Chair Risers for Seniors

Chair risers are a safe and effective way to elevate chairs off the ground. They make it easier to get on and off them, helping to make everyday activities simpler for those with limited mobility. They easily attach to your existing furniture, therefore are a great way to avoid the expense of buying new chairs and beds. Also, they are easily compatible and can be used for a wide selection of different chairs.

There are numerous chair risers available on the market today. This article provides an overview of some of them in an attempt to assist you in selecting the one that best meets your needs.

Why is chair posture important for elderly people?

Chair risers are used to raise chairs and sofas for easier sitting and standing. Standard chairs force you to sit straight up with your back bearing the brunt of the weight. Chair risers increase the height of a chair from the floor and are useful for the elderly because they enable the spine to rest in a comfortable position, making them feel more relaxed and comfortable sitting for long periods.

Best Chair Risers for the Elderly

Morris & Alexander Chair Riser CR-C2

These fixed-height chair risers are simple to install and were created especially for armchairs with wheels. Once the castors are taken off, they attach securely and reliably to the chair, increasing its stability. The chair risers have a fixed height of 3″ and are completely adjustable to fit most chair sizes.

To ensure maximum strength, the riser is made from high-grade tubular steel. After being installed, it becomes a crucial component of your furniture. Additionally, moving the chair around the room is possible without removing the chair riser.

Key Features

  • They are designed for caster-equipped armchairs
  • They are simple to fit
  • They improve chair stability
  • They are fully scalable to fit the majority of armchairs
  • The riser feet are resistant to slip
  • There is no trip risk
  • Product weight: 4 kg (9 lbs.)
  • Max user weight: 508 kg (1,120 lbs.)

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Gordon & Ellis Grip-On Risers

These incredibly adaptable risers use a special “doughnut” to grip on to work with furniture that is on legs or castors. The riser attaches without jeopardizing the furniture. Simply adding or removing riser sections changes the height.

This is one of the few risers that provides a 1” raise wherever the tiniest raise is necessary. It comes in three different diameters: 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ “. Its overall rise is 3”.

Key Features

  • They are extremely adaptable
  • Their design features a special “doughnut” that adheres to furniture
  • Sections are easily added and removed
  • They come in three different diameters
  • They are sold in sets of four
  • Max user weight: 500 kg (1,100 lbs.)

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Gordon & Ellis Leg X Risers

These Leg-X risers are simple to use and raise the height of standard chair legs having a width or diameter of 3-5″. You can adjust the height by adding internal blocks, and they have unique internal plastic fins that grip the furniture leg without damaging it and enable the chair to be easily moved.

They fit tightly around chair legs and may be appropriate regardless of whether the legs are splayed or curved. The risers’ smooth domed bottom allows the chair to be easily pushed across the floor, making them ideal for dining chairs or chairs under desks.

Key Features

  • They adapt to the height of standard furniture legs
  • The height is variable
  • The internal plastic fins cling to the chair leg without damaging it
  • They allow for easy movement of furniture
  • They come in sets of four
  • Product weight: 4 kg (1 lb.)
  • Max user weight: 380 kg (838 lbs.)

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Gordon & Ellis Derby Elephant Feet

You can easily raise the height of furniture by placing these simple chair risers underneath the legs of the pieces of furniture. They have an extra wide top that can accommodate most furniture leg types and a central recess where castors can be securely mounted for stability. They come in two different heights—90mm and 140mm and are made of durable one-piece plastic. They have a 3.5″ wide top with a flip-resistant insert with a central recess. They also have a strong, straightforward design that pairs well with the furniture. You should be aware, though, that after the riser has been installed, the furniture should not be moved.

Key Features

  • They come as a one-piece, sturdy, grey plastic
  • They have an extra wide top that accommodates most furniture leg types
  • They are available in 90mm and 140mm heights
  • The internal dimension is 3.5″
  • They come in sets of four
  • Product weight: 7 kg (1.5 lbs.)
  • Max user weight: 500 kg (1,100 lbs.)

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Langham SureGrip Risers

These are made to raise chairs as easily as possible and can accommodate modern block feet, solid divan bases, castors, and legs with the help of the included adhesive pad adaptors. With a powerful double grip, these furniture risers firmly hold onto chair legs without damaging them. Each riser unit can be adjusted in height from 1.5″ to 4″ by twisting. They can be used separately or linked together with spreader bars and additional link arms to form a stable linked raise.

Key Features

  • They can accommodate legs up to 7 cm thick
  • A six-leg/castor chair can have a line-style link between its legs
  • They can be adjusted in height
  • They come in sets of four
  • Product weight: 5 kg (3.3 lbs.)
  • Max user weight: 700 kg (1,540 lbs.)

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What to look out for when choosing chair risers

Size and Style

Each piece of furniture’s legs that in size and shape. Therefore, it is crucial to check the size and design of the chair as well as the risers to make sure they are compatible before purchasing a set.


Since risers come in a variety of heights, always choose or stack the risers according to your personal preference.

Weight Capacity

Keep an eye out for maximum user weight, which allows you to estimate how much weight they can withstand before cracking or breaking.