Grants for Seniors in Oklahoma

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Key Senior Statistics in Oklahoma (60 and over)
Senior Population: 913,608 (22.7%) Senior Population: 913,608 (22.7%)
Male: 46.2% Male: 46.2%
Female: 53.8% Female: 53.8%
Median Age: 70 Median Age: 70
Disability: 37% Disability: 37%
With Social Security Income: 75% With Social Security Income: 75%
With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 10% With Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits: 10%
Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 12% Below 100% of the Poverty Level: 12%
Data Source: Data Source:
Data is taken from American Community Survey 2022. Please check our detailed page about Senior Statistics in Oklahoma for more data and information.

Help for Seniors in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been one of the most liked states by people considering a relaxed, calm environment and low-cost living conditions. According to a study that was published by CNBC, Oklahoma is an ideal place to live particularly for seniors. Apart from the affordable rent prices, utility bills, and groceries, wages are high throughout the state. Hence, the elderly can work part-time jobs if they wish. For those who have been facing financial hardship, the federal agencies, the State of Oklahoma, and local charity organizations offer plenty of programs and benefits for elder citizens.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Catholic Charities Oklahoma is one of efficient local charity organizations throughout the state. It has a special housing service for senior citizens who are 62 years of age or older. The housing service is Villa Isenbart Senior Housing for the low-income elderly. This benefit offers one-bedroom flats with various common areas among beneficiaries. Seniors who are about to lose their homes or who are already homeless are encouraged to apply for this assistance. For more information, please visit or make a phone call at 405 523 3000 or call toll-free 900 375 8514.

Oklahoma Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers also formerly known as Section 8 was created and has been sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assist low and moderate-income persons. Since older people are prioritized by this program, they are encouraged to apply for rental support. Qualified candidates will choose the apartment, flat, or house they want to live in and the program will pay approximately 70 percent of their rent. To learn more and apply, please go to or dial to get your spot on the waiting list at 405 419 8100.

Oklahoma Mission of Hope is a local non-governmental organization that provides housing assistance for low and middle-income people across the state. Elder residents are one of the priority groups and those who need housing support may get in touch with this organization. Its mission is to fight against homelessness in Oklahoma. Although its main priority is to end homelessness, this establishment also helps with food, transportation, and case management when it is needed. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the following link or make a phone call at 405 624 3674.

In Oklahoma, Home Repair Grants For Seniors serve the purpose of not just tackling homelessness, but also ensuring that seniors can maintain their homes properly and live comfortably.

Financial Assistance

Oklahoma ADvantage Waiver Program is a comprehensive program that has been formed and run by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority for seniors and people with disabilities. Those who already receiving Medicaid are eligible for this program. Apart from providing financial assistance, it offers adult daycare, caregiver support, therapy services including speech, language, respiratory, physical, and occupational, meal support based on the applicant’s diet, hospital services, and required medical equipment. Seniors who are in need of financial support and need help with any of these issues may apply for this program. Find out more at or contact the SoonerCare Helpline at 800 987 7767.

Salvation Army Central Oklahoma is highly functional in this region as a non-governmental charity organization. It has Emergency Financial Assistance for people in need. Seniors who are having economic difficulties are eligible for cash support and the amount of the help differs based on the current economic situation of the applicant. Besides, Salvation Army Central Oklahoma presents food support, utility assistance, and mortgage assistance for eligible people. It has four senior centers which are Danforth Center, Reading Center, Shartel Center, and Sequoyah Center. All these centers organize various events for older citizens and help them to socialize. These senior centers also present hot, and cold meals for their visitors. Explore more opportunities through the following link or call 405 246 1100.

Health Assistance

Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program (SHIP) Oklahoma is a non-governmental health information program for senior citizens who are having health issues. Older citizens who are struggling with some sort of disease or having a health problem and do not know what to do or expect may apply to this program. To consult, please click the link or call 1 800 763 2828.

The SMP Medicare/ Medicaid Fraud, Abuse and Waste Reduction Program in Oklahoma is designed for senior citizens who are being abused in society. The main aim of this program is to make sure that seniors can live in a secure and comfortable environment without being exposed to healthcare fraud. Especially citizens who are 65 years old and above are being scammed lose their savings. Hence, it is vital to report suspicious activities. Please make a call at 800 522 0071.

The significance of oral health is becoming more prominent with each passing day, and it is essential for seniors to maintain it regardless of their financial status. If you’re looking for dental assistance for seniors in Oklahoma, visit Dental Grants to gain more information.

Utility Bills Assistance

Oklahoma Gas & Electric is a The Hand-N Program that provides weatherization services for those who are in need. Senior landlords who are looking for weatherization support are qualified for this benefit. It offers energy-saving courses and settles the necessary equipment. To learn more, please visit or make a connection with 405 272 9742.

Catholic Charities of Oklahoma is an efficient non-governmental organization that presents a great deal of programs for low and moderate-income families. It offers an emergency financial assistance program for people who are not able to afford their monthly bills. Eligible candidates will have cash assistance depending on their financial hardship. For further information and read about other services, please click the link or dial 405 523 3000.

Food Assistance

Oklahoma Commodity Supplemental Food Program (OCSFP) is a food benefit that was constituted particularly for senior citizens by the State of Oklahoma. People who are 60 years of age or above and who are not able to cook at their homes or who are not able to buy healthy and nutritious food according to their diet may benefit from this assistance. Eligible people can get monthly food boxes that include milk, cereal, juice, noodles, canned meat, peanut butter, fish, canned vegetables, and fruits. To apply, follow the link or make a call at 1 800 522 3511.

Oklahoma Emergency Food Assistance Program was founded and has been managed by the federal government for low-income families. People who need emergency food assistance can get in touch with this program and receive nutritious food. For more information, please take a look at or contact 1 800 221 5689.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What financial assistance programs are available for seniors in Oklahoma? Seniors in Oklahoma can access the Oklahoma Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program for fresh produce, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for utility bill aid, and the Medicare Assistance Program (MAP) for help with Medicare costs and prescription drugs.

2. How can seniors apply for Medicaid in Oklahoma? Medicaid applications can be submitted online through the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s (OHCA) website, by phone, or by visiting a local county office. Necessary documentation includes proof of income, assets, residency, and age.

3. What housing assistance is available for seniors in Oklahoma? The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) for rental assistance and provides resources on affordable senior housing options. The agency also supports home repair programs for seniors.

4. Can seniors receive assistance with utility bills in Oklahoma? Yes, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offers financial help to seniors struggling with heating and cooling expenses, promoting a comfortable living environment throughout the year.

5. How do seniors get help with prescription medications in Oklahoma? The Oklahoma Medicare Assistance Program (MAP) provides assistance with Medicare Part D and offers information on programs to help manage the costs of prescription medications.

6. Are there property tax relief programs for seniors in Oklahoma? Oklahoma offers a Senior Valuation Freeze to eligible seniors, freezing the property tax valuation of their primary residence to help manage property tax liabilities.

7. What in-home care services can seniors access in Oklahoma? The ADvantage Waiver Program provides various in-home services, including personal care, meal delivery, and home modifications, to support seniors wishing to remain in their homes.

8. How can seniors access transportation services in Oklahoma? Transportation services for seniors are available through local Area Agencies on Aging, offering reduced-fare or free rides for medical appointments, shopping, and other essential activities.

9. What nutritional programs support seniors in Oklahoma? The Senior Nutrition Program offers meals at senior centers and home-delivered meals through programs like Meals on Wheels, ensuring seniors have access to nutritious food and opportunities for social interaction.

10. How can seniors in Oklahoma receive legal assistance? Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma provides free legal help to seniors on various issues, including healthcare, housing, consumer rights, and elder abuse, ensuring their legal needs are met.