Grants for Seniors in San Francisco

Help for Seniors in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most preferable cities with its breathtaking views, charming homes, beautiful streets, and salty sea air. Senior citizens enjoy spending their golden years in this city. There are always indoor and outdoor social activities for everyone. It also has great job opportunities but the cost of living may be over the budget for some of the residents. Therefore, the City of San Francisco, the federal government, and local non-governmental charity based establishments offer a good deal of programs and services for seniors.

Housing and Rent Assistance

San Francisco Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Assistance Program was established and has been sponsored by the city of San Francisco, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development United Way, and others. This is a financial support program for the long-term towards people who need rental assistance. Senior residents who are 60 years of age or above and are in a financial crisis are eligible for this cash benefit. Most beneficiaries receive a certain amount of cash assistance up to 18 months. To see more information and to apply, please visit or make a phone call at 415 557 6449.

The Salvation Army Golden State Division is a nonprofit establishment that offers a plenty of programs and benefits for low and middle-income citizens. This organization presents various shelters and housing options for everyone in need across the city. Seniors who are at risk of losing their homes or who are already homeless are qualified for this support. Accepted seniors can settle in one of the temporary shelters or houses till they become independent. Furthermore, this organization assists its beneficiaries with food assistance, Medicaid, utility support, and emergency financial assistance. Explore more opportunities through the following link or by phone at 415 585 8877.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic is a neighborhood initiative that offers landlord-tenant information for seniors in need. Older citizens who require financial support to cover their rent or to prevent eviction are urged to get in touch with this clinic. Besides, this housing clinic offers to help with employment searching, counseling, and case management considering housing issues. Since this is a popular housing clinic in the city, it is better to apply as soon as possible. The link to their official website is as follows or dial 415 885 3286.

Financial Assistance

Lutheran Care for the Aging is a local nonprofit organization that aims to help senior citizens. Elder individuals who are in financial hardship and need emergency monetary aid to pay the rent, other housing needs, or transitory housing rental subsidies are eligible for this establishment. The agency also helps its beneficiaries with other programs, resources, and services. For more information, please visit the link or by phone at 925 825 1060.

Surepath Financial Solutions is a local community organization that is intended to help low and middle-income homeowners. Senior residents who are facing financial challenges concerning their mortgage payments or trying to prevent a foreclosure are urged to make connections with this organization. Eligible seniors may receive a reasonable mortgage plan or cash assistance for the short term to prevent foreclosure. Read more information at or dial 770 924 7071 or 678 214 2332.

Health Assistance

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church Glide Foundation is a local healthcare foundation that was created and has been financed by the United Methodist Church for individuals and families in need. This foundation runs a free health care clinic for people who are suffering from an illness and are not able to cover the medical bills. Older citizens who are not in good shape and need healthcare assistance are prioritized by this organization. Apart from health assistance, recipients of this foundation can also benefit from rental support, preventing evictions, free meals programs, utility bills assistance, computer training program, help with employment, and much more. To see more information, please follow the link or call 415 674 6000.

San Francisco Institute on Aging Services is specifically created for low and moderate-income persons who are 60 years of age and older. It has various services for older people which are as follows:

  • Home Care and Support: Qualified seniors can participate in personalized care programs in the comfort of their own homes. Personal home care can be in a long or short term based on the current health status of the participant. The services of a caregiver include medication reminders, meal preparation, transfer assistance, housekeeping, and so on.
  • Social Day Program: This program is also known as Companioa among beneficiaries. Lots of people come together and socialize thanks to this program.
  • Psychology and Counseling Services: Many older adults are suffering from anxiety or depression as they get older. This service offers mental support to cope with changes related to aging.
  • All Inclusive Health Services: It is very comprehensive healthcare support for eligible seniors. Some of its services are primarily medical, specialty care as needed, emergency medical transport, speech, occupational, recreational, or physical therapy, home care and personal care, nursing care, and monitoring prescription drugs, adult day healthcare for socialization and activities, and much more.

The type of benefit can change depending on the beneficiaries’ personal cases. To see more information and to apply, please go to or call 415 750 4111 or 650 424 1411.

Utility Bills Support

San Francisco Call Primrose Center is a community agency that offers financial assistance and cash grants for low and middle-income individuals and families. Elder people who require financial assistance to cover their rental costs or utility bills are encouraged to get in touch with this local center. Accepted seniors may benefit from monthly cash support or monthly discounts on their utility bills. Furthermore, the center provides emergency financial assistance and information about other benefits and programs for seniors in need. To learn more, please go to or contact 650 342 2255.

Food Assistance

United Council of Human Services San Francisco is a local branch of a nationwide organization that provides food bags, clothing support, and hosts a weekly food pantry for low and moderate-income residents. Elder applicants who require healthy and nutritious food to maintain their wellness and are not able to afford the required meals were one of the priority groups for this department. Eligible seniors may receive monthly food packages or visit food pantries when they want. For further information, please go to or make connections with 415 671 1100.