Best European Destinations for Seniors and Retirees


Spain has a lot to offer whatever time of the year, from the sandy beaches of the Costa Brava and the Balearics to the heaven-sent winter sun of the Canary Islands and the conventional charm of Andalucía. If it’s pleasant weather, the sea, sand, mouth-watering landscapes and lots of sunny days you’re after, then Spain is the perfect place for you. Visit Northern Spain in the summer between June and August to enjoy the driest and warmest weather this beautiful country has to offer. To avoid extremely hot temperatures and crowds, it is ideal to visit Central and Southern Spain during the fall or spring.


With a fine selection of attractions, from luxury dinner cruises, five-star hotels and resorts, popular rooftops bars, and a range of world-class restaurants and spas, to a host of activities like shopping in the favorable climate, Thailand has become an extremely popular destination for a significant number of senior citizens. The hospitality and the warm welcoming nature of the Thai people are among the main reasons why Thailand is a favorite travel destination for most seniors. To attract more senior travelers, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the World Integrity Centre (WIC), arranged the ‘Amazing Thailand Golden Experience’.


Home to one of the finest cuisines on earth! This stunning country has countless opportunities to present to anyone and is the perfect destination for seniors and retirees. From the capital city of Rome to the ravishing scenery at the Amalfi Coast, to the sailing trip across Lake Garda, to the wine-tasting tour of Tuscany and the idyllic atmosphere of Venice, Italy just oozes style, history, lively culture, and effortless beauty. It is beautiful all year long but it tends to be crowded during the midsummer months i.e June to July. For smaller crowds, one can visit during the Fall or Spring. To experience ideal weather and perfect temperatures, it is ideal to stop over in April, May September, and October.


Thriving modern cities, historic landmarks, distinct local identities, and quaint countryside cabins coalesce in Germany. Crisscrossed with many tributaries, Germany is the perfect destination to sightsee by ship. One can make a reservation for a river cruise of the great River Rhine and her canals, navigate the Baltic Coast, or set cruise along the Elbe River. With its strong history and its reputation for producing the greats like Albert Einstein, Beethoven, and Karl Max, Germany is home to some of Europe’s most premier museums, everyplace you can witness centuries of history. There are various places where you may be able to enjoy famous beers and hearty meals. For music and art fanatics, Berlin is the modern-day playground for artists, musicians, and expressionists.


France is a country of territorial pride and palpable vigor and, from the palatial chateaus of the Loire to the ancient cave paintings in the Dordogne, France’s legacy of history and culture is nothing short of extraordinary. There is an incredible amount of al fresco events that France holidays can pack into acres of wide-open space. For city persons, they can always visit the star of France, Paris. If not, then nearby is the stunning French countryside – where the wine is plentiful and cheap, where petanque is still played in the core of sleepy villages, and where walking holidays stretch out into the hinterland. To provide a special experience for relaxation and fun, French Government Tourist Office provides many discounts to senior travelers.


Portugal is a compact country which perfects for a touring holiday and it has so much to give senior travelers.  There are plenty of castles and palaces to stopover in the calm streets and one can stay at the famous pousadas while enjoying some port wine. Off-peak rates are available during autumn or spring so it’ll be perfect to stay during these times. Also, there will be fewer crowds. Not only are there staggering walking trails, cliffs, hidden caves, and quaint villages that still follow old-time fishing practices but there are several dazzling beaches along the long coastline where seniors can laze and unwind.


A few things that make Croatia is part of Europe’s best travel destinations for seniors and retirees are delicious traditional food, the gorgeous culture, and pristine beaches. With its spectacular views, Croatia’s coastline is second to none and nearby are several idyllic islands ready to be discovered on foot or by ship. Home to a melting pot of architectural designs, the fascinating cities of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split beg to be explored by history lovers. While those who love the calmness of the water can cruise the Dalmatian Coast and enjoy a spot of island hopping. Croatia is a compelling blend of historic towns, national parks, and sun-kissed islands which are surrounded by postcard-worthy clear water.


The ‘very safe’ travel destination of Greece has many great travel destinations for seniors, but the Greek islands will give you the best holiday. Pensioners that need to unwind on a Greek island without excess noise, without transport delays, worrying about illness or poor food then Greek island is in many ways the ideal destination for you. The easy swimming, the sunshine, and the excellent fresh food are to die for. The capital city, Athens, particularly the area around Acropolis is a maze of pedestrian streets. These are perfect for wandering around to witness the museums, archeological sites, shops, fine restaurants, cafes, and parks


Being amongst the utmost popular travel destinations in Europe, a holiday in Malta will never fail to please. The location is quiet during the off-season but quite busy in summer. The rocky beach at Qawra, the artificial sandy beach at Buġibba, and several smaller spots in St. Paul’s Bay remain not to be missed. There is a mix of budget hotels and a small number of nice four-star hotels to stay in. However, the Government of Malta announced an Environmental Contribution tax which affects any individual from 18 years and above on the date of arrival and residing at any kind of accommodation.