11 Free Fun Courses for Seniors

There are tons of activities and organizations that seniors can enjoy during their golden years. While some of them can be educational, some of them can be fun. Here are the eleven best online and face-to-face courses that older people might like to participate in.

Academic Earth

If you are a lover of academic research and new findings, this website is just for you. It offers thousands of free lectures from top universities like Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell. It has an open course program that allows you to learn while you enjoy your comfort at home. Seniors who are research enthusiasts and love to learn new things may check out this website to find out the best available courses for them. To see the courses please visit the link https://academicearth.org/.

BBC Language

Some people might think that it is harder to learn a new language when you get older. However, lots of people learn new skills and languages during their golden years. BBC language is one of the most famous language channels that presents a new language with more than 40 different options. Once you register on a website you are going to see that they are presenting special courses for older people. Some of the languages this channel teaches are French, Greek, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, and more. If you are a language lover, follow the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/.


Even though participating in a regular course is beneficial, today there are various ways to learn information. TED Talks are highly popular today. If you love watching videos and having short lectures, you can find out mini videos on TEDTalks. A great deal of people who are experts in their area is presenting their journey, life experiences, and ideas to the world. The topic can be about anything from nature to art, personal development to technology. These are mostly short informative videos. If you are curious about these videos, please go to https://ed.ted.com/.


Udemy presents thousands of classes from introductory-level to more advanced level. These educational class options include psychology, sociology, foreign language, writing, reading, biology, chemistry, movies, science, artistic, creative, government, technology, health education, and more. After finishing the course, eligible people can get their certificates and use them on their job applications. Elder citizens who would like to learn a new skill or ability to improve themselves maybe take a look at this website https://www.udemy.com/.

Local Senior Centers

If you are not good with the internet and you do not like online courses and prefer face-to-face communication in the learning process, local senior centers might be an amazing opportunity for you. There are various senior centers in each city that offer different courses, particularly for older people. Some of these courses are as follow:

  • interior design and staging courses
  • cooking classes
  • creating jewelry
  • creative writing class
  • pottery classes
  • woodworking classes
  • music classes or music lessons
  • bread baking courses
  • cake decorating
  • special desert classes
  • water coloring
  • dance courses
  • acting or role-playing
  • yoga classes
  • hiking clubs or groups
  • trekking
  • golf Course
  • tennis classes

To find out the best available options for you, you need to get in touch with your local Senior Center.

Silver sneakers

This is a special program that was created and has been managed by the federal government for senior residents for the beneficiaries of Medicare. It has thousands of fitness centers throughout the country. These centers not only function as fitness classes but also organize seminars about healthy living and social gatherings to increase the participation of older people in social life. Participants of these centers are able to meet with new people and improve their well-being. See the closest Silver Sneakers Center to you at this link http://www.silversneakers.com/ or make a phone call at 866 584 7389.

Senior Olympics

The Senior Olympics was formed and has been financed by the National Senior Games Association for seniors who like sports. There are various branches that any senior can apply for. This Olympics is organized each year for the purpose of winning a national championship. If you are interested, please get involved by clicking this link https://nsga.com/ or give it a call at 727 475 1187.

The Will Kemp Art School

This art school was established by award-winning artist Will Kempo to support everyone interested in arts. It is a special class that offers video tutorials about color mixing, how to set up materials, Still Life, Townscape, Landscape, how to draw, and much more. Plenty of older citizens join art classes or make pictures as a fun hobby. If you are looking for an art class and cannot afford it, it is easy to participate in Kemp’s lectures. Once you are involved, you may organize your exhibit in the future. See more information at https://willkempartschool.com/.

Local Libraries

Going to a library does not sound ordinary nowadays but there are thousands of libraries across the country. Apart from reading a book, you may listen to audiobooks and join the seminars and intellectual discussions in the library. It is a great resource for learning something new. Moreover, some of the libraries prepare various seminars and training sessions for senior citizens on healthy eating, nutritious food, and more. All you need to do is to look for your local library.

Animal Therapy

Research has shown that owning a pet or spending time with a cat, dog or any other animal that you feel close to is very beneficial for senior residents. It helps you to fight against depression, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness, lowering blood pressure and stress level, and improving various motor skills. Even some nursing facilities offer animal therapy for its recipients to calm down. If you do not want to have an animal, there are cafes and facilities that offer animal therapy. You just need to show up at any of these places and spend some time with an animal.┬áIf you’re searching for a furry companion, you might want to consider these dogs as a companion.

Walking or Biking Clubs

These are generally neighborhood clubs where participants support each other for physical activity. As a senior, sometimes you might not want to be in a mood to walk or bike, but these groups can strengthen you. It is vital for the elderly to do physical activity to maintain their health. Walking or biking clubs mostly choose a certain park or a natural path for their activity. It is also an opportunity to meet with new people and spend quality time together. If you are interested in these activities, all you have to do is ask your neighbors about these clubs. Even if there is a small chance, you can start your own club and invite your neighbors.