Grants for Seniors in Milwaukee

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Rachel

Milwaukee is the largest city in the Wisconsin state. This city has been famous for its low cost of living, great job opportunities, various social activities, and entertainment events. Milwaukee has a raft of health care options for senior citizens, but harsh winters may cause difficulties for them during their golden years. Even though it is also a tax-friendly place for retirees, older people may need assistance with plenty of issues. That being the case, the City of Milwaukee, the local non-profit organizations, and the federal government offer various services and programs for low and middle-income seniors.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Community Advocates Inc. was formed and has been sponsored by the local people to offer low and middle-income individuals and families advocacy and benefits to meet their necessities. Its aim is to make sure that everyone in need may live in dignity and live in a safe, secure, and affordable house with their loved ones. Senior people who are facing financial challenges are welcome to consult this organization. It has a service called “Rent Assistance Process”. Accepted candidates will be receiving monthly cash payments to cover their rents for up to 12 months. It might be extended according to the participants’ current economic condition. For more information and to apply, please go to or dial the rent helpline at 414 270 4646.

The Social Development Commission’s Milwaukee Emergency Rent Assistance Program, also recognized as MERA, was formed and has been led by the City of Milwaukee for low and middle-income families across the city. Particularly senior residents who are facing economic hardship because of the pandemic period are prioritized by this program. For the last few years, the program provided nearly $2328.00 rent assistance for its participants. One should keep in mind that this rental support is up to 12 months. Further information can be read here or dial 414 906 2700.

Financial Assistance

The Milwaukee Emergency Financial Assistance Program was both built and has been sponsored by the New Crisis Assistance Policy and Milwaukee Social Development Commission. The main purpose of this financial support is to make sure that everyone in need can afford their living expenses. Older individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties are prioritized by this benefit. Eligible people will be obtaining monthly cash assistance to cover their heating bills, rent, housing expenses, and much more. The amount and the length of the monetary aid vary according to the applicants’ current economic conditions. Read more information at or make a phone call at 414 265 6360.

The Milwaukee Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program was created by the federal government and has been managed by the City of Milwaukee for people who are living in poverty. Older persons who are in need of cash assistance and living with their families are encouraged to apply for this benefit. Applicants must be underemployed or unemployed and have a very low income. Accepted applicants may need to join different work and training programs. For further information, please visit or contact 855 757 4593.

Healthcare Assistance

Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services was constituted and has been funded by the city authorities to serve low and moderate-income persons across the region. Older adults who are 60 years of age or older and need health assistance may get in touch with this department as early as possible. Some of its services are as followed:

  • Personal care includes bathing, dressing, and using the toilet
  • Medication management
  • Memory care
  • Hospital service
  • Transportation support
  • House cleaning
  • Medication reminders
  • Hospital appointments, etc.

The scope of the health support may differ from one patient to another. To see other services, please check the link or by phone at 1 888 947 6583.

Milwaukee Health Services Memory Clinic is a local independent clinic that has been helping local low and moderate-income persons who need health assistance since 1989. Its mission is to offer quality, accessible, and related health care benefits for every local person in need. Its medical services are family health, podiatry, women’s health, pediatric services, laboratory services, ancillary services, psychological assessment, outpatient medication management, counseling, and trauma-informed care. Older adults who are 60 years of age or over are one of the target groups that this clinic helps. Explore more services at the following link or get in touch with 414 372 8080.

Utility Bills Support

The Home Energy Assistance Program is a utility support program that was created and has been financed by one of the local electricity companies called We Energies. Eligible people will be receiving monthly cash support to cover their utility expenses. Older people who are struggling to cover their utility expenses may consult this program. To learn more information, please go to or contact 800 842 4265.

Food Assistance

Hunger Task Force is one of the largest free and local food banks in the city. It only serves children, older persons, and low-income families who are not able to have healthy and nutritious food. There are lots of senior centers and homeless shelters that serve hot, frozen, and cold food for its participants. There are also Senior Stockboxes which include healthy food for persons who are 60 years of age and over. Some older participants who are not able to leave their homes because of their health conditions may benefit from the mobile markets. See more information at or call 414 777 0483.

Milwaukee Central Church of Christ is a local faith-based organization that has been serving the community for a long time on various levels. Elderly who are not able to cook at their homes or cannot afford healthy food based on their diet are welcome at this church. It presents daily hot and cold meals, free groceries, and other forms of assistance if it is necessary. The link to their official website is or by phone at 1 414 265 4100.