Grants for Seniors in Baltimore

Baltimore is the largest city in the State of Maryland, as well as one of the most crowded cities throughout the country. This city has charming locations, nice neighborhoods, lots of employment options, elegant architecture, friendly residents, and entertaining nightlife. However, it has also been ranked as one of the most dangerous areas compared to other American metropolitan cities. Apart from its high violent crime rates, Baltimore may be expensive to live in for some people. Especially senior citizens may have been facing difficulties during their golden years. Thereby, the City of Baltimore, local charity-based organizations, and federal agencies provide different benefits and programs for the elderly.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Baltimore Emergency Rental Assistance Program was created and has been sponsored by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development for local people who are not able to cover their rent. Senior citizens who are facing economic problems paying their rent are prioritized by this program. The length and the amount of the rental aid differ based on the current economic condition of the applicant. Find out more information at or make a phone call at 410 396 5555.

Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development has been running various rent and housing support programs for low and middle-income families across the city. Since the Covid 19 pandemic has started, the office has been organizing a new program called The Baltimore City COVID-19 Temporary Rent Support. Particularly families or individuals who are economically affected by the pandemic and are in need of rental or housing support are qualified. Even though the amount of support varies, accepted participants can receive support for up to 15 months. Older citizens who are 60 years of age or older are encouraged to apply for this program. They may also request help with the eviction issues. For more information, please go to or call 410 545 0136 or 410 545 0900.

Financial Assistance

Baltimore Community Assistance Network, Inc. (CAN) is a local non-governmental establishment that has been serving the community since 1965. It aims to help everyone in need by covering their divergent needs. Older people who are in need of financial assistance are encouraged to consult this organization. Besides cash assistance, qualified persons may also apply for health assistance, food support, emergency shelter, utility bill assistance, educational assistance, and much more. Read more information at or by phone at 410 285 4674.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore is the local branch of one of the largest charity-based organizations around the country. This local branch aims to improve the lives of local people in need by providing care and services. It has services and centers across the city. Some of them are as followed:

  • Baltimore City Head Start
  • Cherry Hill Town Center
  • Adoption and International Adoption
  • Advocacy
  • Earn Benefits
  • Holden Hall
  • DePaul House Senior Community
  • Hosanna House
  • Level Up
  • Jenkins Senior Living Community
  • Our Daily Bread Hot Meal Program
  • Our Daily Bread Employment Center
  • Ann Adult Day Services
  • Joachim House Senior Community
  • Weinberg Housing and Resource Center
  • Work4Success Program, and much more.

As it is seen, apart from cash support, it offers plenty of services and programs for senior citizens who are facing financial challenges. Explore more opportunities through the following link or make a phone call at 667 600 2000.

Health Assistance

Baltimore City Health Department was formed and has been financed by the City of Baltimore for low and moderate-income persons who need health support. Older adults who are not able to cover their medical expenses are given priority. The scope and the length of the support are determined after the examination of the patient. Learn more information at or make connections with 410 395 7634 or 410 396 7633.

Shepherd’s Clinic is a local non-governmental health clinic that has been particularly serving the local low and middle-income patients who are searching for health assistance since 1991. Senior residents who are uninsured and living in the city are given priority. Qualified people will be benefiting from the following health services:

  • Medical supplies
  • Gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Endocrinology
  • Cancer screening
  • Dermatology
  • Preventive screening
  • Cardiology
  • Laboratory testing
  • Internal medicine
  • Prescription medications
  • Adult primary care
  • Behavioral health
  • Classes include yoga
  • Diabetes self-management
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Breathing
  • Nutrition
  • Walking
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture and reflexology
  • Meditation
  • Smoking cessation
  • Suicide prevention lifeline.

To learn more information and consult, please click the link or call 410 467 7140.

Utility Bills Support

Baltimore Utility Service Protection Program was constituted and has been financed by the State of Maryland for low and middle-income individuals who are not able to cover their utility bills. People who are enrolled in MEAP or EUSP and have monetary issues paying their energy costs are qualified for this service. Eligible applicants will be obtaining monthly cash support to cover their utility expenses. The amount is decided by evaluating the size and economic status of the family. Find out more information at or call 800 332 6347.

The Fuel Fund of Maryland is a neighborhood organization that was incorporated in 1981. This establishment is very active throughout the city. Low and very low-income families who are struggling to pay their utilities are welcome to apply for this benefit. Accepted candidates will be receiving monthly monetary aid. For more information, please visit or make contact with 410 235 9080.

Food Assistance

Baltimore Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) was created and has been managed by the federal government for low-income households. Older residents who are 60 years of age or older and need healthy food according to their health condition are eligible to receive help. Accepted seniors will be having monthly food boxes. Some of them will be using a bank debit card to shop at local stores. The official link to its website is or contact 1 866 821 5552.

Grab-n-Go Meals for Youth and Families is a local initiative that aims to serve everyone who needs food assistance. The elderly who are not in a good health condition to cook for themselves or who are not financially stable to buy nutritious and healthy food are eligible to grab and go meals. For further information, please go to