Sleeping Chairs for Seniors

Seniors with certain health conditions and mobility issues find it difficult to balance on their own themselves on traditional chairs, and sometimes beds are just too much. They are perfect for older adults who choose to age at home. They allow the elderly to get more comfortable, thereby reducing the impacts of aches and back pains that come with old age. Sleeper chairs are a perfect alternative to traditional beds, and some come with more creative features that adjustable beds don’t have. This is a guide to sleeping chairs for the elderly.

Recliner Chairs for the Elderly

Recliner chairs are for older adults with mobility issues. It is a perfect option for those facing challenges when trying to get in and out of their beds. Some recliner chairs can be comfortable to sleep in, but they are not suited for all seniors. Sleeping recliners are made to allow seniors to the different parts of the chair in reclining positions, and most of them are designed out of plush materials. They are also heavily stuffed to enhance comfort among users.

Reasons for Using Sleeping Recliners

Well, sleep is a very essential part of aging, and has numerous health benefits. With that being said, many health conditions make it extremely difficult for older adults to sleep normally. With recliner chairs, one can assume a different position, and with time, their pain will reduce. Sleeping in these chairs allows older adults to slowly heal from their symptoms, enables relaxation of their muscles, and reduces stress. When buying these chairs, older adults or their loved ones should ensure they are making the right choice because one that doesn’t meet seniors’ needs may result in more mobility problems.

Types of Recliners

  • Manual Recliners: These chairs require seniors to operate them manually, which means using one’s energy to change from one position to another.
  • Electric Recliners: These recliners are powered by electricity, and are the easiest to use as they can with motors that do everything for users. But they come with a price.
  • Rockers: These sleeping recliners allow for a soothing rocking motion that’s perfect for seniors.
  • Wall Huggers: These are positioned near a wall. They are a perfect option for older adults with limited space.
  • Lift Chairs: These recliners are some of the best sleeping chairs for seniors, as they come with a feature that pushes the base part of the chair to allow the older adult to get off the seat.
  • Massage Recliners: These recliners are the most expensive, but are worth it. They come with massage mechanisms that massage older adults’ backs and legs. Most of these chairs come with heating pads.

Chair Beds for Seniors

These are beds that can turn into chairs and are a perfect alternative to sleeping chairs. They are perfect for older adults finding it difficult to get in and out of bed because they can easily convert from an armchair to a bed. These types of beds come in different types with features designed to enhance safety and comfort among users.

Who Should Use Bed Chairs for the Elderly?

  • People with certain health conditions, such as arthritis.
  • Seniors with mobility problems.
  • Those who’ve had surgery and are still undergoing recovery.
  • Older adults suffering from insomnia or sleep aponia, and are finding it hard to use a normal bed.
  • Those who love an afternoon nap. Every senior would love to experience the comfort that comes with these chairs.

Here is What to Look for in Sleeping Chair for Seniors

There are many models of sleeping chairs that come with several features. Older adults and their loved ones should opt for some of them, depending on their needs and circumstances.

  • Consider whether the sleeping chair is adjustable and to what level: These chairs come with different adjustability levels, and one can choose a sleeping chair with an elevation level that works best for them.
  • Control feature: Some sleeping chairs come with remote controls that enable older adults to adjust the chair to the right level and make use of the available features. Other sleeping chairs come with power buttons. Older adults can go for the feature that feels more comfortable for them.
  • Comfort: How comfortable is the sleeping chair? Older adults should ensure the beds’ designs are heavily stuffed to enhance comfort.
  • Whether it’s electric or manual: the elderly or their loved ones should consider which type of sleeping bed will best serve their needs. These chairs come in two types, that is, manual and electric. Electric sleeping chairs make work easier, especially when the elderly are trying to position themselves. The only drawback of Electric sleeping chairs is that they are expensive, so one should only opt for the if one can afford them.
  • Lift option: Sleeping chairs that come with this feature are perfect for older adults with mobility issues. It enhances their independence and generally improves their quality of life among them.
  • Consider if they have heating pads: Sleeping hairs that come with heating pads are perfect, as they help seniors relax and relieve them of chronic pain.
  • Simplicity: Seniors should ensure that the sleeping chair they are going for is easy to operate and navigate through its system.
  • Consider the size of the sleeping chair: The chosen model should accommodate the weight and height of the user comfortably. Seniors should also ensure their space is enough to accommodate these chairs. If not, huggers are an excellent option. Seniors can position themselves within a short distance of a wall without reducing their ability to adjust to different levels. One should take measurements of the available space. This will help them find a model of the right size.
  • Massage: Some sleeping chairs have a massage feature that helps to soothe older adults from pain coming from certain health conditions and arthritis. Some chairs come with a combination of heat and massage features.
  • Consider the materials: Some sleeping chairs are made of leather, while others are an incredible combination of fabrics, such as polyester and acrylic. Fabrics are a perfect choice for seniors because they are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Padding: Older adults should ensure their sleeping chairs’ foams are of high density. This helps to keep the chair in shape and reduces the chances of instability.

Best Sleeping Chairs for Seniors

Med-Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair

This chair is one of the best-selling Med-Lift models, and it comes with maximum comfort and unique features that enhance safety and security. Its control system is easy to operate, it’s made of soft and comfortable fabric, and includes a remote for changing adjustment levels, depending on one’s needs and preferences. Read more at

MaxiComforter Medium Power Lift Chair Recliner

This sleeping recliner is available in different sizes, from small to tall, and comes with extra padding for maximum comfort. It also features simple and customizable controls to help users navigate through the system with ease. It’s made of plush materials and has extended arms for comfort when getting on and off the chair while being lifted. More details are available at

The Elegance Lift Chair Recliner

This is part of Pride’s VivaLift Collection, and adds another level of comfort to users, making them one of the most outstanding in the market. It comes with new modern features. Each model size can withstand up to 375 pounds, and between 21-inch and 22-inch width, depending on the model. Read more at