Easy Slip-on Shoes for Seniors

Your independence is significantly influenced by your ability to put on your shoes safely. Many seniors struggle with balance and frailty, which makes it unsafe for them to perform this task easily. Slip-on shoes are simple to put on because they glide into your legs and keep you comfortable. They also provide your feet more room to move around comfortably than tied shoes do.

This article compiles a list of some of the slip-on shoes on the market and recommends the best ones for elderly people.

Reasons why a Senior would need shoes that easily slip-on

Health complications

Most seniors suffer from chronic illnesses, including foot conditions that prevent them from wearing regular shoes. For instance, people with diabetes often have swollen feet. They must therefore put on adaptable shoes that will not exacerbate the inflammation.

Back pains

Elderly people with chronic back pain should wear shoes which are simple to slip on because they prevent constant bending, which relieves their back pain. Back pain only becomes worse when one bends over for too long to tie shoelaces.

Deformed feet and calluses

These thickened areas of skin in the foot form over time as a result of continuous friction. An example is bony bump outgrowths below the big toe. Shoes that are simple to slide on are necessary for such situations.

Best Slip-on shoes for Seniors

Orthofeet Women’s Joelle Stretch Knit

These shoes are versatile and multifunctional and can be worn both indoors and while exercising. Their outsole is slip-resistant and allows for safe and secure movement. They fit perfectly by stretching the shoe mouth and sliding in your foot. They have a soft and comfortable lining that helps to reduce friction on your feet while also wicking moisture and heat away.

They are available in a variety of widths and are ideal for seniors suffering from edema. When combined with the cushioning foam, they also help to reduce pain for arthritic seniors. The spacious toe box accommodates large toes and assists with bunions.


  • They have premium orthotic insoles
  • They have a rubber outsole
  • Their toe box is accommodative
  • Their interior is softly padded
  • They offer arch support
  • Width options include standard, wide, extra and x-extra wide
  • Sizes range from 5 to 12

Check out these shoes at https://www.orthofeet.com/products/joelle-black-stretchable.

Isotoner Zenz Activate and Tranquility Slip-on

These shoes are simple to put on since they contain an elastic band that enables the shoe’s mouth to expand more as you wear them. They feature an extremely soft foam overlaid by a lush fabric for the interior liner and have comfy insoles. They stand out from the majority of alternatives since they can be worn inside out. They can also be washed in a machine.


  • The sole is compression-resistant
  • They have a sport mesh upper that is soft and durable, with side elastic details
  • They have a breathable, moisture-wicking lining
  • Their soles are slip and abrasion-resistant
  • Sizes: Men (8-13), Women (6-11)

Check out the Isotoner Zenz men’s at https://www.isotoner.com/products/zenz-mens-activate-slip-on and women’s at https://www.isotoner.com/products/zenz-womens-tranquility-slip-on.

Skechers Men’s GO WALK Evolution Ultra Exemplary

These shoes are highly recommended for seniors primarily because they are lightweight. Seniors who enjoy walking will find them to be the perfect shoe because of their breathable cushioned mesh top and flexible midsole padding for the legs. Thanks to the elastic band and the flexible mesh fabric, the mouth of the shoe may be extended open with little effort. Seniors who sweat a lot can benefit from the bamboo lining in the footbed, which helps minimize unsightly foot odor.


  • They feature a laceless fit design
  • They have flexible midsole cushioning
  • Their outsole has a good grip
  • They are machine washable
  • They have one width option; extra wide
  • They are only size 9

Find out more about these shoes at https://www.skechers.com/go-walk-evolution-ultra—exemplary/216502WW_BBK.html.

Hushpuppies Men’s Gil

These are an excellent option for elderly men looking for comfortable shoes that are simple to put on and take off. The loop strap and large hook allow you to easily tighten or loosen the grip throughout the day. The firm uppers provide support and prevent slipping.

They have a non-slip sole and a low heel to help prevent falls. The removable insole can be swapped out for another orthotic of your choice.


  • They are entirely made of leather
  • They are lightweight with an easy hook and loop closure
  • They have a removable EVA footbed for added cushioning
  • They come in several width options
  • Sizes range from 7 to 16

Learn more about these shoes at https://www.hushpuppies.com/US/en/gil/20841M.html.

Tiosebon Women’s Slip-on

These shoes have thick outsoles and snugly conform to the shape of the feet. For a secure grip, the outsole is carefully molded. The breathable pores in the soft mesh upper stop sweat, discomfort and suffocation. These easy-to-put-on sneakers are slip-resistant and have good traction, which helps elderly women maintain their balance. The memory foam used to make the insole helps to reduce weariness brought on by extended standing. Elderly women with edema or soreness in their ankles will benefit greatly from the elastic cloth lining.


  • They have a breathable soft mesh upper
  • The outsoles are slip-resistant
  • They provide good arch support
  • They come in different color options
  • Sizes range from 5-11

Find out more about these shoes at https://tiosebon.com/collections/best-sale/products/tiosebon-slip-on-sneakers.

Features of easy-to-slip-on shoes

Non-slip sole

Always insist on shoes with non-slip soles for elderly people.They are typically made of rubber and grip surfaces better, reducing the possibility of a slip and fall.

They are lace-free

Several seniors find it challenging to put on shoes with laces because most require bending over. You should never risk stooping over to tie your shoes if you’re an elderly person with balance issues. These shoes can be bothersome since the laces frequently come undone, which increases the risk of slipping and falling.

Wide mouth opening

It is advisable to choose closed shoes with stretchy, wide mouths. They are not only more comfortable but are also simpler to put on. Wide-mouthed footwear is also excellent for legs that are swollen. Shoes with a broad mouth are also more popular among elderly people who have diabetes and arthritis.

Made of flexible materials

Shoes constructed of flexible materials, particularly those on the uppers and in the shoe’s mouth, are easy to put on. Always search for mesh or nylon-made footwear.

Shoes with low heels

Seniors should avoid wearing shoes with high heels. Also, they are challenging to put on, particularly if the heels are excessively high. Low-heeled shoes are more comfortable to wear, easier to put on and reduce the risk of falling.

Strap/Hook and Loop Closure

Some seniors prefer strapped shoes because they are simpler to close. However, some straps have complicated designs that make them difficult to open and close. A good shoe for the elderly’s straps should be firm but simple making it easy to wear.