Leg Exercise Machines for Seniors

According to studies, 67% of elderly persons spend more than 8.5 hours every day sitting down. Although many people in their senior years live at a slower pace, research has proven that this is harmful and ill-advised.

For good aging, physical activity is essential and significant. Among other additional advantages like enhanced stability and balance, it can help avoid the onset of chronic health disorders like heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. It can also generally increase the quality of life. The correct workout equipment can help elders stay fit and active. This article discusses some of the top leg exercisers for the elderly.

What are Leg Exercisers?

Leg exercisers are machines designed to build the muscles in the legs. They promote joint flexibility, increase blood circulation in the legs, and aid in toning the leg muscles.

Benefits of Leg Exercise Machines for the Elderly

Leg exercise equipment enables seniors to be physically active without risking their safety. The hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors are some of the lower muscles worked during this type of exercise. Here are a few advantages of using leg workout machines for seniors;

  • Strengthened lower muscles
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Increased blood flow and reduced pressures
  • Healthy and robust joints
  • Weight loss by burning down calories
  • Boosts recovery from certain leg injuries
  • More restful sleep, a better mood
  • They allow for multitasking

Best Leg Exercisers for the Elderly

Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser

This under-desk bike is a terrific option for seniors to work out while relaxing on a couch or chair. They offer a low-impact strategy to enhance leg strength and are a great way to widen the hip range of motion. Furthermore, since cycling is done while seated, there is virtually little chance of injury. Cycling may also benefit your heart health.

Seniors may easily cycle it while doing other activities, like reading a book or watching a movie, and it takes up little room. They may regulate the amount of resistance and the intensity of their workouts thanks to the device’s adjustable tension knob. Moreover, it has a sizable LCD panel that shows workout statistics like cycle count, calories burned and time.


  • Has a steel frame
  • Its folding mechanism is quick release
  • Has a digital LCD
  • It has resistance control
  • Weighs 5.4 lbs. (2.4 kg)

Check out this pedal exerciser at https://www.beyondmedshop.com/products/vaunn-medical-electronic-pedal-exerciser.

LegXercise PRO

This is a fantastic alternative for older people and people with limited mobility who want to work out passively. When you’re lounging on the couch, it actively stimulates blood circulation and gets you moving. Seniors just plug the device in, place their feet on it, choose their desired speed, and unwind. It provides great health advantages by causing your legs to move continuously and without jerks.

With this gadget, you can work out passively while lounging, taking a break, working on a computer, or watching television.


  • Made of plastic
  • Has a remote control for speed setting
  • Has a step counter
  • Has continuous motion
  • It weighs 9 lbs. (4 kg)

Find out more about this leg exerciser at https://legxercise.com/legxercise-pro/.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Rowing is a resistance-based, low-impact workout that is excellent for increasing bone mineral density and stamina. Seniors using this machine can easily adjust the resistance level to match their level of fitness or they can row more slowly to control the resistance.

The intensity is entirely under the control of the rower because it generates resistance using an air flywheel. When you want to increase the resistance a little, you just row faster because rowing slowly produces little resistance.


  • Has a PM5 monitor and device holder
  • It comes with a user manual
  • The chain is made of nickel-plated steel
  • It is 95” long
  • Sitting height is 14” from the floor
  • Machine weight: 57 lbs. (26 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs. (227 kg)

Learn more about this rower at https://shop.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/298-model-d-with-pm5.html.

Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Legs and Arms Pedal Exerciser

This machine has significantly better features compared to many of its competitors. As opposed to the forward-reverse motion, it uses a rotating motion, which allows you to work more muscles and joints during the exercise.

Moreover, it can be used to work out your arms in addition to your legs. For your convenience, it contains a remote control with a 6-foot-long cord. The machine may be started and stopped using the remote control.


  • It comes with an extended chord controller and a big LCD
  • The machine can be carried using an onboard handle
  • It has large foldable pedals with adjustable straps
  • Machine weight: 14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg)

Learn more about this machine at https://www.paradigmhw.com/exerpeutic-2000m-motorized-electric-legs-and-arms-pedal-exerciser-mini-exercise-bike/.

Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill

Although walking outside is a great low-impact workout option, seniors who have trouble navigating sidewalks and streets may discover that using a treadmill is the best option for them. Multi-grip rails are available on this treadmill for those who have trouble balancing or moving around.

Additionally, the running deck has shock-absorbing technology to lessen the impact walking has on your joints. The maximum speed on the treadmill is 5 mph, so there is also a low risk of injury. It provides a secure method for doing a senior-friendly workout that yet raises your heart rate.


  • It has a digital monitor and extensive railings
  • Has an emergency stop clip
  • Comes with foot stabilizers
  • Has transportation wheels
  • The running deck has a shock-absorbing surface

Check out this walking treadmill at https://sunnyhealthfitness.com/products/sunny-health-and-fitness-sf-t7857-recovery-walking-treadmill-with-low-profile-deck-and-multi-grip-handrails-for-mobilitybalance-support.