Grants for Seniors in Colorado

Key Senior Statistics in Colorado (60 and over)
Senior Population: 1,275,099 (21.8%) Senior Population: 1,275,099 (21.8%)
Male: 46.8% Male: 46.8%
Female: 53.2% Female: 53.2%
Median Age: 70 Median Age: 70
Disability: 26% Disability: 26%
With Social Security Income: 69% With Social Security Income: 69%
With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 8% With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 8%
Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 8% Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 8%
Data Source: Data Source:
Data is taken from American Community Survey 2022.

Help for Seniors in Colorado – 29 Assistance Programs

Regarding its mild mountains, fresh and excellent climate, Colorado is one of the most beautiful states to live in for senior citizens. Housing is very affordable in this state. However, it might be difficult for the elderly to reach some needs at certain ages. There are various state, federal, and local community-based programs and organizations designed to help for seniors residents.

Colorado State Resources for Seniors

The Colorado Department of Humans Services’ Office of Adult, Aging and Disability Services provides elderly residents with access to a variety of resources. The State Unit on Aging provides resources useful to help get support services, legal assistance, senior employment, etc. Apart from access to useful and personalized resources, the Department also funds some programs, thus rendering indirect assistance to seniors. Other programs are directly administered. Seniors can get an overview of services available to them by visiting

Financial Assistance

Home Care Allowance provides cash support for the elderly and disabled people in Colorado. It is funded by the Colorado Department of Human Services. Seniors who have a home care provider can apply for this grant. The main aim of this allowance is to make sure that home care providers take care of dressing, preparing meals, bathing, and various activities for eligible candidates. To learn more about eligibility criteria, go to

Colorado offers an Old Age Pension (OAP) Program for seniors through the Colorado Office of Economic Security. This program is designed to supplement other income benefits that the senior may be receiving. The OAP grant is only available to seniors aged 60 years and above. The grant amount can be up to $821 per month. An information sheet on the program is available at

Employment Assistance

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is one of the oldest programs serving the low-income elderly in the State of Colorado since 1965. It is financed by the U.S. Department of Labor. Adult residents who are the age of 55 or older can apply to this program in an effort to find a job. Eligible participants mostly work part-time in different non-profit establishments. These employment opportunities can be permanent employees in the long run. To find out more, read at Explore our list of the best part-time jobs for seniors to find the most suitable options that meet your retirement needs.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Volunteers of America Colorado Branch provides low-cost housing for local people who have disabilities. Eligible candidates can be settled in a house or an apartment based on their financial situation and the size of the household. Volunteers of America Colorado also collaborate with the United Way. Apart from housing assistance, a program called Service Coordination Program helps with house items for low-income individuals. In addition to these services, eligible candidates can benefit from additional food and transportation support. Explore more opportunities via the following link or by phone at 303 297 0408.

Community Resources & Housing Development Corporation (CRHDC) offers a broad range of low-cost apartments for low and moderate-income residents. Senior residents who need housing support can consult this organization. It has thirty offices across the state. For more information, follow the link or dial 303 428 1448.

Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation (CHAC) is a local community establishment that is aimed to assist affordable homeownership for low and moderate-income individuals. Seniors looking for financial assistance to own their homes can get in touch with this corporation. It can offer a mortgage plan to prevent a forced eviction. To learn more about this establishment, visit or call toll-free 866 377 7835.

Supportive Housing Program (SHP) is sponsored by the Colorado Vision of Housing. It presents emergency housing and rent assistance for people in financial hardship. Senior citizens are one of the priority groups. To learn more, go to

Mercy Housing Colorado is a charity-based organization that aims to provide affordable and secure houses for people in need. It has seventeen properties across the state. Senior citizens are preferable groups for this service. To learn more, click on the following link or call the toll-free 866 338 0557.

Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) is a non-profit community establishment that was formed in the 1940s. The main purpose of this organization is to assist secure and low-cost houses for disadvantaged residents including seniors and veterans. Eligibility for this program is decided by evaluating the total income and size of the household. The total income of the household must be under 80 percent of the area’s median income. Aurora Housing Authority has a specific project-based program for seniors that is St. Charles Senior Living Community. Adults who are 55 years old and over can live in one and two-bedroom units. To find out more about this organization and apply, visit or dial 630 701 9974.

Brush Housing Authority (BHA) is a non-profit organization that is intended to offer decent, secure, and hygienic housing for seniors and disabled residents. Elderly and disabled people who are in financial hardship may apply for this benefit. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the following link or contact 970 842 5046. Similarly, Home Repair Grants For Seniors are available nationwide with the objective of enhancing the safety and livability of homes for senior citizens.

Home Repair Grants

Seniors who live in Bent, Crowly and Otero counties can get assistance from the Tri-County Housing and Community Development Corporation. The organization provides funding which can be used to make repairs or modifications to the home for seniors to live safely, and sometimes fund are provided to assist with down payments when purchasing a new home. Seniors can visit to learn more about the offerings available.

Northeast Colorado Housing serves Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma Counties, providing a wide range of services. Loans are available to cover maintenance and home repairs, down payment on a new home, modifications for medical needs, etc. Seniors can contact Northeast Colorado Housing on their website

Colorado Springs also offers a home repair program known as Housing Development. This program provides grants for low-income seniors to carry out rehabilitation of their homes and improve their housing conditions. Funds are also available through the Emergency Repair Program. This is aimed at providing financial assistance to remedy conditions that pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of home occupants. The amount gotten depends on the type of repairs that need to be carried out. Overall details of various repair programs in Colorado Springs are available at

Apart from county specific initiatives, the Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants in Colorado provides loans and grants to eligible seniors across the state. Seniors under the age of 62 are only eligible for loans, however, those aged 62 and older qualify for grants which can be used to repair their homes or get rid of health concerns around the home. Grants given can be up to $10,000, while loans have a maximum limit of $40,000. To access more information on this program, visit

Healthcare Assistance

Centennial Mental Health Center (CMHC) is a non-governmental center that has been serving the optimal health and well-being of Coloradans. This healthcare center offers six services categories which are, adult mental health, crisis, integrated health, prevention & early intervention, substance use disorders, and youth & family. Senior citizens who need medical treatment can get in touch with this community center. For additional questions, go to or call 970 522 4549.

Old Age Pension Health and Medical Care Program (OAP) is a well-known resource also known as Modified Medical Plan, State Medical Program, Limited Health First Colorado, and OAP State Only Program. It provides free health assistance for low and moderate-income seniors. For more information, follow the link

Dental Grants and Benefits

The Colorado Dental Health Care Program is administered by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, and is designed to help low-income seniors get affordable or free dental services. The program is for seniors over the age of 60 with income less than 250% of the federal poverty level and who are not eligible for dental services under Colorado’s Medicaid Program. To ascertain whether your household is living below the poverty level, utilize the Federal Poverty Level Calculator. A dental procedure guideline, outline costs that each senior is expected to pay for specific services is available at According to the guidelines, most services can be gotten for free, and the most expensive ones are capped at $80, resulting in savings of as much as $794.52 Additional details on this program can be found at

The Senior Smiles program is another initiative that provides dental care. This is aimed at seniors living in care facilities. Dental care is provided on site so transportation is not needed. Bills are usually charged to the insurance provider, but in the absence of any insurance cover, procedures are charged at a fixed rate of $150. This includes two free exams and cleanings per year. The Senior Smiles program website is, from here care facilities can book appointments for seniors in their facilities.

The importance of maintaining good oral health is increasingly recognized, especially for seniors, irrespective of their financial situation. For information on dental aid programs available to seniors in Colorado, you can visit Dental Grants in Colorado.

Utility Bills Assistance

Xcel Energy is an energy firm that offers energy assistance for homes and businesses that cannot afford their utility bills. The company promotes HomeSmart Appliance Repair & Replacement, Refrigerator Recycling, and Home Energy Squad benefits. This may be a useful opportunity for seniors. For additional questions, check out the link

Black Hills Energy is an electricity company that helps low and moderate-income residents with their utility bills. Other than energy assistance, it may provide cash support for heating and utilities. Seniors are prioritized by this company. To learn more information, please visit There are supplementary programs aimed at aiding senior citizens with their utility bills. Help with Bills offers a wider range of choices.

The Colorado Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is an aid program funded by the federal government to help residents who are unable to meet up with their heating costs. LEAP alleviates the burden associated with paying for home energy costs, along with providing assistance for equipment repair. LEAP beneficiaries do not receive cash, rather, a credit is applied to their energy account. Colorado seniors interested in LEAP can visit

Energy Outreach Colorado provides emergency financial assistance for utility bills through the Bill Payment Assistance Program. The program helps pay for past-due utility bills to prevent disconnection. Seniors can apply for this assistance through various local agencies around the state. A directory of the supporting local agencies is available at

Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy (CARE) Program helps reduce utility bill costs by providing energy-efficient upgrades to homes. Seniors who apply for this program can have modifications made to their home to reduce their energy consumption, thus lowering utility bill costs. Interested seniors can apply at

Seniors in need of urgent assistance relating to heating can apply for the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP). CIP provides emergency heating assistance in the form of repair or replacement of heating systems at no cost. Seniors can get assistance within 24 hours. More information is available at

Customers of Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) can also apply for Project COPE. This is a program run by the utility company in collaboration with several charities to provide assistant with utility bill payment. Resident seniors can apply at

Food Assistance

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides healthy food and snacks for low and moderate-income children and seniors. It is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Senior citizens who are not able to cook for themselves may appeal for this program. To apply, In addition to CACFP, several other food programs for low-income senior citizens have been set up to address their nutritional requirements.

The Colorado branch of Volunteers of America coordinates a Meals on Wheels Program in the state. Prepared meals are delivered to the homes of eligible seniors. These meals are served along with fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, etc. necessary to meet at least one-third of the recommended daily nutrients. Meals provided are lean and have low fat and cholesterol content to help maintain good health. Seniors are encouraged to make a contribution to the program if they are able, although this is not compulsory and would not affect their service in any way. This program serves only residents who are at least 60 years old. For more details, and to check eligibility, visit

Community Food Share runs a food program for seniors called Elder Share. The aim is to assist low-income or homebound seniors get necessary nutrition by providing them with free groceries. Milk, meat, eggs, fresh produce, shelf-stable foods, etc. are provided twice a month to the seniors for sustenance. Elder Share is only available to residents who are at least 60 years old. Further program information can be found at

Eligible seniors may also benefit from the Everyday Eats Program run the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS). This program provides non-perishable food items to income-eligible seniors in the state. Beneficiaries can get a package with canned food, cereal and diabetic-friendly meals. These items are meant for consumption through the month and are intended to be complete and healthy meals. Seniors can simply visit  any of the pickup locations with a valid ID and get assistance. For more information, visit

CDHS also has other initiatives that deliver meals to seniors in need. Congregate meals are available at senior centers, community housing, senior apartments, etc. Home-delivered meals are also available for seniors who are homebound and unable to access good food. In both of these cases, nutritious cooked food is provided to help meet daily needs and maintain a healthy life. Visit for more information.

Transportation Assistance

Weld County residents over the age of 60 can take advantage of free transportation provided by 60+ Ride. This is an organization that gives transport assistance to seniors, helping them get to appointments and shopping destinations. Services are offered every day, but are subject to the availability of volunteer drivers. For best availability results, seniors are encouraged to book their rides 2 weeks in advance. 60+ Ride does not charge for the transportation service provided. Interested seniors can find more details on

Silver Key provides transport assistance services to seniors who reside in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities. This is known as Reserve and Ride. Although the services are free, seniors are encouraged to make a donation of up to $3.50 if they can afford it. The transportation provided comes with mobility aids for disabled seniors and seniors can get a ride to various destinations including medical appointments, social events, senior centers, etc. Seniors can visit to get more details on the program.

Denver residents can get discounted fares of up to 50% on buses and trains. Seniors can register under the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to obtain a Special Discount Card. They can then present this card, a photo ID showing their age or a Medicare card to qualify for the fare discounts. More fare discounts can be found at

Grants for Senior Veterans

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) operates the Unmet Needs program. This is a financial assistance program that provides grants of up to $1,500 to pay for basic living expenses. Payments are made directly to the creditor where possible and can cover things like rent, utilities, etc. Interested veterans can apply online at

Veterans and their spouses may also qualify for accommodation at one of the Veteran Housing Facilities in the state. These facilities provide housing and medical care to eligible veterans to make life easier for them. Veterans in these facilities have access to short and long-term care services to help them age with dignity. Wheelchairs and mobility aids are also available for disabled veterans at the facilities. Veterans can visit for more information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What financial assistance programs are available for seniors in Colorado? Colorado offers a range of financial assistance programs for seniors, including the Old Age Pension (OAP), Colorado Supplement to Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and the Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit Rebate (PTC Rebate) to help with living expenses, healthcare, and housing costs.

2. How do seniors qualify for the Old Age Pension in Colorado? Seniors aged 60 and over with limited income and assets may qualify for the OAP. Applications can be submitted through the Colorado PEAK website or by contacting the local county social services office.

3. Are there programs to assist with healthcare costs for seniors in Colorado? Yes, in addition to Medicare, Colorado offers the Medicare Savings Program and Medicaid, which can help cover premiums, deductibles, and other healthcare costs. The Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides free counseling on these options.

4. How can seniors in Colorado get help with utility bills? The Colorado Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) helps eligible seniors with heating costs during the winter months. Applications are accepted from November to April each year through county social services offices or the LEAP website.

5. What housing assistance is available for seniors in Colorado? The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) offers affordable housing options, and the Section 8 voucher program helps low-income seniors with rent. The Property Tax Deferral Program allows eligible seniors to defer property taxes until their home is sold.

6. Can seniors receive food assistance in Colorado? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is available to seniors with limited income. The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) also supports the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for seniors 60 and older, providing monthly food packages.

7. What transportation services are available for seniors in Colorado? Many communities in Colorado offer specialized transportation services for seniors, including reduced fares on public transit and door-to-door transportation services for those who qualify.

8. How do seniors apply for the Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit Rebate? Seniors who meet income and residency requirements can apply for the PTC Rebate to receive a rebate on property taxes paid, rent, or heating expenses. Applications can be filed with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

9. What in-home care services are available to seniors in Colorado? The Home Care Allowance (HCA) program provides financial assistance to help cover the costs of in-home care services for eligible seniors, helping them maintain independence. Applications go through local county social services offices.

10. Are there legal services available for seniors in Colorado? Colorado Legal Services provides free legal assistance to seniors on issues such as housing, consumer rights, and elder abuse. Seniors can reach out to their local office for help.