Hospital Beds for Seniors

The aging population is the group suffering the most number of injuries and deaths resulting from falls. Hospital beds should therefore be enough to accommodate all elderly patients. The purpose of these beds is to avoid falls and enhance comfort among seniors. Hospital or medical beds can have a positive impact on the lives of senior patients, especially those who spend most of their days in bed, experience challenges getting in and out of their beds, or are suffering from a condition making them feel uncomfortable. Here is a complete guide on seniors’ hospital beds.

Why do Hospital Bed Sizes Matter When Choosing One for a Senior?

Hospital beds are a bit different from adjustable beds since the senior patient or their caregivers can always increase or reduce the height of the hospital beds. So, these beds come in different shapes and sizes. A standard medical bed measures 36 by 80, but some older adults may require larger beds because of their size or medical condition. Small-sized beds are not appropriate for seniors suffering from certain illnesses because they may suffer pressure injuries when they try to change sides. Inappropriate sizing can also increase discomfort among senior patients and increase the chances of caregivers suffering musculoskeletal injuries. This kind of pain affects the nerves, bones, and muscles – and can sometimes spread throughout the body, but mostly affect hands and wrists. The bed should be matched with the right-sized mattress to ensure more support and safety for senior patients.

Hospital Bed Mattresses

Regular mattresses cannot work with medical beds. It is important to ensure that the mattress can contour to the position the hospital can assume. Medical mattresses are specifically made to redistribute weight and reduce the chances of senior patients suffering bedsores and other infections that could come as a result of staying for staying longer in beds. They can include innerspring, foam, gel, and air mattresses. Regular mattresses can sometimes work, but seniors or their caregivers must add a topper to prevent them from suffering pressure ulcers. Hospital mattresses come in different sizes and weight capacities. A typical hospital mattress is made using innerspring foundation or/and solid dense foam and typically measures 36 by 80.

Bariatric Mattresses

Mattresses measuring more than 36 in width are called Bariatric Mattresses, designed to withstand the weight of obese senior patients. Because these mattresses aim to carry more weight, they are constructed using solid dense foam. Bariatric hospital bed mattresses are a bit more expensive than standard hospital bed mattresses because they are stronger, and are built to withstand heavier weights. These mattresses can be used in hospitals, at home, or in rehabilitation centers.

How to Get Hospital Beds for Free

The average price of hospital beds and mattresses is $1,400, and older may find more expensive models in the market. Many seniors may find it difficult to raise this amount for a hospital bed they need to use at home. Can older adults get these beds for free? Yes, there are some methods for acquiring hospital beds for free. The main challenge in finding free hospital beds is knowing where to look. But if you are lucky, you find some people giving them for free because they are heavy, and finding a market for reselling can be hard. Facebook Marketplace is a good place to find free hospital beds. So, older adults can look if there are some in their areas and look for ways to pick them up.  Asking around the local community is another popular method of finding free hospital beds. Seniors can ask in their local churches, older adults’ groups, or senior centers. A better way is seeking some from charities.  Seniors will find many charities offering free medical beds.

Free Hospital Beds Near Me

Triumph Foundation exchange matches older adults in need of medical goods with people who willingly donate them. These items are given out free of charge. For more information, please visit

United Way chapter offers free beds to seniors. Find your local United Way chapter at

Center for Independent Living (CIL) may have a DME Library with hospital beds. Find out if your local CIL offers free medical beds at

There are Medical Supplies Donation programs run through 2.1.1 chapters that may offer free hospital beds. Find out at

REEP Online Classifieds is a free resource available to connect elderly disabled persons with sellers and donors of previously used hospital beds. Sellers of these tools may post the listings, and include pictures. Seniors can then use the information online to decide whether to buy or not buy the available hospital bed. Visit for more information.

Catholic Charities offer several support services to seniors, and some include hospital beds. Find out if your local Catholic Charities chapter has DME with free medical beds at

Older adults may also check the Used Home Medical Equipment, a website offering listings of these tools for seniors with disabilities who are looking to buy them for use at home. Anyone is allowed to use the website. Visit

Jose Blakely Memorial Grant is a program offering free financial support through grants to seniors looking to improve their level of independence. The funds can be used to purchase hospital beds or anything that can have a positive, sustainable impact on older adults’ lives. Find out more about the program at

Rebuilding Together is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of residents in the local communities. Some of these organizations may have chapters with free medical beds. Find out more at

Independent Living Resource Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering seniors with durable medical equipment free of charge through the Medical Equipment Recycling Network (MERN) Program. Older adults may qualify for free hospital beds through this program. Visit to apply for assistance.

Good Health Will is a local store serving residents of Northern Colorado by availing donated medical equipment, including hospital beds at low cost. Sometimes seniors may find items in these stores for free. The organization’s service areas include Loveland, Greeley, and CO. Visit for more information.

Oklahoma Able Tech helps low-income seniors who can’t afford Durable Medical Equipment. Visit if you are from Oklahoma.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation runs a supportive technology program dedicated to helping seniors with MS find medical beds and partially or fully fund them. Apart from helping seniors with MS to find hospital beds, the organization enables them to be exposed, enhance their independence, and participate in educational, vocational, and recreational activities. Find out more at

Renting Hospital Beds

Some people may find renting hospital beds a better option than purchasing a new one. Older adults may rent the equipment, pay every month, and return them when they’re done. The cost of renting a hospital bed depends on several factors, including size, type, features of the bed, and the number of times seniors may need to use the bed. A rented hospital bed cost an average of $300 per month or more. Some of the rental costs may be covered by your insurance policy. But older adults should find out if their health insurance policies cover such costs.