Grants for Seniors in Mississippi

Key Senior Statistics in Mississippi (60 and over)
Senior Population: 711,915 (24.2%) Senior Population: 711,915 (24.2%)
Male: 44.7% Male: 44.7%
Female: 55.3% Female: 55.3%
Median Age: 70 Median Age: 70
Disability: 39% Disability: 39%
With Social Security Income: 76% With Social Security Income: 76%
With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 11% With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 11%
Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 16% Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 16%
Data Source: Data Source:
Data is taken from American Community Survey 2022.

Help for Seniors in Mississippi – 28 Assistance Programs

Mississippi is one of the most preferable states for the elderly in terms of living conditions. It has a lot of towns with low-cost housing options. According to the research made by the GOBankingRates in 2019, Mississippi is the nicest state to live the “American Dream”. This study indicates that Mississippi has very beneficial opportunities for seniors considering healthcare and mortgage assistance programs. It is also a very tax-friendly state for the elderly. There are a wide variety of programs and services available for seniors that are offered by the federal government, state authorities, and local charity organizations.

State Resources for Seniors

The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) is in charge of the Division Aging and Adult Services. Through this division, elderly residents are provided access to high quality resources to help improve their quality of life. MDHS through the Division of Aging and Adult Services also coordinates, organizes and sponsors the provision of valuable services to seniors in the state. Interested seniors can get access to these resources at

Financial Assistance

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program operated by the Social Security Administration. SSI provides eligible seniors over the age of 65 with monthly financial benefits. The funds are a stipend given to help them meet the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. To be eligible, applicants need to meet certain income and asset value restrictions. The money awarded is not fixed, but is determined on a case-by-case basis. More details on SSI are available at

Mississippi Salvation Army is a charity-based organization that aims to provide financial assistance for low and moderate-income individuals. Particularly low-income seniors are one of the priority groups and may receive emergency financial help. Apart from monetary aid, this program helps seniors with their housing needs such as furniture, food, clothing, and repair. Explore more opportunities through the following link or make a call at 601 982 4881.

Employment Assistance

The Mississippi Senior Community Employment Program is financed by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security to provide employment opportunities and job-related courses for senior residents. People who are 55 years of age or older and wish to be part of the workforce are encouraged to apply for this program. Apart from looking for a part-time job for eligible candidates, it offers to help with improving working skills and talents. Some people learn new abilities which they have never experienced before and can reenter the workforce. To see more, please go to or get in touch with 601 321 6000. Discover which part-time jobs are best for your needs once you retire. Here is a list of the Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Mississippi Housing Choice Voucher Program also known as Section 8 is a federally funded rent assistance program for low-income families. Seniors who are having economic problems are eligible for this benefit. Qualified participants can get to choose an apartment, flat, or house based on their decision. Approximately 70 percent of the rent is paid by the program each month to the landlords. Since this program is quite known and there is a waiting list, it is better to apply as soon as possible. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the following link

The Center of Hope Shelter is an emergency housing assistance that was constituted by the Salvation Army for low-income people. Seniors who are about to lose their homes or already homeless may benefit from this opportunity. It offers transitional housing and helps eligible beneficiaries to find a permanent home. The Center of Hope Shelter presents hot meals, laundry units, and other housing services. The main goal of this program is to fight against homelessness and make sure that everyone can live independently for the long term. To learn more, please click on or make connections with 601 982 4881.

Catholic Charities Mississippi is a non-governmental organization that offers to help with various issues for people in need. One of their services is to provide permanent or transitional housing for low-income individuals. Older people who are facing financial challenges are eligible for the services of this organization. If you are at the risk of losing your home or facing a foreclosure, you can consult this organization. Find out more information at, or call 601355 8634.

Home Repair Grants

If a senior needs assistance with home repairs or rehabilitation, Home Repair Grants for Seniors are also available to qualified applicants.

The Section 504 Home Repair Program provides loans and grants to help seniors modify, improve and repair their homes. These funds are provided to low-income residents, with the grants being specifically for seniors aged 62 and older. The money provided must be used to make repairs and correct thing that threaten the health and safety of the home occupants, like roofing, plumbing, flooring, etc. Accessibility modifications can also be made to the home, such as installation of wheelchair ramps. Grants have a maximum cap of $10,000 while loans may be up to $40,000. To further help ease the burden of the loans, they can be repaid over 20 years and have a fixed interest rate of 1%. More information on this program is available at

Habitat for Humanity is a charity organization that focuses on housing solutions in the community. The organization provides assistance to financially challenged seniors to help them make essential repairs to their homes. The homes are first assessed by a specialist, then a recommendation is made, listing the repairs to be carried out. Services are usually provided at no cost to the seniors, but in some cases a charge may be applied for the cost of materials. Interested seniors in Mississippi can visit for more information.

Rebuilding Together is another charity that helps seniors age in place. Through the Safe at Home program, elderly citizens can get help with making modifications to their homes, along with repairs to make the home safer for occupancy. This promotes independent living among seniors, allowing them to spend longer time in the communities they are familiar with. For more details, visit

Healthcare Assistance

The Mississippi Medicare Assistance Patrol Project was formed and led by the federal authorities. This program presents training and courses about health problems and health-related issues, particularly for older people. Some seniors face fraud and abuse outside and the main aim of this program is to end this manipulative behavior of others against the elderly. To apply for this program, click on the link or dial the toll-free number 877 808 2468.

Mississippi State Health Insurance Assistance Program is subsidized by the state agencies to assist with information about health-related questions of older residents. Seniors, their family members, or their caregivers can reach out to this program and learn more about Medicare benefits and policies of the hospitals. Find out more at or call 601 359 4500.

Bethel Clinic is a nonprofit establishment that provides free medical services to people who are experiencing hardships. The clinic provides medical care on a walk-in basis, meaning seniors can visit the clinic and receive treatment without a prior appointment. Drug refills and prescriptions are also available at the clinic site. Services provided are geared towards individuals who have no health insurance or other form of medical coverage. Seniors can find more about the clinic at

The Family Health Care Clinic is another medical organization that provides care for the challenged elderly residents of Mississippi. The Clinic offers a wide range of services including treatment and counseling. Although the services are not entirely free, fees are charged on a sliding scale basis. This means that the amount paid by each senior is determined by how much income the person earns. More details on the services of the clinic are available at

The Free Clinic of Meridian offers free healthcare for eligible seniors in Mississippi. The services are provided to those that are uninsured or eligible for Medicare assistance. At the clinic, seniors can expect to receive high quality medical care, complete with referral for special cases. Unlike some clinics that accept walk-in patients, the Free Clinic of Meridian operates strictly by appointment and seniors must first apply for services before they can visit the clinic for treatment. Emergency services are not provided at the clinic location. Income and household size are some of the factors used to determine eligibility for assistance and free treatments. For more information on the Free Clinic of Meridian, visit

Help with Dental Care

Jackson Free Clinic provides dental care services to financially challenged residents in the state. The services vary from tooth extractions to cleanings, and are available over the weekend. All services are provided at no cost to the patient. To contact the Jackson Free Clinic, visit

Seniors who have no dental coverage or insurance of any form can get assistance from Good Samaritan Health Services. Services are provided for seniors who meet the income guidelines and reside in the Tupelo area. At the clinic, patients can expect to receive care for toothaches and infections, provided by licensed dentists. Seniors who are interested in receiving care can visit for more details.

Uninsured seniors can also visit Lantern Clinic to get dental services. This is a faith-based clinic that provides services to challenged residents in the area. Services are provided at no cost to the patient, this helps them access quality care without fear of running out of finances. Information on the clinic and eligibility requirements can be found at

The Dental Lifeline Network is an association of dental professionals who render services across the nation. Donated Dental Services is one of the key programs offered by the Dental Lifeline Network. This program provides free comprehensive dental care services to eligible seniors in the state. Provision of these services is made possible by the dentists who volunteer the time and experience to treat the elderly. Donated Dental Services is usually restricted to seniors who are at least 65 years old and unable to pay for their care. In some cases, if the senior is deemed to be able to pay for part of the treatment, a small fee may be recommended as a charge. For more information on Donated Dental Services, visit

Mississippi offers a number of dental care services to assist senior residents in maintaining a healthy smile. Read Dental Grants in Mississippi for the list.

Utility Bills Assistance

The Mississippi Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is one of the well-known programs that was created by the federal government. Seniors who are having financial difficulties are prioritized by this program. The main criteria of this program are the size and the total income of the household. Eligible seniors can get a monthly discount on their utility bills based on their financial case. For more information, please click the link go to or contact 601 359 4500.

The Mississippi Weatherization Assistance Program is funded by the federal authorities for people who cannot afford to pay their utility bills. This program aims to increase energy efficiency and decrease the utility expenses of the household. Eligible candidates can have required energy efficiency equipment installed at their homes. To see more information, please visit

CenterPoint Energy sponsors an assistance program to help their customers who are experiencing challenges with paying for their bills. Funding from the program is gathered from donations which are then handed to charities so they can help seniors with their bills. Interested seniors can visit

Customers of Atmos Energy may be able to get assistance through the Sharing the Warmth Program. This program provides direct payment to the utility company, ensuring that services are continued to the home. Eligibility for the program is determined on an individual basis with by local agencies. The address of these agencies can be found at, while more information on the program itself is available at

Mississippi Power offers Project SHARE which is designed to help the elderly and financially challenged. Through the program, seniors may receive up to $300 of financial assistance in a year to settle their power bills. For further information, visit

Aside from LIHEAP and the Weatherization Assistance Program, there are other options that help low-income seniors with their bill payments. Access more information at Help with Bills.

Food Assistance

The Mississippi Older Adult Nutrition Program (OANP) was formed and has been led by the Mississippi Department of Human Services specifically for senior citizens. Anyone who is 60 years of age or older and who is not able to pay for food or cook for themselves is eligible for this food service. Qualifying seniors can receive a monthly food bag that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, and canned food. For more information, please visit or make a phone call at 601 359 4500.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is financed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and supported by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). It offers hot, frozen, or cold home-delivered meals for seniors who cannot cook for themselves because of health issues. People who are 60 years old and above are eligible for this program. To learn more, please go to

Meals on Wheels is one of the popular food programs in Mississippi. It is a local program for low-income people who cannot afford food. People who are 60 years of age or older are qualified for this service. It provides nutritious and healthy home-delivered meals and sends a monthly food bag. To apply, please visit or dial 601 582 5683. More Food Programs for Seniors are established to make it easier for those in need to get a nutrient-balanced food and meals.

MDHS provides Senior Nutrition Services to ensure that seniors have access to healthy meals every day. This program is further broken down into two components. The Congregate Meal Program provides hot and nutritious to seniors in a group setting. This arrangement helps seniors get access to healthy food and socialize with other, promoting healthy interaction. The Home Delivered Meals Program on the other hand delivers the meals to seniors at home. This program is for seniors who are homebound and cannot prepare their own meals. Meals are delivered 5 days a week and may be hot, cold or frozen. Other meal types are also provided to help meet food needs. More details on these meal assistance programs are available at

Seniors who are unemployed or who have limited income can apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This program provides benefits which can be used to purchase food items for consumption. Seniors who are beneficiaries of SNAP are given a special card known as the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Every month, the approved amount for their food assistance is loaded onto this card and then the card can be used to buy food or groceries. The card can only be used for approved items, which includes food, plants and seeds for planting. Further information on SNAP in Mississippi can be found at

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The program does not aim to provide a complete diet for seniors; rather, food packages are delivered with items to improve their diet. The packages contain foods like meat, milk, fruits, cereal, etc. which can be consumed to enhance the nutritional balance of already available food. CSFP is available for income-eligible seniors who are 60 years old and above. Additional information on CSFP can be found at

The Mississippi Food Network offers several other programs to help get food across to low-income residents of the state. Food can also be picked up at various food pantries across different cities. For more information, visit

The federal poverty level serves as the financial eligibility standard for many of these support programs. To calculate your poverty level, check the Federal Poverty Level Calculator.

Transportation Assistance

Elderly residents of Mississippi who receive Medicaid assistance and need to go for medical appointments can get help from Medical Transportation Management (MTM). This is Mississippi’s non-emergency transportation manager. Seniors can get free rides to and from the hospital to access necessary services. Scheduling for rides needs to be done 3 days ahead to allow for logistics and planning. When seniors schedule a ride, they can request the services of a specific transportation provider and MTM will try it’s best to honor this request, however, this is not guaranteed. More information on the program can be found at

Seniors can also get specialized transportation assistance from the Mississippi Department of Transportation. The department runs a public transit system that provides accessible vehicles for seniors, allowing them to get to and from doctor’s appointments, social visits and shopping outings. The services are provided at a discount price to make them affordable for low-income seniors. For more details, visit

Charities and Organizations

Methodist Senior Services is a charitable organization that provides special services for low-income seniors in the state. Residences are available for seniors to occupy so that they can continue to live independently. In these residences, seniors can move in with their furniture and personal belongings, while maintaining some semblance of regular home life. Those who require assisted living support and other specialized services can also get taken care of through special arrangements. Pharmacy services are provided to help seniors obtain medication at affordable rates, or to issue alternate medications in case one type is too costly. Furthermore, a special program is run to provide elderly occupants with access to relevant information sources for their welfare. The other activities of Methodist Senior Services can be found at

Deliver Me Senior Support Services Inc. is a nonprofit charity that provides essential assistance for financially challenged residents who live in the City of Jackson. The charity assists seniors who ae over the age of 65, providing a wide range of services like grocery deliveries, distribution of clothing, distribution of furniture,  purchase of eye glasses, assistance with applications for other charity programs, etc. These services are made possible through volunteers who come in to help the elderly as required. For more information on Deliver Me Senior Support Services Inc., visit

Seniors can also turn to the Salvation Army for help when faced with challenging situations. The Salvation Army hosts several activities and provides various assistance services to seniors in the state. Some of the ways Salvation Army can help are: rent and utility bill assistance, help with medication costs, provision of food and clothing, emergency assistance, etc. Seniors usually only have to demonstrate a need before they get help from the organization. They also get access to a support system that can help them social and get back on their feet. Further details on Salvation Army’s assistance for the elderly can be found at

Assistance for Senior Veterans

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) is a program set up to improve the housing stability of veterans. SSVF helps veterans locate affordable housing options and makes payment for them. Financial assistance is provided to help with paying for rent, utilities, transportation, emergency supplies, etc. Assistance is also provided to veterans to help them get their benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. More information on SSVF can be found at

Veterans Homes are also available for veterans who can no longer live independently. These homes provide them with medical care and assisted living, helping them live healthier lives. Commodities for living are provided along with medical aids like eyeglasses and hearing aids. The homes also accommodate the spouses of veterans, so both of them can receive proper care services. More details on the Veterans Homes can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What financial assistance programs are available to seniors in Mississippi? Mississippi seniors can access financial assistance through programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for food aid, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for help with energy bills, and the Mississippi Drug Card for prescription medication discounts.

2. How can seniors apply for Medicaid in Mississippi? Seniors can apply for Medicaid in Mississippi online through the Mississippi Division of Medicaid’s website, by phone, or in person at a Division of Medicaid regional office. Necessary documentation includes proof of age, income, residency, and assets.

3. What housing assistance is available for seniors in Mississippi? The Mississippi Regional Housing Authority offers the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program for rental assistance. Additionally, there are various affordable housing developments specifically designed for seniors throughout the state.

4. Can seniors receive assistance with utility bills in Mississippi? Yes, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) in Mississippi provides financial aid to eligible seniors to help cover the costs of heating and cooling their homes, ensuring their comfort and safety.

5. How do seniors get help with prescription medications in Mississippi? The Mississippi Drug Card is a free program that offers prescription medication discounts to all Mississippi residents, including seniors. Additionally, the Medicare Extra Help program is available to those who qualify for assistance with Medicare Part D costs.

6. Are there property tax relief programs for seniors in Mississippi? Mississippi offers a homestead exemption to seniors over the age of 65, which can reduce the property tax burden on their primary residence. Seniors should apply through their local tax assessor’s office.

7. What in-home care services can seniors access in Mississippi? The Mississippi Division of Aging and Adult Services administers programs like the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) program, providing personal care, homemaker services, and respite care to help seniors maintain independence in their homes.

8. How can seniors access transportation services in Mississippi? Transportation services for seniors in Mississippi are often coordinated through local Area Agencies on Aging, providing necessary transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, and senior centers.

9. What nutritional programs support seniors in Mississippi? The Elderly Nutrition Program in Mississippi provides congregate meals at local senior centers and home-delivered meals to eligible homebound seniors, aiming to ensure they receive nutritious meals and social interaction.

10. How can seniors in Mississippi receive legal assistance? Legal assistance for seniors in Mississippi is available through the Mississippi Legal Services Program, offering free legal advice and representation on issues like healthcare, housing, consumer rights, and elder abuse.