Grants for Seniors in Arizona

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Key Senior Statistics in Arizona (60 and over)
Senior Population: 1,838,642 (25.0%) Senior Population: 1,838,642 (25.0%)
Male: 46.5% Male: 46.5%
Female: 53.5% Female: 53.5%
Median Age: 71 Median Age: 71
Disability: 29% Disability: 29%
With Social Security Income: 76% With Social Security Income: 76%
With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 8% With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 8%
Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 11% Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 11%
Data Source: Data Source:
Data is taken from American Community Survey 2022. Please check our detailed page about Senior Statistics in Arizona for more data and information.

Help for Seniors in Arizona – 30 Assistance Programs

The State of Arizona is mostly listed as one of the best states for senior citizens. It is preferred especially during winters since it has breathtaking sunsets with its desert climate. It presents tax breaks, low-cost living conditions, and popular golf courses. Senior residents in Arizona can benefit from a wide range of state, federal, and local programs and organizations.

State Resources for Seniors

Arizona hosts several resources for seniors in the state. These resources are provided by Arizona Healthy Aging, administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The resources cover health insurances concerns, resources for veterans, care for patients with dementia, abuse prevention, etc. These resources can be accessed at

Financial Assistance

Seniors with little or no income can apply Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This is an income relief program funded by tax revenues. The money provided can be used to meet basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. Additional details on SSI can be gotten from

Arizona seniors who are still able to work can register for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This program is designed to assist unemployed and low-income seniors over the age of 55 and help them find employment for self- sufficiency. Participants receive a compensation determined by the highest of the federal, state or local minimum wage. For more information on the program, visit

Federal poverty levels serve as the basis for many financial eligibility requirements for aid programs. For yearly and monthly data, see Federal Poverty Level Calculator.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Rental Assistance Program- Section 202 Voucher Program is funded by the federal government to help low and moderate-income families with their rent payments. Seniors are prioritized by this program. They can receive a certain amount of rent assistance when they are accepted to the Rental Assistance Program in Arizona. It generally pays 70 percent of the rent expenses considering the past cases. In some cases, Section 202 provides low-cost and secure houses for eligible candidates. Those who think to appeal for this program must be 62 or older. In addition to housing and rent assistance, this program provides housekeeping service, meal preparation, social services, case management, and transportation for the elderly residents. More information can be accessed by clicking on the following link

Catholic Charity Community Services in Arizona is a well-known non-profit organization that has been functioning in Arizona since 1933. The mission of this establishment is to make sure that every resident has a decent life. Catholic Charities assist financial, housing, and psychological support for anyone in need. This organization has a program called Housing for Hope. It presents low-cost housing for people in financial need. To learn more, go to or dial the hotline 1 855 316 2229.

DB 101 Arizona-Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is sponsored by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is specifically for disabled seniors who are at the age of 65 or over and cannot afford the household needs. The most important contribution of this program for seniors is cash assistance. Eligible candidates can receive up to $794 grants monthly. Apart from this cast grant, qualified seniors for SSI also may apply for Arizona Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). This program assists health support without further application procedure. It means that those who get the cash support of SSI are automatically eligible for health assistance. Moreover, SSI promotes various services for candidates to find a job that can provide enough payment for them to be economically independent. For more information, follow the link or by phone at 1 800 772 1213 or 1 800 325 0778.

Arizona Housing Coalition is a local community organization that works with member agencies regarding housing, shelter, rental, and utility assistance. The mission is to reduce homelessness in Arizona by collaborating and promoting housing assistance services. Older citizens who are facing forced eviction or cannot pay their rent make an appeal to this coalition. This establishment has a wide range of Veterans Resources & Referral Centers across the state. These centers offer permanent housing for seniors who are in need of financial assistance. For more information, please visit  or make a call at 602 248 6040.

Home Repair Grants

Seniors in Arizona who wish to repair or rehabilitate their homes can get funding from several sources. The Arizona Department of Housing administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to help provide funds which seniors can use for emergency repairs. The funding provided can also be used to modify the house to improve accessibility for seniors with disabilities. Additional details are available at

Residents of Phoenix can also take advantage of the assistance provided by Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department. The financial assistance given can be used to repair home systems, address safety issues, eliminate hazards, etc. Other similar programs exist in Phoenix and can be found listed at

The seniors may also receive support from other resources. Read Home Repair Grants for Seniors for information on home improvements and repairs, and Housing and Rent Assistance Programs for Seniors for financial assistance to stay in their homes or apartment.

Healthcare Assistance

The Medicare Program is a federal funded subsidized health insurance program which is administered by the state. Under this program, low-income adults receive assistance in the form of discounted medical insurance payments. This covers a wide variety of medical procedures and associated expenses. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) provides further assistance for seniors. Eligible seniors are exempted from paying monthly Medicare premiums as would have been previously required. This is done to ease the healthcare costs of low-income seniors even more. To be eligible for this assistance, seniors must be at least 65 years old and live in Arizona. There are also income restrictions on this assistance. Seniors who apply for the AHCCCS support must have a gross monthly income not more than $1,074, however, for married seniors, the combined gross monthly income should not be more than $1,452. Seniors who wish to apply can do so on the online portal at or print an application from

It should be noted that seniors may still have to pay the balance of their medical costs after insurance has covered some parts of it. This program is however beneficial because the seniors do not pay any insurance premiums beforehand. Seniors may also qualify for assistance with paying for prescription drugs and doctor visits. For further details, visit

The State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) also provides counseling for Medicare beneficiaries and can help provide them with resources to obtain free healthcare.

Prescription drugs and the increasing expenses of medications are important issues for seniors in Arizona. These health expenses can be unbearable and even more difficult for people who do not have health insurance. The Arizona CoppeRX-Card is a special card provided by the State of Arizona. It gives a considerable amount of discount on prescription drug costs. Arizona CoppeRX Cards are common among residents in need of health assistance and are valid in every drug store. Discounts generally range from 15 to 55 percent. Anyone who is at the age of 65 or over can have this discount card. To learn more, click on the following link

Dental Grants and Benefits

Dental care is one of the major concerns of seniors. With age, oral health tends to suffer and the teeth become more vulnerable. Provision of assistance for dental care needs helps seniors in Arizona maintain good oral health. Arizona Advanced Dental offers special programs designed to care for the needs of seniors in the area. The dentists at Arizona Advanced Dental provide subsidized dental treatment for low-income seniors who come in to visit. They also provide free dental care where possible or provide seniors with resources that would enable them get the free dental care they need. Seniors who are in need of dental care but are financially unable to get the necessary help needed can contact Arizona Advanced Dental by sending an email to or calling 480-504-1099. Residents of Mesa can also visit the dental office at 3048 E Baseline Rd, Suite 128, Mesa, Arizona.

The state offers some dental plans to help seniors save on the cost of oral care. The major plan offered is Delta Dental of Arizona and is available to Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) and Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) enrollees. This plan gives access to about 3,500 dentists who are part of the plan network within the state. Visiting these dentists helps save a lot of cost that would have been other required for a dental visit. The Delta High plan covers as much as 50% of major dental services, however, each case may be different and thus reviewed separately. There are no waiting lists for coverage under this plan. For further details on Delta Dental and other dental plans, visit

Charities and Organizations

There are many charity and nonprofit organizations that render various forms of assistance to seniors living in Arizona. Duet is a nonprofit organization that provides different services to seniors. One of the major programs of Duet is targeted at making life easier for homebound seniors. Volunteers help seniors get groceries, offer rides to the doctor and even provide transportation for seniors to visit their friends. Volunteers are 18 years old and are subjected to a background check. This service is really helpful for seniors who can no longer move about freely due to their age or physical disabilities but wish to continue living in their own homes. Duet also provides referrals for assistance when seniors suffer from dementia. There is no financial or income limit to qualify for Duet services. Duet services are available in Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills and Scottsdale (South of Bell Rd). Further details on the assistance Duet offers can be gotten from

Justa Center is another charity that focuses on helping seniors who are challenged. Justa offers services like provision of resources for seniors, self-care education and provision of clothes, informal counseling, nurses clinic to attend to basic health needs, etc. Justa also provides free attorney services for seniors who require such. Seniors who need to find a house can also contact Justa for assistance. This assistance includes locating a suitable place, sourcing for funding, completing documentation, providing supportive services to ensure that seniors remain in housing, etc. Seniors interested in obtaining services can visit the Justa Center at 1001 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, Arizona.

Lend A Hand is a charity that provides free services to seniors to help them age in their homes comfortably and safely. The charity aims to make living at home as comfortable for seniors as possible so that they do not have to move into unfamiliar environments like group homes. Some of the services offered include food box delivery, transportation assistance, visitations, minor home repairs and clean-ups, etc. For more information, visit

Several other charities exist in the state, with a similar mission to help seniors have a comfortable life and age with dignity. These include Tempe Community Action Agency (, Northwest Valley Connect (, Foundation for Senior Living (, Stepping Up for Seniors ( etc.

Food Assistance

The Arizona Food Bank Network (AzFBN) was created and has been financed by the five local food banks. It has approximately one thousand soup kitchens and agencies in Arizona. This network is intended to fight against hunger and poverty by providing food banks and creating awareness about hunger. Senior residents can find the nearest food bank by clicking this link or get in contact with 602 528 3434.

The Arizona Commodity Senior Food Program (ACSFP) is subsidized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) division. It serves low and moderate income individuals who are at least 60 years of age or over. Eligible residents can have food packages at regular intervals for up to 12 months. For more information, visit

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a federal program that helps provide free food for low-income citizens. TEFAP supplies nutritious meals to qualified people so they can stay healthy. Participants can go to food pantries to pick up food items like vegetables, juices, fruits, etc. The items provided at the pantry are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration to be preserved. Congregate feeding sites are also hosted, where seniors can go to pick up cooked meals for consumption. Congregate sites may also provide additional services like transport assistance, legal aid, health screening, etc. Seniors do not need any registration to get food from congregate feeding sites, they can simply walk in and declare their need for help. More information on TEFAP can be found at

Seniors over the age of 60 can also benefit from the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP). This is another federal program that meets the needs of seniors whose income is not more than 185% of federal poverty levels. SFMNP provides fresh, nutritious locally grown fruits, herbs and vegetables to low-income seniors in the state. Seniors can get a $50 SFMNP voucher booklet which can be used to purchase vegetables, fruits and herbs from Authorized Farmers Markets and Farm Stands. A directory of Authorized Farmers Markets and Farm Stands can be found at For further program details, check

A home-delivered meal program is also available to cater for seniors who are home bound and would need food delivered to their houses. Details on the program are available at

Transportation Assistance

Charities in Arizona help provide transportation assistance for seniors in the state. Charities such as Stepping Up for Seniors and Duet help seniors get to Doctors appointments or get groceries. Lend A Hand charity takes transportation assistance a step further by providing help for seniors who need to visit their friends.

Utility Bills Assistance

Seniors who reside in Arizona can get assistance to pay utility bills through Project SHARE. This is a program operated by the Salvation Army, in partnership with Arizona Public Service (APS) to cover energy bills for those in need of help. Seniors who qualify for the program can get up to $300 every year to use for their utility bills. Seniors can visit the APS website at for more information on the program and eligibility criteria.

The Crisis Bill Assistance is another program that can help seniors with funds to pay for their utility bills. Through this program, residents can receive up to $800 in a year to pay for their bills. The program is administered through local community agencies located around the state. Additional details can be gotten from

A 25% discount can also be obtained by elderly residents who are financially challenged. This discount is applied to monthly bills and is provided through the Energy Support Program. An application can be submitted at Seniors with disabilities or medical conditions can receive an additional 10% discount on their energy bills, for a total of 35% discount. More details on this can be found at

The Arizona Department of Housing offers the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF). This is a program set up to help settle past due bills and mortgage. Beneficiaries of the program can receive up to a lifetime amount of $25,000 to pay for their utility bills. Interested seniors can find details at

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Arizona (LIHEAP) is financed by the Department of Economic Security. Senior residents are of the priority groups for this energy assistance program. Eligible candidates can have cash assistance to pay their utility bills and energy efficiency measures to decrease energy expenses. You must prove that you are financially unstable and at the age of 60 or over. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the following link

Other useful resources that seniors can refer to are located at

Grants for Senior Veterans

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF) is a program set up to provide financial assistance to veterans in need. The program provides funding to over basic living expenses like rent, utility bills, vehicle payments, etc. Veterans in the state can visit for more information.

Veterans can also get assistance from Arizona State Veteran Homes. This is a network of housing facilities across the state that provides nursing and rehabilitative care to veterans. The homes offer free telephone services, cable TV and internet services. Veterans in need of housing in Arizona can visit to submit an application.

Several tax exemptions are also available to veterans in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What financial assistance programs are available for seniors in Arizona? Seniors in Arizona can benefit from several financial assistance programs, including the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help with food and energy costs.

2. How can seniors in Arizona apply for the ALTCS? To apply for ALTCS, seniors or their representatives must contact their local Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) office. The application process involves determining medical eligibility and financial criteria. It’s advisable to prepare medical records and financial statements in advance.

3. What are the income and asset limits for ALTCS eligibility in Arizona? As of the latest update, the income limit for an individual applying for ALTCS is set at 300% of the Federal Benefit Rate (FBR), and there are specific asset limits as well. Given that these figures can change, it’s recommended to consult directly with an ALTCS representative or visit the AHCCCS website for the most current thresholds.

4. Can seniors in Arizona receive assistance with utility bills? Yes, the Arizona LIHEAP program offers financial assistance to low-income seniors struggling with their heating and cooling expenses. Applications can be submitted through local Community Action Agencies, which can be found on the Arizona Department of Economic Security website.

5. How do seniors in Arizona apply for SNAP benefits? Seniors in Arizona can apply for SNAP benefits online through the Health-e-Arizona Plus system or by visiting a local Department of Economic Security (DES) office. Applicants should be prepared to provide proof of income, residency, and identity.

6. Are there any property tax relief programs for seniors in Arizona? Arizona offers several property tax relief programs for seniors, including the Property Tax Refund (Credit) program for those who meet certain income and residency requirements. Information on how to apply can be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website.

7. What is the Senior Citizens’ Law Project in Arizona? The Senior Citizens’ Law Project provides free legal assistance to Arizona residents who are 60 years of age or older, covering issues such as housing, healthcare, and income maintenance. Seniors can contact their local Area Agency on Aging to access these services.

8. How do seniors in Arizona receive assistance with prescription drug costs? The Arizona State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) offers counseling on Medicare and related health insurance issues, including prescription drug plans under Medicare Part D. SHIP counselors can help seniors choose a plan that minimizes their out-of-pocket costs.

9. What transportation assistance is available for seniors in Arizona? Many communities in Arizona offer transportation services for seniors through local Area Agencies on Aging or transit programs like Dial-A-Ride, which provides reduced-fare rides for medical appointments, shopping, and other essential trips.

10. How can Arizona seniors access food banks or nutritional programs? The Arizona Department of Economic Security partners with food banks and community kitchens across the state to provide meals and food assistance to seniors. The Congregate and Home-Delivered Meal programs are also available through local senior centers and Area Agencies on Aging.