Grants for Seniors in Nashville

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Help for Seniors in Nashville

Nashville has been known for its diverse culture, tasty barbecue, music-filled streets, and growing healthcare industry. This city offers various job opportunities and its entertainment scene is going well. Even though the cost of living is reasonable compared to other cities, low and middle-income older citizens may need help to maintain their living conditions. Thereby, the City of Nashville, the federal government, and local charity-based organizations provide a great deal of programs and benefits for low-income seniors.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville is the local branch of an international non-governmental organization in this city. It aims to reach out to everyone in need. It gives importance to low-income senior residents who are in financial crisis. Its main duty is to make sure that older people can continue to live in their homes instead of nursing homes. Hence, it offers financial and rental assistance for eligible seniors. The amount of money is decided by evaluating the family size and the total income of the household. Find out more information at or give it a call at 1 615 254 4663.

AgeWell Middle Tennessee is a non-profit organization that has been serving low-income seniors. Seniors who are having economic problems and need help regarding housing issues are welcome to consult this organization. It promotes age-friendly, decent, safe, and affordable communities for its recipients. Recipients of this establishment may also apply for caregiver support, elder abuse and spam prevention, and transportation benefits. Read more information here or call 615 353 4235.

Needlink Nashville is a neighborhood initiative that aims to reduce homelessness and increase the well-being of low-income seniors throughout the city. It runs a program called Crisis Financial Support for Older Adults Preventing Homelessness and Unsafe Living Environments. Within the scope of this program, the organization assists its beneficiaries who are 60 years of age or older with monetary aid. This monetary aid can be used for rental and housing costs. Although this money support is temporary, it might be very useful for low-income older residents. For more information, please take a look at or make a phone call at 615 269 6835.

Financial Assistance

Nashville Martha O’Bryan Center, Inc. is a local non-profit organization that has a Senior Services Department. This department aims to increase the well-being of older citizens across the region. Seniors who are 60 years of age or above and require emergency financial assistance are eligible for this organization. Recipients of this organization may also apply for food assistance, individualized counseling, medical benefit, and much more. Explore more opportunities through the following link or contact 1 615 254 1791.

Nashville The Community Helpers is a charity-based organization that manages a program called The Elderly Assistance Program for low and moderate-income older people. Older persons who are having economic problems and need financial support are qualified to apply for this organization. Within the compass of this help, eligible seniors will obtain temporary cash support to pay their rent, utilities, housing expenses, medical expenses, and so on. The link to their official website is as follows or by phone at 615 356 5600.

Health Assistance

Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. is the local office of a nationwide faith-based establishment in the city. It offers different programs for everyone in need. It has a program called the Living at Home for older adults who are 60 years of age or older and require health support. It may get difficult for older adults to do housing duties because of their health conditions. This program provides home-based supportive services for its beneficiaries. It aims to make sure that they can live in their homes comfortably. Moreover, it offers disaster recovery, emergency financial assistance, emotional support, job training, hunger relief, housing stability, and family resources center. To learn more, please follow the link or dial 615 352 3087.

Nashville Alive Hospice is a local clinic that has been supporting the community for a long time. Low and moderate-income seniors who are in need of health assistance are qualified to get help from this clinic. Beneficiaries of this local clinic will be able to reach out to this hospice for 24-hour care. Seniors who need emergency surgery or anything related to health problems are welcome to contact this organization. For further information, please visit or by phone at 615 327 1085.

Utility Bills Assistance

Grace work Ministries was formed and has been sponsored by the local people. This establishment helps anyone in need in the region. It runs divergent programs and services for low and middle-income individuals and families. One of its programs is the Hunger Prevention/Rent and Utility Assistance that both offer food and utility assistance for low-income seniors. Older people who need both food and utility support are urged to make connections with this organization. Its goal is to ensure that needy seniors live in decent and comfortable conditions. Check out more information at or make a phone call at 615 794 9055.

Food Assistance

Nashville Food Project, Inc. is a local neighborhood organization that was created and has been financed by the local people for the low-income local people. It runs a special food assistance program called Meals Program for Seniors. Anyone who is 60 years of age or older and who is in financial hardship is eligible to get help from this organization. Particularly those older people who are not able to purchase nutritious and healthy food based on their diet or who are not able to cook for themselves at home because of their health conditions are prioritized by this organization. Accepted applicants will be obtaining home-delivered high-quality meals. To read more information and to apply, please take a look at or dial 1 615 460 0172.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and FiftyForward are local charity-based organizations that partner up for needy older persons. They run a program called the Older Adult Essential Nutrition Partnership for people who are 60 years of age or above and need food or other supportive services to maintain their wellness and health. Accepted older people will be obtaining health support based on their health conditions. It also has mobile pantries that are large-scale and recipients of this organization can purchase canned goods, produce, cereal, dairy, and bread. For further information, please go to or make connections with 615 329 3491.

St. Luke’s Community House has been organizing various services for people and families in need throughout the city. Its aim is to reduce poverty and fight against hunger. Older adults who are looking for food support are encouraged to make contact with this establishment. Recipients of this house can benefit from hunger relief enrichment, supportive care, and socialization via mobile meals, monthly food boxes, social organizations, community events, mental health assistance, free tax preparation, volunteer opportunities, and so on. If you are interested in food assistance and more, please follow the link or dial 1 615 350 7893.