Tub Transfer Benches for Seniors

Tub transfer benches are essential safety aids in one of the most dangerous areas of the house for those who are prone to falling, especially the elderly. They are structured to be partially inside and partially outside the tub, enabling the user to avoid stepping over the edge of a bathtub or a tub shower, which can be difficult or dangerous depending on their abilities. As a result, selecting the best tub transfer bench for your needs is critical. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best transfer tub benches for older adults on the market to assist them in determining which one is best suited to their needs.

What is a Tub Transfer Bench?

This is a bathroom safety mobility tool that an elderly person sits on to enter the bathtub. It enables them to stay seated while entering and exiting the bathtub. Two of the tub’s legs are positioned inside the tub, while the other two are positioned on the floor of the bathroom. The user typically sits on the bench that spans the side of the bathtub and slowly slides from the outside into the inside of the tub.

Benefits of using a Tub Transfer Bench

The major benefit of using a transfer bench for tubs is to avoid injury while showering. Climbing over the edge of a bathtub is extremely dangerous, especially for seniors with an injury or limited mobility.

Reasons why seniors buy a Tub Transfer Bench

Most typically purchase transfer tub benches after leaving a hospital or rehabilitation center due to a hip fracture or stroke. Others buy them in advance to guard against hurting themselves or a loved one while using the bathroom. However, the main purpose is to avoid accidents that could result from entering and exiting a bathtub, such as broken hips, wrists, and/or head injuries.

Best Tub Transfer Benches

Carex Universal Tub Transfer Bench

This bathtub transfer bench is constructed of durable plastic and aluminum. Its legs are flared for stability and extend to allow you to adjust the seat height. To help prevent slipping, the legs have a non-slip rubber grip. It has a reversible ergonomic backrest that allows you to access it from either the left or right side. The surface of the seat and backrest is textured and non-slip.

The seat width is 31” and the height can be extended between 16” to 20”. It has a capacity of 300 lbs. (136 kg).


  • It has an ergonomic design
  • The flared feet are anti-slip
  • It is easy to set up


  • Some users may find the seat too narrow
  • Using pushbuttons and holes could be challenging

Check out more information about this bathtub transfer bench at https://carex.com/collections/clearance-rack/products/carex-universal-transfer-bench?sscid=11k7_fqtvm&.

Drive Medical Transfer Tub Bench

With drainage holes to prevent pooling water and a blow-molded plastic bench and stabilizing backrest, it is made to fit any bathroom and is more comfortable, less slippery, and secure when entering and exiting the tub. The back, arms, and legs can be put together without the use of any tools, and a pinch-free lever is included for added installation security. It can support up to 400 lbs. of weight (181kg).


  • The arm handle and backrest can be mounted on either side
  • It has large, non-slip feet
  • Its material construction is durable


  • It lacks a handle grip

Learn more about this transfer tub bench at https://www.healthproductsforyou.com/p-drive-knock-down-plastic-transfer-bench.html?sscid=11k7_fruji.

HydroGlyde Premium Heavy-Duty Sliding Bathtub

It is a fantastic choice for older adults who want something a bit more than a bathroom bench. For ease of entry, this transfer tub bench’s stainless steel frame glides across the bench’s width. For added security, the seat has a belt. It is bright blue, making it more visible to those who are visually impaired. Additionally, it has a cut-out that makes cleaning incredibly easy. It can support up to 420 lbs (190kg).


  • The legs can be adjusted in .5″ increments
  • It has hand grips and cushioned end grips
  • It has a high-weight capacity
  • It has a two-year warranty


  • Some users may find the seat depth to be too shallow
  • For some, the cut-out may be out of place

Find out more about this product at https://www.platinumhealthllc.com/products/hydroglyde-premium-sliding-bath-transfer-bench-with-cutout.

Swivel Sliding Transfer Bench

The seat swivels 360 ° and locks at each 90 °. It slides 15 inches across the width of the bench, which is longer than most other transfer benches. The specially crafted sliding rings aid in securely locking the seat at each sliding rail’s end. It can support weights of up to 300 lbs. (136kg).


  • The swivel and sliding seat make entering and exiting the tub incredibly simple
  • It can give some users a feeling of independence


  • Swivel isn’t locked in place when gliding, which could pose a problem for some people

Find out more about this swivel sliding transfer bench at https://www.eaglehealth.com/collections/swivel-sliding-transfer-benches/products/77692-swivel-sliding-transfer-bench-extra-long.

Medline Transfer Bench with Microban

The Microban coating on this lightweight bench is made to prevent the development of dangerous bacteria. On the seating surface, drainage holes provide an additional level of sanitation and facilitate cleanup. The foot piece of the bench has suction cups to hold it firmly to the ground. Additionally, it has a sidearm to increase stability. It is advised for elders who have recently undergone knee or hip surgery, have limitations with bending or stretching, or have arthritis. It can support up to 350 lbs. of weight (158 kg).


  • The backrest is height-adjustable
  • It has strong, non-slip legs
  • It is free of latex


  • The bench only has one side with a grab bar

Discover more about this bathtub transfer bench at https://www.avacaremedical.com/knockdown-transfer-bench-with-microban?cjevent=593acaca935811ed807ccc7f0a1c0e0d&cjdata=MXxOfDB8WXww.

Features to consider when selecting the right tub bench

Padded vs Unpadded Tub Transfer Bench: Padded benches are much more comfortable to sit on particularly if you are slender or enjoy taking long showers. Additionally, they cost more than their counterparts with hard surfaces. While unpadded benches are typically less expensive, they are a little bit simpler to “scoot” from one end to the other due to the hard surface’s ease of pushing down and reduced friction.

Stool style vs Bench style: Just like their names, each serves a specific purpose.

Bariatric vs Standard Weight Capacity

Bariatric products typically have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. (181kg) or less. They have no official “bariatric weight,” it depends on the product’s nature and the buyer’s level of safety tolerance. A good rule of thumb for bariatric tub benches is to buy one that weighs more than 250 lbs. (113kg) to be safe.

Back vs No Back: For seniors with impaired trunk balance, a tub transfer bench’s back serves as both a comfort feature and a support feature. The cost of one with a back is typically only marginally higher than that of a chair without a back.

Adjustable vs Fixed Height: Legs with adjustable heights are very practical for people of different heights. Additionally, the bathtub’s base is typically just a little bit higher than the ground. To keep the tub bench level, someone who has adjustable legs may want to shorten the legs inside the tub to make them level with the legs outside the tub.

Suction caps vs Padded tips: Suction cups serve as an additional layer of security to keep the bench stationary. The suction cups can be added to either two of the legs that fit inside the tub.