Adult Potty Chairs for Seniors

Adult potty chairs also referred to as commode chairs, are used by older adults who require assistance using the restroom due to illness, injury, or disability. Some of them are on wheels for simple transportation to the restroom and shower. Patients who spend the majority of their time in bed can also benefit from them. It can help those who are at risk of falling and may be handy if they feel weak and unsteady.

Finding the best commode chair for one’s needs may be challenging due to the wide range of available styles (including extras and accessories). This guide will help make the process easier and simpler.

What is an Adult Potty Chair?

An adult potty chair is a beneficial toileting aid for seniors who struggles to get to the bathroom on time, whether due to injury, illness, or disability. They provide a private, secure area for such people to relieve themselves, which may help avoid accidents caused by taking too long to use the restroom.

Difference between Commode Chairs and Toilets

Commode chairs are not location-restricted like toilets. They don’t need any kind of plumbing and can be installed wherever they are most needed. However, since the waste cannot be simply flushed away after being used, it must be cleaned. Some types can flush, but for the most part, they must be thoroughly cleaned after use to ensure that they stay hygienic.

Benefits of Adult Potty Chairs

Ease of use and accessibility: They can be positioned close to a bed to make getting on and off much simpler for the user. In comparison to a regular toilet, they are much simpler to clean. They don’t need plumbing, so they may be used anywhere within the house. They can also be much simpler to use than a regular toilet because they are made to be operated while seated. For elderly individuals who have difficulty standing for extended periods, this can be a huge help.

Promotes freedom: They might give the user a feeling of security and freedom. For many seniors, for instance, going to the bathroom on their own is crucial to maintaining their autonomy and not needing help.

Safety: They offer a stable platform to sit on and may be placed much closer to the ground than a regular toilet, which lowers the chance of falling and harming oneself. Senior users can use a shower chair or a toilet as they provide added versatility. They have a detachable bowl that can be cleaned as needed, making them much simpler to maintain than a typical toilet.

Privacy: They can be utilized without getting out of bed. This is crucial for seniors who might have mobility issues. Adult potty chairs and bedside commode toilets can be used in any home. They are practical for elderly people who might not be able to get to the restroom in time. Furthermore, a 3-in-1 bedside commode can function both as a toilet safety frame and a toilet riser.

Cost-effective: They are far less expensive than installing a regular toilet. In addition, they are also covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Types of Adult Potty Chairs

Bariatric Commode Chairs

These commode chairs are specially designed the elderly persons with heavier weight or who need more space than a standard commode chair offers. They have very strong, robust frames with a wider seating space. An example is the Belgrave Commode which is suitable for people weighing up to 44st (280kg) and has a 24″ (610mm) wide seat, helping to make it a little more comfortable to use. A bariatric bedside commode is larger and can support a maximum weight of up to 1000 lbs (453kg).

Bedroom Commode Chairs

This commode chair is typically used in the bedroom, where its understated design blends into the furniture in the room. They are static and thus are generally intended to be kept in one location and not moved. They are an excellent option for those who find it difficult to use the restroom at night. As a result, they help to make life a bit easier and alleviate the stress and fear of having an accident. Because of their discreet design, they can also be kept close to the bed as a bedside commode without anyone knowing what their real purpose is beyond a bedroom chair.

Folding and Travel Commode Chairs

These are commode chairs that can be carried with you while traveling or easily stored when not in use. They have lightweight frames that make them easier to transport from one location to another, as well as fold up for easier storage. This is especially useful if space is limited and the commode chair must be kept out of the way when it’s not in use.

Flushing Commode Chairs

Since most commode chairs do not have flushing capabilities, and they must be cleaned after each use, this is a special type of commode toilet. The Porta Potti 165 Portable Flushing Toilet, for example, provides a convenient and comfortable toileting alternative when access to a standard toilet is not possible, making it an excellent choice for traveling.

Height Adjustable Commode Chair

This kind of commode chair is useful for older adults who are taller than average or slightly shorter because it makes it possible for them to adjust the height of its legs, allowing them to set it at a more comfortable level. If the chair will be utilized by several people, the ability to adjust it will make it more comfortable for the person who will be using it at the time.

Wheeled Commode Chairs

This form of adult potty chair has wheels at the ends of each leg to help it move around the house more easily. Shower commodes are frequently wheeled to make it easier for them to move around the bathroom. It might be appealing to use these types of commode chairs as wheelchairs (and some may be suitable for this over short distances), but this is not recommended because it isn’t a quite comfortable experience and, simply stated, they are not designed for it.

Things to consider before purchasing a commode chair

  • Always check the weight limit capacity of the commode chair and make sure to select one that can support the user’s weight comfortably.
  • Cleaning intervals – Typically, they need to be emptied after each use. Commode liners are an option if one finds it challenging to do it each time. These are specialized toilet pan liners that collect waste, can be removed, and then thrown away.
  • The chair’s ability to be cleaned easily can depend on the material used in its construction. While those with a wood or wicker frame tend to be of a more subdued design and may be slightly harder to keep clean, those with a metal frame tend to be easier to maintain.
  • It would be beneficial to select a commode chair with wheels that can easily be moved around the house.
  • Before purchasing a commode chair, the intended location of use should be carefully considered. Additionally, this has a direct impact on the user’s privacy.

Best Adult Potty Chairs

CVS Health Folding Bedside Commode Chair

This 3-in-1 toilet chair features a bucket and a splash guard, and with its adjustable-height frame, can be used as a toilet safety frame, bedside toilet, or elevated toilet seat above an existing toilet. Its armrests provide a place for one’s arms to rest when sitting in addition to something to grab onto when standing or sitting. It has a detachable back and a long-lasting steel frame. It supports weights of up to 350 pounds (158 kilograms) and is portable and foldable. To learn more about this commode chair, check out

HEALTHLINE Folding Bedside Commode Chair

This 3-in-1 bedside toilet chair has a simple design that makes it comfortable for elderly users to use. It includes a folding stool with adjustable legs and a toilet bucket. Its rubber caps keep it from tipping over. It is conveniently portable thanks to the height-adjustable, foldable steel frame. When not in use, the back rail can also be simply detached. It is secure to use thanks to the safety rails and handles. To find out more, check out

Carex 3-in-1 Folding Bedside Commode Chair

Since this toilet chair is so portable, it can easily be stored in small spaces, like car trunks. It has a foldable toilet seat that can be used as an adult-raised toilet seat or toilet safety frame. It has an ultra-durable powder-coated steel frame that is height-adjustable and can support up to 300 lbs. (136kg). It also features a lid, splash guard, and a toilet bucket. To find out more,

Medline Padded Drop Arm Bedside Commode

This toilet chair has a sturdy, rust-resistant steel frame, and plush, padded arms that lower for lateral transfers, even for wheelchair users. For easy transfer during the night, they are positioned close to the bed with the closer arm down. It has a bucket, seat, and lid with a splash guard for use over the toilet and a detachable, cushioned lid and seat for easy cleaning. It features a weight capacity of 350 lbs. and is height-adjustable (158kg). To find out more about this commode chair, check out

UltraCommode Padded Commode/Shower Chair

The UltraCommode is a multifunctional, adaptable chair that can be used in a variety of restroom and toileting situations. It is made to be used as a commode chair as well as a shower chair. It has a heavy-duty rust-resistant aluminium frame with waterproof padding. It can be folded and moved around easily. It also supports weights of up to 300 lbs. and is height-adjustable (136kg). To learn more about this commode chair, check out