55+ Retirement Communities

Wondering whether you should move into a retirement community? Making this decision can be overwhelming to adults aged 55 and above as well as their families. It is something seniors don’t take lightly because you have to weigh many options to find what can work best for you. Old age comes with certain frustrations that usually increase as you grow older. You may be looking for a way to get rid of these frustrations and find peace in your life. Also, some seniors simply get tired of home maintenance activities and may just be looking for a place to rest and forget about their daily responsibilities. 55+ communities provide the best solution to seniors looking to relieve themselves of the frustrations and stress that come with home maintenance. In this article, we will discuss the 55+ retirement communities in the United States, their benefits, and how to choose the right community that suits your needs.

What is a 55+ Retirement Community?

A retirement community is simply a term used to describe different housing options available for seniors. Usually, ages are restricted for adults who want to settle in these homes. 55+ retirement community is specifically tailored to meet the needs of seniors aged 55 years and above. You are probably wondering what makes them so different from other retirement communities. Well, the design and the amenities provided in these communities are only suited for seniors in this age group.

Why 55+ Communities?

Wondering why you should go for 55+ retirement community if you are aged 55 years plus? Well, these communities have all your needs in mind. They have amenities, including hospitals, dining, and shopping. Joining these communities will enable you to stay around your peers, away from the noise from children in the neighborhood. Other benefits? All your expenses, including taxes and utilities, are included in one fee. You don’t have to worry about your home maintenance anymore. No more replacing a leaky gutter, or maybe fixing broken or damaged bulbs. You will just focus on interacting with your peers and relaxing your mind. You have the opportunity to make more friends and connect with other retirees here.

What Are the Disadvantages of Moving into a 55+ Community?

Well, moving into a retirement community also has disadvantages that you should know about. So, what are these disadvantages?

  • There Is Lack of Diversity in Age. Because these communities are only tailored to meet the needs of individuals aged 55 years and above, there is no age diversity. And you know why this is a disadvantage? Because some seniors don’t find it appealing living in a community consisting of people of the same age group. You might feel like you want to interact with someone older.
  • When You Move in These Communities, Your Family Members Who Are Younger Can’t Join You in Your Real Estate to Spend Some Time. Did you know that some seniors use these communities as part-time residences? This means that they use those homes as their real-estate investment and their family members cannot be allowed to use the property.

Types of 55+ Communities

We both know that the 55+ retirement communities are designed for seniors who want to move out of their stressful lives and live with their peers. Apart from amenities, some of these 55+ communities are tailored to meet certain specific lifestyles. Some of the 55+ communities include:

  • Luxury 55+ Community. For this retirement community, the home is designed with many amenities and other features that make it special and different from other communities. They are more expensive compared to other 55+ communities. Just as the name suggests, luxury communities have many things to offer, including services and amenities not found in other communities. The higher pricing is designed to attract affluent individuals to reside in the homes.
  • University Retirement Community. This is the fastest-growing sector in the entire retirement community. As its name suggests, this community has direct ties with universities and colleges around. Moving to the University Retirement community allows the elderly persons to take part in the learning activities and have their needs fulfilled at the same time.
  • Senior RV Parks and Retirement Communities. If you like traveling and not being around home, then this is the ideal retirement community for you. You get to live around fellow retirees with similar interests and life expectations.
  • Faith-Based Retirement Communities. Do you enjoy living in the same place or continuously interacting with people you share the same faith and beliefs with? If you are this kind of person, then consider moving into a faith-based retirement community. Here, you share the same beliefs and points of view when it comes to important matters concerning life. You may also call it a religious 55+ community.
  • Single Retirement Communities. This is exclusively designed to bring together single seniors aged at least 55 years. These communities offer the elderly opportunities to interact and meet other people. The goal of the single retirement communities is to provide unmarried seniors with the company of the other singles.

What to Consider When Choosing a Suitable 55+ Community

Have you decided that you are finally moving into a 55+ retirement community? Well, it is time you start weighing the available options. You have to consider certain factors to arrive at a better decision that suits your needs.

  • Consider Your Age Group and Needs. 55+ communities are strictly limited to seniors aged at least 55 years. So, observe your age and needs before making a move. What are your health and physical needs?
  • Consider Your Lifestyle. The type of lifestyle you want to have in the retirement community matters. Are you simply looking for a place to socialize and meet new people or a quiet home to help you relax and forget about your problems?
  • Consider the Amenities Offered. You have to ensure that amenities offered in a community suit you well.