Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors

For seniors, adjustable beds provide several conveniences. It can be quite helpful to be able to raise the top or base of the bed to prevent pressure points from growing or to ease the symptoms of long-term health disorders. Even though sleep specialists advise against doing so, those who are healing from accidents or who deal with chronic pain may find themselves unable to resist it occasionally. Adjustable beds can make it more comfortable for you to partake in activities like reading in bed or watching TV.

There are several different adjustable beds on the market. This article discusses them and provides information on some of the best ones for the elderly.

What makes Adjustable Beds Good for Seniors?

Adjustable beds feature a mattress that has been specially designed on a motorized base or frame. This enables the bed’s head or foot end to tilt into a range of different sleeping positions. As a result, they provide comfort, enable seniors to sleep better, and reduce age-related aches and pains. By raising the head, they alleviate acid reflux and lessen snoring, and improve blood circulation by lifting the feet. Additionally, these beds help to relieve strain on the airways, nerves, muscles and joints.

Difference between Adjustable Beds and Hospital Beds

Despite having comparable safety features, hospital beds have fixed rails to prevent patients from rolling out of bed and are made to raise and lower a patient’s body.

Types of Adjustable Beds

Standard Beds

Although they often come with a remote and leg and/or back massage capabilities, these are the most basic ones with the fewest functionality. They are also the least expensive. They can raise your head or your legs.

Head-tilt Beds

The upper torso and feet can be raised or lowered on adjustable beds and mattresses thanks to hinged points. Head-tilt beds have an additional point of articulation at the head that allows you to further alter the tilt by a few degrees, enhancing your comfort and addressing problems like acid reflux and snoring.

Split King/Queen Beds

A split king/queen adjustable bed allows two individuals to separately adjust their half of the bed to their heights. These two independent power bases can be combined to make a king/queen-size bed.

Wall-hugger Beds

Wall-hugger adjustable beds keep your head close to the wall when you elevate their head component hence you can easily reach your nightstand. Those without this feature tend to slide your head tends to slide farther away from the wall when you elevate them.

Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

This bed has a strong frame, a large range of motion, and pre-set settings that make it simple to find your ideal position. Its upholstered style is designed to fit various bed frames and platform beds with slats. To obtain the ideal position for your needs, the head and foot of the bed can be freely adjusted. Seniors can keep their favorite configuration and then quickly retrieve these preset selections by pressing a button on the remote control that controls it.

The Lineal Adjustable Bed Base also has a zero-gravity setting as well as a three-speed massage feature that can be adjusted to target the legs, head, or entire body for people who suffer from chronic pain. Also, a preset for snoring enables you to slightly raise your head.


  • A massage feature and under-bed lights
  • An anti-snore feature that elevates the head by 7o
  • Zero clearance at the base
  • Intuitive wireless remote control
  • Available in several dimensions

Who it’s best for

  • Elderly people who require assistance in setting up their beds
  • Seniors who emphasize having individualized preset options
  • Seniors who frequently experience pressure points

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Helix Adjustable Base

This bed has a slim profile but is heavy because of its carbon steel construction. However, this heavy-duty design ensures that you, your partner, and the mattress are adequately supported. The base’s head and foot can be lifted or lowered to your liking and all adjustments are made using a wireless remote, which also features presets for zero gravity and your three favorite positions.

The base also has a built-in massage that you can configure to three different intensities depending on the amount of relief you require. It has upholstery fabric that softens the base’s surface. You can adjust the legs to four different height levels.


  • Made of carbon steel
  • Includes a built-in massage feature with three levels of intensity
  • The legs may be adjusted to four different heights
  • It can make your upper body inclined to reduce snoring
  • It comes in several dimensions

Who it’s best for

  • Seniors with heavy mattresses
  • Seniors who commonly experience pain or pressure areas while sleeping
  • Elderly people who want value for their money

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Emma Powerbase Pro Adjustable Bed

This adjustable bed has many attractive features that couples may find appealing. It can store three preset configurations. It also includes a zero-gravity setting that lifts the head and foot to angles that relieve back discomfort. Voice command technology or a wireless remote control can be used to change these settings.

Couples may each charge their smartphones through the night on the bed, which also has a massage option and two USB charging connections. The under-bed lights are helpful for late-night bathroom trips.


  • Made of heavy-duty durable steel and polyester fabric
  • It is completely adjustable with up to three pre-set configurations
  • The zero-gravity setting helps to relieve lower back pressure
  • Voice commands or a wireless remote can be used to program it
  • Available in several dimensions

Who it’s best for

  • Older adults with back discomfort
  • Seniors looking for beds with massaging features
  • Seniors who enjoy the use of voice activation technologies

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Puffy Adjustable Base

This bed allows for extensive customization using its simple buttons making it easy to change the settings. It contains a wireless remote with two preset positions and a one-click “flat” option for a level sleeping surface. Moreover, it provides customized massages with dual zoning, allowing you and your spouse to each receive a massage without disturbing the other. There are three different speeds.

Also, the base includes a universal mount, which enables it to work with almost any headboard on the market. There are USB outlets on each side so you may charge your mobile gadgets at night. You can also modify the height thanks to the adjustable legs. Furthermore, beneficial at night are the under-bed lights.


  • There is a zero-gravity preset available with one click in the custom angling
  • It includes dual-zone massages with three different speed settings for the best pressure and pain treatment
  • The legs can be changed to a height ranging from 6.5 to 11.5 inches

Who it’s best for

  • Seniors suffering from lower back pain
  • Seniors who have different sleeping habits than their spouse
  • Elderly people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed

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Tempur Power Bases

This adjustable bed is ideal for improving sleep quality with its smart sleep tracker functions and anti-snoring. It comes with a smart alarm and an app with individualized sleep suggestions, and the anti-snore function reduces snoring by lifting the head of the bed by 12 degrees as necessary.

It includes three levels of intensity for its zonal massage function, as well as USB connections, under-bed illumination, and a zero-gravity option. Seniors can use a wireless remote to operate these functions, and the bed also offers a quiet mode. It can also be used in conjunction with virtual assistant devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant.


  • It has intelligent technology that provides individualized sleep insights
  • Has an anti-snoring feature
  • It includes complimentary Free White Glove delivery
  • Massages the head and feet
  • Has compatibility with smart homes

Who it’s best for

  • Seniors who are interested in technology
  • Seniors who are disturbed by their partner’s snoring
  • Seniors who require a specified bed height

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