10 Best States for Seniors for Finding Jobs and Starting a Business


The state of Texas has the leading trade environment within the United States and has frequently been named the best state to start a business or trade. Texas provides the necessary groundwork for the guaranteed success of entrepreneurs and small business starters through its favorable administrative environment and its leading commercial sector. The BACK TO WORK 50+ program was launched by the AARP Foundation to provide resources and services to elder job seekers so that they gain access to specific high-demand occupations within their communities.  In partnership with other agencies, they coordinate regional workers’ facilities and offer assistance with the application for public benefits. With the help of universities, the Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) offer guidance for free on business growth, marketing, and finance to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and local businesses.  The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act as well as other agencies empowers various low-income seniors across the States. Before entering the labor force, faith-based organizations offer counseling, training, and basic training to seniors aged 55 and older.


SCORE is a nationwide system of qualified officials who offer assistance as guides to established entrepreneurs and start-up business owners on how to effectively nature their trades. SCORE Arizona and Utah have partnered with Grow with Google to help start-up businesses to adjust, develop and better serve their respective communities. Most people nowadays spend time looking for programs to assist with online advertisement even if the business doesn’t operate on the internet. The Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services provide the Senior Employment Program which is divided into two major components. The Community Services program helps employment seekers with job searches, CV typing, and any other job-related assistance. The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) also helps seniors with work and employment assistance. The Community Services Job Assistance Program is also helpful for seniors who must portray themselves with confidence when applying for employment.


The state of Georgia is an inviting and welcoming place for business starters and entrepreneurs. Georgia is ranked amongst the top in the US for a solid business environment. Starting a small enterprise is quite easy and there are over 1million small enterprises in the state. Therefore, it is easier for other seniors seeking employment to get jobs in the region. However, most business starters face a massive stumbling block when acquiring capital to start their businesses. Luckily, the state of Georgia has various entities and state-funded agencies which offer loans to small businesses and grants to aspiring Georgians.


Two in five Montana residents are seniors and this puts the state at position 8 countrywide concerning the size of the senior population. Montana holds the 9th best business survival rate for start-ups in the United States. Furthermore, it is among the five states with no charge on sales tax. Therefore, Montana is an excellent selection for businesspersons to open a business. The state offers various opportunities for personal as well as financial independence.


With the 6th lowest tax charge in the nation and the 4th lowest cost of living, Oklahoma is another prolific state to select from to open a small business. LIFE Senior Services provides various services to older adults residing in Oklahoma. They also assist with job searches and resume write-ups for seniors seeking employment.


The state of Florida is currently ranked first in the country for the 65 and older population as it houses over 5.2million seniors. It has the 2nd lowest tax burden and generally charges roughly the least income taxes across all the states. This renders Florida another fruitful state to open a business venture. As for employment, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) offers a work-based job training curriculum and community benefit work for senior residents. It serves numerous jobless seniors to gain required job skills. These senior Floridians are trained for about 20 hours a week which earning the state minimum wage.

North Dakota

North Dakota remains one of the least senior populations within the US, actually is ranked 44th. The Small Business Development Center offers various support services and resources to aspiring and developing entrepreneurs and established business owners.  They offer assistance in the manner of financial analysis, creation of business proposals and ways of tackling challenges, etc. The program has 9 centers in North Dakota therefore, there are quite a few qualified professionals to help seniors with their business ideas.


More citizens are employed well over the age of 65, due to them struggling to afford retirement. The seniors that require employment often face challenges in securing a job. Owing to the rise in the cost of living in California, numerous senior citizens are resorting to continuing to work. The statistics for the age group above 65, have increased by approximately 5% in their participation in the workforce over the past decade. The elder women remain unable to rely on the Social Security funding because their benefits are significantly lower since throughout their professions they were earning less than men.


More than 2.5million Arizona residents are aged 50 years and older. Of these, only 36.4% are present in the labor force making Arizona 8th lowest in the state. The employment rate for seniors is quite low making Arizona more of a retirement state than a business center. However, there are numerous job opportunities in the financial activities sector and the construction industry


In the 2018 state-wide survey of Coloradans aged 60 and older held by Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA), one-third of them said they were working. Therefore, senior employment in Colorado is not as hard to obtain. Senior enterprises are also targets for investors as businesses owned by older adults are more likely to succeed and pursue social or community-oriented goals. From a financial point of view, keeping older adults in the labor force not only grows the tax base but also increases local employment.