Grants for Seniors in San Diego

Programs for Seniors in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most preferred places on the West Coast by senior residents. It has a growing economy, beautiful beaches, affordable housing options, and a lot of social events for older people. This city also has great climate features and is tax-friendly for older people. Although it has several advantages, it may get difficult to afford living expenses in this city for some seniors. There are several programs and benefits that are sponsored by the City of San Diego, the federal government, and local non-governmental organizations.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Age Friendly Communities Program was created and has been funded by the San Diego Foundation for older adults who are 60 years of age and above and require different services. This program provides its beneficiaries with housing assistance if they are not able to cover their utility bills or housing expenses. It has various living units across the city that have health assistance, counseling, and social activities. To learn more information, please follow the link or make a phone call at 619 235 2300.

The Housing Repair Loans and Grants Program was constituted and has been managed by the Housing & Community Development Services for families and individuals who need help while purchasing a home. Eligible participants will be receiving a certain amount of loan based on their financial conditions under the condition of repayment. In most cases, single-family homes receive up to $25,000 loan. Furthermore, it offers a grant which is up to $12,000 for home repair. The monetary aid for home repairs is not a repayable grant. Seniors who want to be a homeowner but need help with repair or financial issues are encouraged to take into consideration this program. For further information, please go to or contact at 858 694 4847.

The Community Services Block Grant was formed and has been sponsored by the Community Action Partnership for low and moderate-income people. Seniors who need cash support to pay rent or housing bills may be qualified for this grant. The grant is for a short-term basis in most cases, but once the short-term is over there will be another assessment and it can be long-term support. To have more information, please click the link or give it a call at 858 694 8724.

Financial Assistance

Crisis House was built and has been managed by the City of San Diego to help people who need emergency support. This division is a special department that has an emergency solution for temporary housing, shelter, and monetary help. Seniors who need emergency cash benefits are urged to make connections with the Crisis House. There may be available funding for the case. The link to their official website is as follows or by phone at 619 444 1194.

Fallbrook California is a division that works under the St. Vincent De Paul establishment in California for low and middle-income persons. This charity offers clothing assistance, furniture help, and financial support for qualified people. Elder citizens who need cash support due to economic hardship may find available funding for them. For more information, please go to the link or dial 760 728 5845.

Health Assistance

Age Well San Diego was established and has been run by the Health and Human Services Agency for senior residents. This community particularly supports people who have Alzheimer’s or any sort of dementia. It is a special support program and offers health care support based on the changing needs of its recipients. To be part of this community, please visit or contact 858 694 3900.

San Diego Del Mar Foundation is a non-governmental local establishment that has been serving low and middle-income residents. Especially older people who are not able to pay their medical expenses can apply for a grant. It has a wide range of grants for various situations. Older people who are 60 years of age and need help to cover their health-related expenses are prioritized by this organization. To learn more information, please go to or dial 858 635 1363.

Utility Bills Support

San Diego Heavens Windows is mainly an emergency food and shelter benefit but also offers grants for utility bills. This program has been financed by the federal government to help people in need once a year. Elder persons who need utility support may get financial support once a year. The amount differs based on the current economic status of the applicant. Find out more information at or give it a call at 1 619 303 7806.

Nice Guys Assistance Program is a local non-profit organization that has been contributing to the community since 1979. The scope of this organization is extensive that includes utility support, home repairs, tuitions, clothing, food assistance, healthcare, and even wheelchair repairs. This local organization deals with each application carefully. Older people who need any sort of help apart from utility assistance are urged to communicate with this program. Explore more opportunities through the following link or call the Hotline at 1 858 509 9443.

Food Assistance

San Diego Homeless Services was formed as a social service department by the City of San Diego. It has a large spectrum of services for low and moderate-income families. Seniors citizens who are looking for a shelter or temporary housing assistance can take a look at this department. However, its most common service is food assistance for people who are not able to purchase healthy and nutritious food. It is vital for older citizens to eat healthy and nutritious food according to their diet. Eligible seniors can receive home-delivered daily meals. To see more information and to apply, please go to or call 858 300 1211.

San Diego County Lutheran Services is a non-profit organization that assists disabled and older individuals with food support, shelter benefit, and emergency rental support. Older people who require daily meals that are compatible with their health conditions may apply for this food support service. Some beneficiaries may also receive monthly grocery bags that include fresh food. Click the link to see details or by phone at 877 577 7267.