Lofstrand Crutches for Seniors

Lofstrand crutches are essential for elderly people who have long-term injuries, illnesses or surgeries that limit their mobility. They require a lot of upper body strength but enable better movement control. As a result, they are easier to use on uneven terrain and when climbing stairs. There are numerous lofstrand crutches on the market, but with proper guidance and assistance, you can be certain to find one that is best suited to your needs. This article provides an in-depth look at these crutches, allowing you to select the one that best meets your needs.

What are Lofstrand Crutches?

They are the simplest and most popular type of walking aid on the market. These mobility aids, also known as forearm crutches or elbow crutches, shift weight from the legs or lower body to the upper body. They have grips for the hands to hold onto and a cuff which goes around the forearm. They improve seniors’ stability and balance, increasing their safety while walking. In comparison to the large majority of long-term crutch users, they are a superior type of walking aid.

Characteristics of Forearm Crutches

Balance and Upper Body Strength

They assist the elderly in maintaining their balance and supporting their weight with their upper bodies. For those with weak body strength and poor balance, they make it more manageable.

Freedom of movement

They allow older people to move more easily on a variety of surfaces, including stairs. As a result, they have more freedom of movement as long as they can balance.


They promote an upright posture.

Side Effects of Forearm Crutches

Even though they help you walk more comfortably by shifting your weight to your upper body, prolonged use can still cause soreness and abrasion. Therefore, before buying these crutches, it is advised to always take into account your physical condition, rehabilitation plan, medical diagnosis, or consult with medical professionals.

Best Forearm Crutches for the Elderly

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

The sturdy, stable functionality of these forearm crutches is provided in a lightweight, maneuverable configuration thanks to their durable construction from high-strength, heavy-wall aluminum tubing. The arm cuffs are vinyl-coated and tapered to maximize user comfort.

They come in three different sizes and each one has an adjustable height range of between 4’2″ to 6’6″ and a weight capacity of 250 lbs. To ensure completely silent operation, its innovative telescoping design is made with exterior lock nuts and internal bushings.


  • They are of high-quality and offer steadfast, quiet support
  • They conveniently stay on the arm when reaching out for something thanks to the format’s relatively closed cuff
  • They offer a lightweight and comfortable support
  • Their height adjustment is simple


  • The cuffs are too big for some users
  • On wet surfaces, the tips might become a little slippery

To find out more about these forearm crutches, check out https://athome.medline.com/en/medline-aluminum-forearm-crutches-shop-all-pf04774.

Platform Crutch with Quad Base

They have a three-in-one functionality and are perfect for elderly people who have lower extreme immobility such as arthritis and cerebral palsy as well as hand/wrist impairments which make bearing weight using the wrists difficult. They are also known as forearm support crutches or gutter crutches. Their clever construction enables individuals with a weak hand grip to fasten their arm on the horizontal platform using a hook and loop fastening system, thereby moving with the strength of their forearm and upper arm.

The quad base provides stability. They can safely support older adults weighing up to 250 pounds and come in two different height-adjustable sizes. They are made of steel, and their tuff coat makes maintenance and cleaning simple. To maximize user comfort, the vinyl handgrip also comes with an easy-change arm pad and can be used with either hand and with simple side-to-side adjustment.


  • They feature exceptionally strong support that is also lightweight
  • They are more comfortable than most other crutches
  • They have a distinctive, modern design


  • Some users thought using it was a little awkward
  • There is no bariatric size available

Learn more about the platform crutch with a quad base at https://tfihealthcare.com/26431-2/.

Heavy Duty Forearm Crutch

They are a great option for bariatric users and have an ultra-sturdy construction that supports as much as 700 pounds. Their strong forearms, rather than the user’s shoulders and wrists, are intended to support the user’s weight, which improves balance and stability while walking.

The ergonomic support is provided by the contoured, adjustable cuff, and the durable vinyl grips are soft and comfortable. Adjusting the height is simple with push-button control. Despite being specially designed to securely accommodate heavy-duty use, they are still only 3 pounds each. They are a common option for elderly people who are recovering from surgery or an injury.


  • They are expertly built and designed
  • A perfect fit is made possible by the extension and cuff adjustments
  • They provide robust, stable and sturdy support
  • They feature a sleek design and finish


  • Possibly insufficient height for very tall users
  • The vinyl grip is a little uncomfortable for some users, but wrapping it in foam fixes the issue

Check out these forearm crutches at https://tfihealthcare.com/26281pr/.

Folding Adult Forearm Crutches

These folding forearm crutches make mobility easy. They are compact and easily fit into most suitcases for easy take-along transportation. They are dependable, strong, and offer support for people who are between the heights of 5.0 and 6.0 feet, and accommodate weights of up to 250 pounds.

The 4-inch cuff’s distinctive V-shaped front opening allows for an easy release and is fixed in place 8 inches above the grip. For the majority of users, the adjustable height of the cozy grip ensures the ideal fit and positioning. The crutches are stable and increase traction.


  • They are durable and well-made
  • Their lightweight design offers quiet operation and is streamlined
  • They are lightweight


  • The bariatric option is not available
  • Users who are 5 feet or slightly shorter may find them difficult to use

Learn more about these forearm crutches at https://walkeasy.com/shop/crutches/forearm-elbow/479.php.

Ergobaum Forearm Crutches

These crutches feature the most cutting-edge ergonomic comfort design and lightweight durability. They are versatile support for both institutional, private use and therapy due to their unique carbon fiber frame’s ability to withstand heavy, recurring use for walking support and physical rehab therapy. Despite their lightweight, they can support people with weights up to 350 pounds and heights between 5 and 6 feet.

They have non-slip, high-performance Ergocaps and grippy handles that improve traction. The handy adjustable knee rest gives users a place to rest their legs, and the alert horn and LED flashlight built-in increase visibility and encourage safe walking.


  • They are perfect for lower body disability, both short and long term
  • The LED flashlight and shock absorption mechanism make walking a lot more comfortable
  • They are strong and dependable, modern and aesthetic
  • The knee-rest feature makes it popular over other crutches


  • They are a bit heavier than other crutches

Features to consider when purchasing forearm crutches

Weight and Size

It’s critical to select forearm crutches that can support your weight safely and fit your height.

Material Construction

Weight is influenced by the materials used in forearm construction. It’s crucial to pick one that’s lightweight and durable.

Tips, Grips and Cuffs

Forearm crutches with good tips, grips, and cuffs are more stable and easier to use while walking.


An improved forearm crutch is more comfortable, easier to use, and less painful.