Programs for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

It is not easy to raise grandchildren for grandparents. Children require different needs and grandparents sometimes may struggle to fulfill these demands. Therefore, the federal government, the local authorities, and non-governmental charity based organizations offer various programs and benefits for grandmothers and grandfathers who are caring for one or more grandchildren.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) was created and has been funded both by the federal and state authorities for low and moderate-income families. Grandparents who are taking care of their grandchildren and not in good financial shape are welcome to apply for this benefit. This amount and the length of this cash support changes from one state to another. Eligible people may also receive food assistance and daycare support. There is also another program that includes this one which is called Child Only Grant. This grant is specifically designed to assist children’s needs. For further information, please follow the link or make a phone call at 1 877 696 6775.

Medicaid is healthcare support that was formed and has been managed both by the state agencies and the federal government for low and middle-income families and individuals. Grandmothers and grandfathers who need healthcare support and are not able to cover it are eligible for this benefit. Eligible persons may also apply for Medicaid on behalf of their grandchildren. The main criterion is the total income of the children or whether or not they have health insurance. Eligible children will be receiving Medicaid. To find out more information, please go to or by phone at 877 267 2323.

Social Security Benefits are very important while raising a child. If one of the parents of your grandchild is not alive, as a grandparent you can fill out an application form in the name of your grandchildren. There is a service called “Survivor Benefits” for grandchildren to receive social security benefits. Accepted children may receive financial support to cover their living expenses. For more information, please click the link or call them toll-free at 1 800 772 1213.

Subsidized Guardianship is a financial support program for grandparents and kinship caregivers who are the legal guardian of children. Some of the states offer this program for eligible individuals. If you are the legal guardian of your grandchildren and are in financial struggle, you are qualified to receive monetary aid. To see whether this option is available in your state or not, please visit

Daycare Support might be available in your area. Various non-governmental organizations and state social services offer free or low-cost daycare for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Please make connections with your local social service office to find out the best option for you.

Local Churches are highly active organizations that have been organizing several programs and services for low and moderate-income families and persons in each county. Needy families may receive food assistance, clothing support, utility bills support, and even Christmas and birthday gifts for their children. If you need any particular assistance while raising your grandchildren, please get in touch with your local churches. Here are some of the known large Churches that Help Seniors who have little or no support.

Local Support Groups are popular community organizations among grandparents raising their grandchildren. It might be hard to raise your grandchildren from time to time because of economic and social reasons. If you feel overwhelmed and need to talk to someone else that has been going through the same process as you, it might be very helpful to participate in one of the local support groups. You may talk about your feelings and concerns since these groups create a safe and supportive environment for their participants to express their feelings. Other members of these groups may also provide information to each other about local resources and social activities that you can be part of with your grandchildren. Each state has a large number of nonprofit organizations with a charitable focus. Here are the top 10 Charities That Help Seniors nationwide.

Generations United is a non-governmental organization that helps to improve the lives of children, youth, and older adults across the country. It runs a great deal of programs and projects for its beneficiaries. Some of these programs are particularly designed for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Accepted grandparents may receive financial assistance or may be informed about the recreational activities and social engagements that they can be part of. The link to the official website is or by phone at 202 289 3979.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is one of the largest non-governmental establishments that has been serving to empower older residents with 50 years of age or older. This organization offers comprehensive guidance for grandparents raising their children and seeking services. It offers help with legal issues, financial problems, employment opportunities, housing assistance, healthcare benefits, education, child care, and family challenges. If you need support with any of these issues, you are encouraged to consult this organization. Explore more opportunities at the following link or call toll-free nationwide 1 888 687 2277.

The Advisory Council is a federal department that provides best practices, useful information, and other resources for grandparents and other elder relatives that are raising children. If you need information or any source of support and do not know where to look to get help. This council can be a good place to start. Read more information at or by phone at 202 401 4634.

The Family Assistance Program was formed and has been sponsored by the Department of Human Health and Human Services for children who need help. Grandparents or other relatives who are taking care of their children may get in touch with this program on behalf of the children. This program assists its recipients with cash support, housing support, and health care assistance. The amount and the length of the support are determined by the number of children in the family. For further information and to apply, please click the link or dial the 24/7 hotline at 760 949 4357.

The National Kinship Alliance for Children is also known as the National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights. This is a national network of community members, grandparents, and professionals who are taking care of children. If you need to learn more information or want to be part of a network and stay tuned, you may get in touch with this organization. It provides information, guidance, and support for you and your grandchildren. Find out more information at or call 888 659 3745.

Casey Family Foundation was founded and has been run by the Casey Family as a nonprofit organization across the country since 1966. The main goal of this organization is to maintain the safety and the success of children and their families who need help. It collaborates with local communities and governmental organizations to provide its services. Its basic services are consulting, direct services, research and analysis, and public policy recommendations. Grandparents who require help with raising their children in a healthy environment are urged to get in touch with this establishment. See more information at or dial 800 496 2230.

The federal poverty threshold determines whether an applicant is qualified for several of these aid programs.