Best Books to Read for Seniors

The Nightingale

American writer Kristin Hannah’s historical fiction book details the tale of two French sisters who were facing challenges in surviving when Germany occupied France in 1939 during the Second World War  When her husband, Antonio goes to fight in the war, Vianne Mauriac’s home is requisitioned by a German captain when the Nazis invade the quiet village of Carriveau. Without food, hope, or funds, she is obligated to make impossible choices to survive and save the lives of her family.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, explores the miserable lives of oppressed women in a patriarchal state, The Republic of Gilead, and the various way by which they try to resist and attempt to gain independence and individuality. The narrator, Offred is one of the handmaids- a group of women that are assigned to bear babies, against their will, for the governing class of males identified as the commanders. She reminisces her previous life with her spouse Luke, and her child at a time when she owned everything- employment, finances, and education. However, all was taken from her.

A Man Called Ove

This New York Times Best Seller novel by Swedish author Fredrik Backman features Ove, a short-fused, cantankerous old man with staunch standards and strict routines. The other neighbors call him the bitter man from hell. However, his life is turned around when a rowdy young family moves in next door then unintentionally runs over his mailbox. This leads to a heartwarming and endearing story with unexpected friendships.

The Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie

Setting the story in the summer of 1950 in England’s countryside, Alan Bradley’s book features an eleven-year-old aspiring chemist trying to vindicate her father’s name in a homicide investigation. In a mansion in Buckshaw, Flavia de Luce an amateur detective is intrigued by a series of mystifying events. She finds a dead bird on her porch with postage stamped strangely pinned to its beak. Then a few hours afterward, she locates a dying man in the field and guards him while he draws his last breath. Both horrified and delighted, she sets out to solve this man’s murder and clear her father. This award-winning, old-fashioned mystery novel is quite captivating and is interesting to read.

Redhead by the Side of the Road: A Novel

The most recent publication from Anne Tyler takes readers to Baltimore. The main character being Micah Mortimer, a middle-aged male that lives a lonely sort of life due to his resistance to change. He developed a routine he was comfortable with. One day a teenager visits him claiming to be his son.

In Five Years

A novel by Rebecca Serle is based on the philosophies of destiny and fate. Dannie possesses her response to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” accurately planned out. She was a recently engaged lawyer, and this woman’s life appeared to be going according to plan. Then, she awakens in an unfamiliar room, next to a different gentleman, with a changed ring on this woman’s hand, 5 years into her future. She came back to the present day and forgot about her “dream”. Life goes according to her plan until 4 ½ years later, after the man in her dream emerges in this woman’s life.

The Fire and the Darkness: The Bombing of Dresden 1945

Sinclair McKay is the author of this novel. Not only does it describe the emotions and events attached to the turmoil but focuses on the cultural destruction of an effervescent city scorched out by a premeditated but malicious action of warfare.

Wow, No Thank You

This compilation of articles from Samantha Irby presenting a humorous and honest outlook on aspects of her life in a manner that several people find quite relatable. Irby is becoming older, and progressively uncomfortable in her skin. This woman quit her work as an administrator at a veterinary clinic, has put out prosperous books, and is recognized by Hollywood.

Invisible (Ivy Malone Mysteries)

Ivy Malone has a wonder-eye that often lands her in trouble, and it’s solely provoked by her finding out that she can effortlessly evade the public eye. When delinquents romp past the nearby cemetery, she utilizes her recent gift to commence her private investigation. Eventually, the law enforcement made efforts to save Ivy from danger and her inquisitive neighbor’s match-making arrangements couldn’t slow her down.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

It all begins on Allan Karlsson’s 100th birthday. He was sitting silently in his room at a nursing home, he awaited the party he wasn’t initially interested in. The event was to be graced by the Mayor, and the press. Allan slowly climbed out the window in his room, into the bed of flowers, and made his great escape. And commenced his mischievous and questionable voyage comprising of many murders, criminals, ineffectual police, and a bag filled with cash.

The Push: A Novel

This book is ideal for those who enjoy psychological thrillers. It is about a mother and daughter relationship. Before the birth of Blythe’s daughter, she desires to develop a deep bond that this woman never formed between her and her mother. However, after Violet is born, she strongly believed something’s not right with her baby girl. The heartbreaking proceedings that follow will lead you to query her senses, as well as the tale this woman is narrating.

A Crooked Tree: A Novel

In this book, a single mother and her two daughters, Libby who is 15 years old, and her sister named Ellen, who is 12 years old, were walking home on one fateful night. This happened when their quarreling becomes quite excessive. The events that followed not only destroyed the little girls’ virtue but sparks a series of happenings that exposes the gloom in their quiet town. This book emphasizes how a single event can alter everything.

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

This novel is non-fiction that details the thrilling tale of the rowing team from American that shocked the entire world at the Olympics, this writer describes the information which was collected directly from the team’s journals and diaries to impart their incredible story about overcoming the probabilities and discovering courage in distressing times.