Best Grabber Tools for Seniors

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Seniors and others with mobility issues can pick up or reach for objects on their own with the aid of grabber tools. For older people with limited reach, they help make routine tasks like cooking and cleaning as well as random ones like picking up the remote control, tossing cans, or reaching for items high up on a shelf easier, possible, and safer.

To assist you in selecting the best grabber for your needs, this article offers a detailed analysis of some of the most popular ones on the market.

What is a Grabber Tool?

A grabber is a hand-held mechanical tool that extends a person’s reach when trying to reach for objects. They are also known as reachers and consist of a long rod that has a handle on one end and a type of claw or grabbing device on the other. They are used to pick up objects that the user is unable to pick up for a particular reason.

What you should know about grabber tools
This tool comes in many different forms, but the majority of them have a claw-like end that can grasp objects that are small enough to fit in a person’s hand, a 2 to the 3-foot-long shaft in the middle, and a handle with a trigger in the other side to operate the claw. The ability to pick up objects without bending over or pick objects from high shelves without climbing or straining makes these tools ideal for elderly people.

Best Grabber Tools for the Elderly

HealthSmart Adjustable Reacher Grabber Tool

This grabber is adjustable and very versatile, making it ideal for seniors to use in the home or yard, or basically, anywhere a difficult-to-reach item may be located, reducing the need for excessive stretching, bending, and reaching. It has a reach that can be adjusted from 30 to 44 inches. It also has a comfortable grip handle and grooved pinchers to make retrieval easier.


  • It has a 5.5′′ wide jaw opening
  • It is lightweight
  • It is adjustable and has a tight grip


  • It costs more than many of its competitors

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Unger Professional Nifty Nabber Grabber and Reacher Tool

This is a 48-inch-long arm extension grabber with a built-in magnet that is ideal for picking up metal gadgets and generally other items. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy construction, an ergonomic grip that makes it suitable for use by seniors, and a built-in hole for easy storage. In addition, the grippers have rubber tips to prevent damage.


  • It is easy to use
  • It has a built-in magnetic tip
  • The ergonomic grip makes it good for handling especially by the elderly
  • It is best for garbage collection


  • There is no hook to attach it to a wheelchair or cane
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze the trigger

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RMS Featherweight 32” The Original Grabber Reacher Tool

The thin head of this grabber allows it to easily fit into tight spaces. Its tip is magnetic and it has a post for attaching items. It also has a clip near the top of the arm for easy storage on bed rails, canes, walkers, and wheelchair arms. It is lightweight, which makes it simple to maneuver, and it is made of strong aluminum.


  • Users can hang items from the metal post
  • It attaches to canes and walkers
  • It has a magnetic tip and a textured gripping jaw


  • Its head does not rotate
  • It is not as easy to use as other grabbers
  • It has no grip padding

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Ettore Grip n’ Grab Reach Tool

The Ettore Grip n’ Grab is a well-made, simple-to-use grabber tool with a 32” or 50” arm. Both models have an articulating head that can rotate 90 degrees. The jaws’ rubber tips allow for precise control, and its aluminum structure is lightweight and durable. It is ideal for both the elderly and the physically challenged. It is also recommended for lifting items weighing up to 5 pounds.


  • Its textured rubber grips make it easy to pick up small objects
  • There are various length options for various applications
  • Its slim profile enables it to fit into small spaces


  • The grip isn’t as comfortable as some of its alternatives
  • The repeated flexing may cause the aluminum arm to budge over time

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Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool

This reacher grabber tool aims to pick up smooth objects. Two strong rubber suctioning tips on the jaws allow them to attach to objects like glasses, lightbulbs, and other items without damaging their outer surface. The suction cups can pick up smaller objects because they close tightly enough, but they cannot completely replace larger multi-purpose jaws.

The 32-inch arm offers ample reach without adding too much weight, making it the perfect option for handling small, and more delicate objects. Arm fatigue during use is lessened by the aluminum construction, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.


  • The suctioning tips are ideal for smooth items
  • Aluminum materials of high-quality offer durability without increasing weight
  • Its ergonomic grip has a hanger built into it


  • For other objects, a second grabber will probably be required
  • The 32” length may be too short for some uses

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Important Features to Consider When Looking for a Grabber Tool

Grabber Jaw: To maximize the effectiveness of grabbing and holding, the grabbing jaw should cling to objects with ease. To better reach items, look for jaws that can rotate and are rubberized. Additionally, there are grabbing jaws that can be locked into place by pressing a button, which can lessen the strain on your arms when attempting to reach awkward locations.

Durability: Look for grabbers that have steel gauge connections running all through the interior and those that are constructed with rust-resistant aluminum. Additionally, keep an eye out for grabber tools that have jaws made of ABS, textured rubber, or other premium components.

Length and Weight Capacity: There are many different lengths and weight capacities available for these tools. Depending on which one you select, they can extend to a maximum length of 26”, 32”, or 48”. Additionally, they can vary in terms of the most weight that they can safely support which also depends on the elements of their construction. A good grabber tool should always be able to support at least five pounds.

Storage: When not in use, some grabber tools are designed to be conveniently stored away because they are small and compact. To that end, they frequently have foldable designs or hooks that are simple to attach to wheelchairs, walkers, and canes as well as hang on walls.