Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Seniors

Losing weight after 60 can be tough. Remember those times you used to eat anything you wanted. If you try it now, you will gain 3 pounds just overnight. Seniors lose the ability to eat whatever they want as their ages advance. Did you know that losing weight for seniors over 60 is a realistic goal? It is important to maintain a healthy weight as a senior because it will help you stay engaged with society and enhance your physical health. You may wonder why losing weight after 60 becomes so difficult. Note that what works for younger people cannot work effectively for elderly persons. Recognizing the changes taking place in your body as you get older will help you achieve a healthy weight. Well, in this article, we will explain the tips you can use to lose weight and why it is important to maintain a healthy weight after 60.

Why Is It so Difficult to Lose Weight after 60?

Finding losing your weight difficult? You are not alone. Many seniors find it more challenging to lose weight after 60. If you are experiencing a slower weight loss, please don’t worry because it’s natural. Blaming yourself because you are struggling to drop some extra pounds will not do you any good. Maybe your body is just responding as it should. So, stop worrying. Losing weight after 60 is very possible because other people are doing. Rather, make use of strategies that will adapt well to the changes taking place in your body. To understand this better, the first thing you should consider is your basal metabolic rate. This is different from the number of calories your body burns through daily exercise and physical activities. The following are the reasons why weight loss slows down for many seniors:

  • Medications. Some seniors are undergoing medications that probably make it difficult to lose weight. The side effects of such drugs are not so easy to predict. For instance, some seniors taking antidepressant drugs lose weight when they take the medications. Others gain weight instead of losing. Why don’t you talk to a health professional if your concerns about your weight keep growing?
  • Digestive Issues. Some seniors are experiencing digestive issues in their bodies that make it harder to observe a healthy diet to achieve weight loss. Some elderly persons cannot take fresh fruits and vegetables, which is important for a healthy diet. Consult a doctor for assistance.
  • Certain Health Conditions. Common health conditions in your senior years may make it difficult for you to lose weight. For instance, lack of adequate production of thyroid hormone may reduce the rate of your metabolism, thus making it hard to achieve a healthy weight loss after 60.

Healthy Tips of Achieving Weight Loss for Senior Over 60

Focus More on Fat Loss

Have you been less focused on losing fat in your body? Losing body muscle gets harder as your age advances. Once you hit 60, you may not afford to lose body mass or muscle. So, why not pay attention more to building more muscle? Have you tried lifting weights? This is crucial for your body because the older you get, the more muscle you lose every year. The more muscle you lose, the slower your metabolism becomes and this makes it difficult to get rid of fat from your body. Your bone also gets weaker as you age because of low estrogen levels. Think about engaging in weight-bearing exercises that will help your body build stronger and healthier bones.

Add More Movement to Your Everyday Life

You don’t have to go to the gym to enjoy the benefits that come with engaging in physical activity. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and take yourself for daily work. most aged persons tend to engage in fewer movements in their lives. They just focus on doing their daily tasks. Challenge yourself today. Look for any opportunity you can find to add some extra movement to your daily schedule. Even lighter movements could help in boosting your metabolisms and also keep you protected from developing certain health conditions. Engage in activities such as gardening or manually washing the dishes. These tasks will keep your body moving and this is what you need to achieve weight loss healthily.

Add Adequate Protein to Your Diet

Eating plenty of protein helps in building muscle. Proteins also require more energy to enable them to digest in the body. Taking plenty of protein boosts your metabolism, thus prevent your body from losing muscle.  Seniors taking plenty of protein find it easy to perform their daily tasks and engage in other activities that improve their physical health. Find more information at Source your protein from whole foods so that you avoid losing other essential nutrients such as fiber. This also helps you maintain a healthy diet.

Go for Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. Because they are also a good source of fiber, you can feel full faster than eating processed foods. We all know the benefits of fiber. It prevents constipation and helps ease digestion. What is the right quantity you should go for? Opt for at least 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Include different colors when selecting fruits to eat.

Eat Natural Foods

As you get older, your body needs many nutrients to remain healthy. One secret healthy tip for achieving weight loss among seniors is going for natural foods. This means that you’ll have to reduce the number of calories you consume. To achieve this, focus on foods with natural nutrients. It can be difficult for seniors to achieve healthy eating because people tend to think that natural foods are expensive. And because many elderly persons operate on tight budgets, they find it difficult to have access to these foods. But you don’t have to spend much to get healthy food. The difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet is just $1.50 a day. This is not much, right? Make the right decision today to achieve weight loss healthily.