Grabbers for Seniors

As age advances, seniors find it more challenging to undertake simple tasks, like grabbing the TV remote. With grabbers, performing these tasks becomes easier, allowing older adults to live independent lives. A grabber tool can help users reach for things as far as 26 inches-40 inches away. These tools come with claws on one end and trigger on the other end that help seniors reach for staff, even small pieces of glass, depending on the features of the preferable model. They basically operate as extensions for fingers, hands, and arms. Here is a guide to grabbers for the elderly.

Benefits of Using Grabbers Among Older Adults

  • Enhance Safety: Older adults can reach items they previously couldn’t reach. Because having these tools reduces the need to climb objects to reach some items, they also reduce the risk of falls or injuries.
  • They are Convenient: They have the benefit of helping older adults reach items they wouldn’t otherwise have reached without climbing objects, bending down, or kneeling. They are easy to operate and improve efficiency when picking things.
  • Improve Health and well-being: seniors and those living with disabilities may suffer injuries due to constant bending, crawling, or climbing objects to locate certain items. Grabbers reduce the risk of suffering injuries or health effects that may come as a result of picking items manually.

What to Consider When Buying Grabbers for Seniors


Grabbers vary in length, ranging from 26 inches to 40 inches. Consider the length of the grabbers, depending on where most of your items are located. Longer grabbers are perfect for reaching items that are higher off the ground, where someone would need a ladder. Shorter grabbers, on the other hand, can be useful in helping seniors with mobility issues to grab children’s clothes and toys off the ground and put them somewhere appropriate.

Intended Purpose

What is intending to use the grabber for? Grabber tools are designed to perform numerous tasks for older adults who would face difficulty in bending or standing upright. They can be used to pick up trash, for instance. If suffering from mobility problems, there are specific models designed to assist older adults with mobility issues.

Weight of the Tool

A grabber should be light enough to allow seniors to control them easily. Many models in the market are designed with lightweight aluminum. Older adults should also consider how much weight these tools can withstand in their grippers. Light-duty grabbers can withstand up to 5 pounds, while heavy-duty ones can hold up to 12 pounds.


This feature is one of the most important considerations when buying grabbers. Some grabbers come with a foldability feature, with a joint at the shaft’s midpoint, which enables seniors to adjust the tools in different directions.

Accessibility and Storage

It is important to ensure that a grabber is accessible to older adults with mobility issues. They should also be easy to store. Some models can be folded for easy storage.

Best Grabbers for Seniors

Vive Rotating Reacher Grabber

This grabber is one of the most outstanding. It comes with a rubberized jaw that gives older adults an easy time grabbing things, regardless of how high or low they are. It is easy to hold and adjustable. The only drawback of this tool is it can’t be folded up. Read more about it at

Birdrock Home 2-Pack Reacher Grabber Pick-Up Tool with Magnets – 32 Inch – Blue

This grabber comes with a rubber jaw with magnets, which makes it easy for older adults to pick items that are harder to reach. The magnets can be used to pick small coins, nails, and paper clips, among others. It is perfectly lightweight and features a comfortable handle. Find out more at

  • Cost: $23.96

Luxe Grabber Reacher Tool

The newest version of Luxe’s Grabber Reacher Tool comes with a foldability feature. It measures 26 inches in length and has a strong grip magnetic tip to pick harder-to-reach items. More information is available at

  • Cost: $10.95

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Boasting a 32-inch length, the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber has grips that can hold almost any time securely, as long it is well lined up with the item being picked. The only drawback is the fact that its trigger can pinch the skin, especially between the index finger and thumb while trying to get hold of the object. More details are available at

  • Cost: $29.99

Unger Professional 36″ Nifty Nabber

This grabber allows older adults to reach objects they wouldn’t have reached without bending or stretching. It can be a perfect tool to use when cleaning a yard. It is designed with a magnet that picks up metal objects, even the smallest. It also grips large items with weird shapes. However, Its claw end is heavier than other tools, making it a bit challenging to maneuver, especially when grasping heavy-weight objects. More information is available at