Shower Chair with Wheels for Seniors

An everyday activity like taking a shower poses a safety hazard to many older adults, and the risk of sliding or falling becomes greater each day, especially if one is having mobility problems. Whether a senior is always in bed or confined in a wheelchair, toileting, and showering is always difficult task. Luckily, there is a way to make the process comfortable, convenient, and safe: shopping for a shower chair with wheels. The whole purpose of buying a shower chair with wheels is to make toileting and caring for seniors more efficient. These tools are perfect for older adults who cannot stay long periods standing in the bathroom. These chairs are also best suited for the elderly facing balance issues when bathing and toileting.

What To Consider When Shopping for Shower Chairs with Wheels

The type of chair

There are numerous types of shower chairs with wheels, and one can choose any of them, depending on their physical and health needs. Seniors should consider their height, weight, and mobility needs when choosing a shower chair with wheels.

  • Standard Chair: this type of chair can have three or four legs as well as a stationary seat, and it enhances the safety of older adults when taking a bath.
  • Foldable Chair: these chairs are suitable for the elderly with limited bathroom spaces and those who travel a lot.
  • Swivel Chair: Suitable for seniors using wheelchairs, swivel chairs come with swiveling seats to allow older adults to enter and leave the shower more comfortably.
  • Bariatric Chairs: these chairs are suitable for seniors weighing over 250 pounds, as they can withstand more weight. It comes with a deeper, wider seat to make larger seniors comfortable and safe when showering.

Consider Whether the Chair Has Feet and Legs

Some brands offer chairs with adjustable height, which is perfect if someone is short or tall. Greater comfort and safety are achievable when the legs are at the required height. The chairs may have their feet in wheels or rubbers, but wheels are more convenient, especially for seniors with mobility problems, as one can move them directly to the shower. One important thing to note is ensuring that the wheels lock to avoid sliding while taking a shower.

Consider Armrests and Handles of the Chair

Some chairs come with movable armrests and handles, while others are stationary. Chairs with movable armrests and handles allow seniors to get and out of the chair with ease. It is important to ensure they remain in place to avoid accidents when using them in the bathroom. Seniors who don’t have mobility problems and prefer standing up as they exit the shower can go for chairs with durable armrests.

Consider The Chair Seats

These chairs come with different options for seating. Some are cut out, making them suitable for both toileting and bathing. Some brands offer chairs with attached commodes to offer more support to the older adults using them. Seniors should ensure they go for a wider chair, enough to accommodate their weight without straining. Some chairs come with rotating seats, which are ideal for older adults transferring to and from their wheelchairs whenever they bathe.

Insurance and Shower Chairs with Wheels

Many senior living facilities and nursing homes offer shower chairs with wheels to older adults in need of them. But Medicare does not cover these chairs and will have to cover all the costs associated with them. Part B of Medicare specifies Durable Medical Equipment as a device used to specifically meet a medical necessity, and shower chairs are not considered a medically necessary tool. However, because the coverage differs from state to state when it comes to Medicare, it is important to check regulations with the authorities.

Medicare part A may help cover some costs of supplies and services associated with shower chairs with wheels older adults receive when formally admitted to an assisted living facility.

Best Shower Chairs with Wheels

Some of the best shower chairs with wheels to consider in the market include the following:

  • EZee Life Shower Commode: this one comes with padded flip-back arms and can withstand up to 300 lbs. weight. Seniors can choose from four available models and the price is about $499.
  • BathMobile Commode and Shower Chair: this chair is portable, making it a great option for older adults who love t travel. It is foldable and can fit small bathroom spaces and comes with adjustable height. This chair is also suitable for seniors with mobility issues who are using wheelchairs, as its seat has a push-up folding armrest, making it easy to transfer them. This chair ensures maximum safety and comfort for the elderly.
  • EZee Life Tilting Rehab Shower Commode: This chair comes with a key-insert function that creates a solid seat for showering. It also comes with padded flip-back arms and can withstand a weight of up to 300 lbs.

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