Grants for Seniors in Fort Worth

Help for Seniors in Fort Worth

Fort Worth comes into prominence with its cultural diversity and affordable living expenses compared to other cities in the state. It is a great place for seniors who wish to live near a big city but also enjoy the heart of the downtown area during their golden years. There are also various programs and benefits that are available for elder residents who are in financial struggle. These services are covered by the federal government, the City of Fort Worth, and local non-profit organizations.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Catholic Charities of Fort Worth is a local non-governmental organization that assists a great deal of services for low and moderate-income families and persons. Senior residents who are facing financial challenges are prioritized by this establishment. Eligible seniors may benefit from the Eviction Prevention Program and housing assistance. Furthermore, it provides transportation service, dental assistance, and financial support based on the beneficiaries’ case. Find out more information at or make a phone call at 817 534 0814.

Broadway Baptist Center is one of the largest local community foundations that was formed and has been led by the Broadway Baptist Church. Particular families and persons who are having a crisis situation are qualified for the services of this center. Seniors who need rental support are urged to get in touch with this center. Eligible candidates may also benefit from food assistance, clothing support, emergency financial assistance, and housing support. It also offers guidance for employment opportunities and provides various classes to improve skills and abilities. To learn more, please visit or call 817 336 5761.

Financial Assistance

Fort Worth Community Action Partners provide rental and mortgage assistance for low and moderate-income families and individuals. Elder people who are 60 years of age or older and need cash assistance are prioritized by this organization. The length and the amount of the money are determined by the applicants’ financial condition. Some beneficiaries may receive mortgage support if they want to. It also runs a program called the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program that helps with electric, heating, and gas bills. Explore more opportunities through the following link or dial 817 392 1234.

Salvation Army of Fort Worth is a local charity-based organization that has several resources and benefits for people who need help with various issues. It has an Emergency Assistance Program for people who lost their jobs, earning less than they need to survive, or living in poverty. Older people who are suffering from any of these and need cash support are qualified for this benefit. They can also apply for a rental, housing assistance, clothing support, health services, or food pantries. The link to their official website is as follows or give it a call at 800 728 7825.

Health Assistance

Fort Worth Northside Community Center is a local clinic that helps people who need medical assistance. Senior citizens who need health assistance and are not able to pay for it are eligible to receive help from this center. It can offer counseling, cash support for medical bills, or dealing with medical procedures. To see more, please go to or contact 817 392 1234.

Mission Fort Worth is a local health assistance program for people who need health insurance but cannot afford it. Seniors who need health insurance are urged to make connections with this clinic. This health insurance covers hospitals and doctor appointments, prescription drugs, settling in a nursing home, dental bills, and necessary medical equipment for the patient. For further information, please follow the link or call 817 207 0229.

Sixty and Better is a neighborhood establishment that has aimed to empower older adults to live with independence, dignity, and purpose since 1967. Anyone who is 60 years of age or above and needs health assistance is eligible for this establishment. Some of its programs are as follow:

  • Socialization and Nutrition Program: This service offers healthy and nutritious meals for low and moderate-income seniors. Eating according to their diet is vital for the beneficiaries. These meals are served at the Activity Centers of this organization. Participants not only benefit from food support but also have a chance to meet new people in these centers.
  • Health for Me: It is a health education program that promotes various courses, webinars, and seminars for older people. These courses can be directly related to recipients’ health issues or other health concerns.
  • Transportation: Some people may not be in a good physical condition to drive themselves to the Activity Centers or the clinic. Hence it provides transportation services for those people.
  • A Matter of Balance: This is an award-winning falls prevention service that assists seniors to improve their balance and strength to decrease falls.

To learn more about these services and more, please go to or give it a call at 817 413 4949.

Utility Bills Assistance

Northeast Emergency Distribution Program is a community-funded non-governmental agency that works with various individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations to provide utility support for seniors. Older people who are in financial struggle and are not able to afford their electric or gas bills are qualified for this program. Accepted seniors will be receiving monthly cash assistance to pay their utility costs. Besides, they can ask for clothing support and transportation service. Read more information at or call 817 280 0286.

Food Assistance

Saint Vincent de Paul Society Fort Worth Council is a charitable organization that offers several programs for families and individuals in need. Seniors who need healthy and nutritious food but are not able to purchase necessary food or are not able to cook it are qualified for food assistance from this organization. Eligible seniors can eat their food at the center or they can ask for home-delivered meals. Moreover, this establishment presents financial assistance for eviction prevention, utility bills, rental support, and more. Seniors who need any of these services may click the link make a call at 817 768 1950.