Grants for Seniors in New York City

Help for Seniors in New York City

New York seems to be one of the most desirable cities for most people, yet US News and World Report 2019 declares that this is not the real case considering the cost of living in this city. It is an expensive city compared to other cities but has various advantages for the older people who are in financial hardship. Especially the neighborhoods Starret City, Upper East Side-Carnegie Hill, Ft. Totten-Bay Terrace-Clearview, West Brighton, and Glen Oaks have a highly older population density. There are several programs and benefits for elder people who need financial, utility, housing, or rent assistance.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Enriched Housing Program was established and has been supported by the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens. The New York Foundation for Senior Citizens has been functioning since 1968 to serve older people who need help. It has various services including affordable housing, homeless support, case management, respite care, free transportation, home repair & safety, and senior centers. Apart from these benefits, it has seven buildings and more that have been built within the scope of the Enriched Housing Program. Older New Yorkers who have housing assistance that has hygiene, meals, housekeeping, and shopping support are encouraged to consult this organization. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the following link or make a phone call at 212 962 7559.

The Home Sharing Program New York was created and has been managed by the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens. This is a special housing assistance program for older people who are in economic difficulties. This program brings together people who are in need of housing support and who have extra private rooms in their homes, apartments, or flats to share. Adult people who are 60 years of age and above are eligible for this program. This is a very popular program for New Yorker seniors. For further information and to see the application form, please go to or dial 212 962 7559.

Selfhelp is an efficient non-governmental organization in New York for older residents. It offers housing support, home care assistance, and community-based services for seniors who need help. Selfhelp has 11 affordable senior apartment units throughout the city. There are big community rooms, libraries, computer services, hobby courses, and transportation services in these buildings. Also, most of these buildings are very close to Selfhelp’s senior centers so that residents may participate in social events and meet new people. These centers provide healthy and nutritious food for the beneficiaries. More than 1,4000 low and middle-income older individuals live in these buildings and live independently. Find out more information at or by phone at 212 971 7600.

Financial Assistance

The Community Guardian Program is specifically designed for mentally impaired older New Yorkers by the court. Adult people who are mentally impaired and enrolled in the New York City’s Human Resources Administration’s Adult Protective Services. The eligible recipients will not only get monetary aid, but also may benefit from social, medical, psychiatric, and legal services, housekeeping, shopping help, transportation support, and more based on their personal case. To learn more, please visit or contact 212 962 7730.

The Aging in New York Fund, Inc. is a highly functional non-profit organization that is committed to increasing the quality of life for the city’s senior citizens. Older people who are having financial difficulties can get in touch with this organization. Apart from assisting financial support, this organization presents various programs for seniors. Some of these programs are Social Adult Day Assessment Collaborative, Reducing Social Isolation, and Legacy Programs. Explore more opportunities through the following link or make connections with 212 602 4455.

Health Assistance

Home Attendant Program serves the people who are enrolled in Medicaid, EISEP, or Medicaid. Those qualified candidates may also apply for this program which is funded by both the New York City Human Resources Administration and New York Department for the Aging. Eligible adults may benefit from health assistance which covers financial expenses, long-term caregiver, or personal care depending on the applicant’s financial and health circumstances. Furthermore, beneficiaries may receive housekeeping assistance, shopping help, food support, and medication monitoring. For more information, please follow the link or call 212 962 7559.

New York Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program was formed and has been financed by the New York State Department of Health. Older citizens who have a sort of disease mostly have to pay their medication expenses but it might be challenging for low and moderate-income persons. Those people who do not receive any financial assistance with their medical expenses and who do not have adequate health or medical insurance coverage for prescriptions are qualified for this help. Read more at or get in touch with 1 800 3323742.

Utility Bills Support

Utility Help for Emergencies and Bill Assistance is mostly provided by the American Red Cross in this city because this non-governmental establishment cooperates with a great deal of gas and electric utility firms throughout the state. Particularly people who are 60 years of age and older and need emergency assistance to cover their bills are prioritized by this organization. To see more information, please click here or give it a call at 1 800 733 2767.

The New York Home Energy Assistance Program was established and has been run by the federal government for low and moderate-income households. Especially persons who are 60 years old or older and in need of utility bill assistance are prioritized by this program. They may receive different amounts of discounts based on their current financial status. Some of the recipients may have financial help to cover their bills. To apply, please go to or call the hotline at 1 800 342 3009.

Food Assistance

The New York Office of Aging operates several food assistance programs for low and moderate-income residents. It has free Congregate Meals, Cash Aid, Food Stamps, and New York Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. People who are 60 years old and above and are not able to cook for themselves or cannot purchase healthy and nutritious food are qualified for these programs. All these services can be very beneficial for elder residents who need food assistance. To read more about these programs, please follow the link or give it a call at 1 844 697 6321.