Transportation Support for Seniors

Most counties across America offer free or low-cost public transformation services that are particularly designed for older people. It might be hard to go from one place to another sometimes for senior residents. Some adult people may not be in a healthy shape to drive themselves. Some of them may face economic hardship and cannot afford a car or any other vehicle. Therefore, the federal government, local governments, and non-profit organizations offer transportation assistance for senior residents.

Area Agency of Aging is a non-profit organization that works both with the federal government and local authorities to help low and moderate-income families and people. Senior citizens who are searching for transportation assistance to go to their doctor appointments, visit their loved ones, or shopping can get in touch with the local branch. Find out more information at or call them toll-free at 1 800 677 1116.

GoGoGrandparent is a private initiative that has been serving the older people who need transportation assistance. Participants of this organization benefit from on-demand ride services like Uber and Lyft. Once you become a member of GoGoGrandparent, a car will be at your front door in minutes when you need a lift. All you need is a smartphone so that you can download its app and there are live operators that work 24/7 to help you with anything. Furthermore, these cars will be sending notifications about your ride to your loved ones through text messages. These cars are specifically designed for seniors with disabilities, hence wheelchairs will not be your concern. For more information, please follow the link or make a phone call to 855 464 6872.

Veyo is a firm that provides free rides that are included in health insurance. It works with local insurance companies and health centers to offer non-emergency medical transportation services for older adults. If you need to visit a doctor and need a ride, it is a reasonable choice to get in touch with this company. See more information at or by phone at 855 478 7350.

iTNAmerica is a national network of older citizen ride firms that provide door-through-door transportation services. This network functions in most of the counties. Senior citizens who need transportation assistance in and out of the car may make connections with their local network. To learn the local office of yours, please go to or call 207 857 9001.

Local Senior Centers are very active and present various programs and benefits for older people. Each county has a local senior center that organizes different programs. Almost all of them have transportation services for their beneficiaries. Eligible seniors can visit the senior center or other places with this service. Find out the closest center at this link

Local Volunteer Driver Programs are a beneficial option for seniors. Most non-profit or faith-based organizations assist their recipients with transportation assistance. They provide transportation services for recreation, shopping, or doctor’s visits. Please make connections with the local non-governmental organizations and consult about this service.

Para-Transit Service is also common among people with disabilities and the elderly. Plenty of local companies and private organizations provide transportation services using small vans or minibuses. Check your county to find out the local companies that run programs for people in need.

Supplemental Transportation Programs for Seniors were created and have been financed both by local neighborhoods and the federal government for low and middle-income people who require transportation services. It provides door-to-door service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Get in touch with the local government to learn more information.

Senior Discounts on Public Transportation are very helpful for seniors who need to use various public transport vehicles to arrive somewhere. Most states have different amounts of discounts on buses, subways, trains, ferries, shuttles, and trams. To find out more information, please call your local government office.

Ride-Sharing is one of the ways that senior citizens do. If you are out of options and have to use a taxi, it might be expensive to cover. It is basically a carpool and you can ask other people if they are going in the same direction as you.

In-Home Care Services are mostly about seniors who are receiving housekeeping support, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and more. These in-home care companies also provide transportation services for their beneficiaries. Trained caregivers can be also hired to drive seniors to errands, recreational activities, social engagements, or hospital appointments. If you are a beneficiary of in-home care services, please consult these services about public transportation.

Rides in Sight is a national database of transportation options for low and moderate-income families and people throughout the country. Low-income seniors may find the most available options via this service. Professional operators are working 24 hours a day. They can answer your questions. The link to the official website is or give it a call at 855 607 4337.

The USA Salvation Army and Catholic Charities USA are two non-profit organizations that have been serving low and middle-income families and individuals in each city. They both offer housing assistance, rental support, emergency financial assistance, food support, and more. Almost all of the local branches run different programs that are specifically designed for senior people. Besides basic necessities, all branches offer transportation assistance for their beneficiaries. To reach out to the USA Salvation Army, please visit or by phone at 1 800 728 7825. To learn more about Catholic Charities USA, please click the link or dial 703 549 1390.

As it is seen, there are many ways to find out the best transportation option for senior individuals. Nevertheless, after trying all these options, if there is no available choice for you, it is best to consult the city office and non-profit organizations in your area.