. They are capable of continued development and growth. Additionally, seniors have basic needs such as the need for opportunities, experiencing a sense of achievement, and relationships. The elderly are given access to help for family and personal problems, sources of information, and the chance to learn from others with similar experiences. There is a congregate lunch where people are allowed to join or donate. Seniors above 60 who are disabled, homebound, frail, at-risk, or weak qualify for meals on wheels. This is a program that delivers hot lunches to their homes. Accessible, safe, courteous, and efficient transportation services are also available for senior citizens. https://www.cachecounty.org/senior/

Senior Friendship Center in Southwest, FL

This is a non -profit-making center that has helped seniors feel connected for about 50 years. 4 counties are supported in Southwest Florida. They help almost 10 000 seniors. Programs and services provided include adult day services, caregiving resources, activity centers, exercise classes, lifelong learning, nutritious meals, support groups, and economic assistance. They aim to empower seniors to live healthy, active lives, promote good physical activity and nutrition and maintain healthy lifestyles. They also provide supportive intervention to help the elderly with financial stability through community resources and education. The center allows the elderly to live their lives at home and be independent for as long as possible. People develop healthier habits and new relationships daily through brain-stimulating activities, learning new life improvement ways, and volunteering to serve others. These services are driven by volunteers. https://friendshipcenters.org/