Best US Travel Destinations for Seniors and Retirees

Last Updated on August 9, 2021 by Rachel


The Alyeska Resort and Girdwood is Alaska’s biggest downhill ski area and it draws visitors from all the 50 states and the rest of the world. It features some of the longest and most challenging ski runs in the North American region. There is a full-service hotel, Hotel Alyeska, amazing restaurants, a saltwater swimming pool, and a cool museum situated on a mountain edge. Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage, is probably the state’s greatest and most gorgeous winter destination. The city changes to a winter wonderland when light shines on the Chugach Mountains cover with snow. For a charming, wintry, and sometimes exhilarating experience of the North Pacific Ocean visit the seashore.

Sedona – Arizona

From the stunning scenery and unbelievable sights to the city’s unique vibe, Sedona attracts visitors with a diverse set of interests. Also known as the spiritual center, it is one of Arizona’s most beautiful destinations. There is vast uninhabited land which offers spectacular views of natural areas. Other attractions include galleries, amazing architecture, sacred areas, and picturesque trips to Native American ruins. Mountain climbing, biking, and stargazing are free in Sedona. Also, the Grand Canyon is only a two-hour drive from here. There are various restaurants with world-class cuisine, entertainment centers such as casinos not to mention the exhilarating train rides from Sedona to remote canyons. Sedona has something for everyone and with time on their side, active seniors will appreciate the magnificent Sedona experience and return often.


The tranquility from the inherent gorgeousness of lush green landscapes, the serenity of the blue waters, and the beauty of the white sand beaches are just not as many grandeurs that the Pacific Paradise of Hawaii has to offer. Whether you are the calm senior who prefers a relaxing vacation or you are the active one who enjoys the thrill, this palm-fringed tropical beauty has got you covered. The historic Pearl Harbor will resonate with any senior and the scenic drive up the Ka Lwi Coastline on Oahu is enthralling. Lunch at the Waikiki Hotel or early afternoon tea at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider is the ultimate approach to wind down after all the hustle and activity of touring. One can enjoy a relaxed day at the unique, beautiful beaches of Hawaii, or embark on an interesting expedition to the cultural sites to see ancient Hawaiian rock drawings. For active seniors, outdoor activities such as snorkeling, paragliding, parasailing, SCUBA diving, and surfing are great ways to occupy the day.

Disney World – Florida

Though it has a strong eye toward children, Disney World (the most magical place on earth), offers plenty of options for all ages and can be a great destination for senior citizens. Pensioners in search of an exciting place to pay a quick visit with abundantly pleasant weather, entertainment, and dining must check out Disney World. The park features thrilling rides in the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster! There is lots of walking, climbing, and hanging on for dear life. Also, there are tours to explore exciting architectural designs and greenhouse trips to see the sights of the horticulture and landscaping of the botanical gardens.

National Parks

The Grand Canyon National Park is an iconic and quintessential American treasure that gives you ample time to walk beside the edge while soaking in its grandeur. Compared to other national parks, it admits more seniors each year. Another popular and beautiful national park is Yellowstone national park. To delight in the great weather and avoid crowds, go to see the park before or after holidays is ideal. The breathtaking views and scenic views of the lakes and mountains in Rockies Park make a striking travel destination for tens of thousands of seniors each year. Shenandoah is another popular park located in the Blue Ridge Mountains which is an ideal getaway for seniors on the eastern seaboard.

New York

Regardless of the season of the year, you choose to visit, holidays in New York include numerous sights and activities, from Buffalo and Niagara Falls in the west to Long Island in the south. The Empire State Building, the Guggenheim, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the yellow taxi cabs make this a special and wonderful travel destination. Then there’s the fabulous shopping, the wonderful eating out, and most of all the spirited people, unlike other Americans in numerous ways.

Pacific Coast Highway – California

You’ll see more than a fair share of breathtaking beaches while driving along 600miles of the Pacific Coast Highway. The Pacific Coast Highway was designed for multi-center holidays with unbelievable waves pleading to be surfed and beachfront eateries serving delicious food. There are numerous major stopovers the entire length of the journey, and various scenic spots for soaking up the jaw-dropping views. When you are making your way along the main road starting from the north to south you’ll enjoy the ocean side view along the whole way, giving unhindered sights of the coastline.

Miami Beach – Florida

The Loews beachfront hotel in South Beach includes two buildings that offer a lavish and soothing resort-like atmosphere. The whole lot including cafe food or fine dining is available. One more fascinating and historic, but less expensive, resort is Park Central Hotel. Its brilliant lobby is complete with palms and displays a grand piano. Also, there is pavement dining, and the hotel is paces from the effervescent nightlife of Ocean Drive. The seashore is just across the street, as is a great park, and the popular socialites watching spots are along the outside of the hotel’s doors.

Williamsburg – Virginia

For seniors interested in historic sites, amazing theme park attractions, and the beach, then Williamsburg is the door to knock on. For many years, Busch Gardens has been voted as the top theme park on the East Coast. Virginia Beach has some of the longest and widest public beaches in the nation. With a beautiful boardwalk and several attractions in the region, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach together offer a great combination for an exciting vacation.

Santa Fe – New Mexico

Visit Santa Fe, in New Mexico during the Christmas season to enjoy beloved holiday traditions and unique cultural experiences with a seasonal twist. The city, and its cheerful residents, honors and celebrates the holiday spirit. While musicians perform, the revelers gather around bonfires singing along Christmas Carols. Various exhibitions and galleries are open late displaying remarkable works of art while serving snacks and hot drinks. Torchlight processions and dances are performed on Christmas Eve while on Christmas Day dances can start anytime from morning till late.