Velcro Shoes for Seniors

Velcro shoes are the ideal choice for elderly people since they are cozy, secure, and fashionable. They are made to be simple to put on and take off thanks to their design. They don’t have laces or any other complex components, which makes getting dressed for the day much easier. Additionally, they take away the tripping risk that laces present, helping to keep the elderly supported and safe all day.

To meet the varied physical needs and lifestyles of seniors, velcro shoes are available in a wide range of styles and designs. This article reviews a handful of these available choices and offers advice on which ones will best meet your needs.

What are Velcro Shoes?

These shoes have hooks and straps in place of laces, making them simple to put on and take off. They are crucial for elderly people whose physical constraints prevent them from bending or reaching their feet to tie their shoes.

Benefits of Velcro Shoes

Easy to put on and take off

People start to lose some finger dexterity as they age. For elders, this might make tying shoelaces difficult. Velcro shoes are especially important for the elderly because they use straps and are considerably more easily accessible than other shoe types.


The morphology of the foot is ever-evolving. With velcro shoes, an elderly person can make small adjustments to account for foot swelling, which makes it simple and convenient to handle these changes. They provide a level of adjustability that is not available with shoes with laces and are adaptable enough to handle these changes.

Better Support

Velcro shoes can provide greater support because they can be tightened in a more balanced manner. As a result, you will be using a shoe that offers more assistance to the ankles, which can aid in overall stability.


Laces can become extremely tight and can make the feet feel constricted. Velcro shoes, on the other hand, are far more comfortable and will make the feet feel a lot better if you wear them all day.

Best Velcro Shoes for Seniors

Propet Men’s Stability X Strap

These are comfortable walking shoes that provide plenty of support for the arches. They have the following features;

  • They are made of genuine leather as well as synthetic materials
  • They have two insoles for a snug fit
  • The footbed accommodates custom orthotics
  • They have an adjustable hook and loop strap
  • Sizes range from 7 to 17
  • They come in five width options


  • They’re comfortable because the lightweight mesh helps keep them breathable, making them ideal for long walks in hot weather
  • The interior of the shoes provides additional support thanks to the double insoles, cushioned ridges and gel heel pad
  • The arch support is essential for foot health, also the EVA midsole adds stability


  • These shoes may be too small for some seniors

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Orthofeet Serene Women

These shoes are appropriate for elderly women with arthritis, diabetes, and edema. To keep the swollen foot within, they utilize sturdy hook and loop fastening straps. They also provide great arch support and heel padding, which help the elderly walk more easily. The anti-microbial foam and orthotic insoles assist in reducing the discomfort felt at the bottom of their feet.

They feature;

  • Premium orthotic and cushioning insoles
  • A wide-toe box
  • Soft padded fabric interior
  • Three width options: standard, wide and extra-wide
  • Sizes from 5-12


  • They are comfortable
  • They help alleviate pain for several ailments
  • The OrthoCushion system helps to ease foot conditions


  • Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the side and arch support
  • Some cannot wear them

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Dr Comfort Men’s Athletic Winner Shoes

These shoes are suitable for seniors who maintain an active lifestyle. Working in these shoes is simple thanks to the adjustable toggle and detachable insoles, and the premium leather finish makes them a desirable option. They feature;

  • Exceptional leather finish
  • A toggle closure that is simple to use
  • Removable insoles for customizable orthotics
  • A guarded toe box
  • They come in sizes 6-15
  • Width options are medium, wide and extra-wide


  • The protective toe box is essential for seniors who are prone to accidents or frequently stub their toes
  • The insoles are detachable, allowing you to easily insert your senior’s custom orthotics if necessary
  • The toggle closure makes it simple to slip these shoes on


  • Because of their slightly narrow form, it is crucial to consider the foot width

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Orthofeet Sprint Tie-Less Athletic Shoes

The tie-free lacing method on these shoes nonetheless gives them the appearance and feel of laced shoes. They have laces in the front of the shoe and a heel strap on the rear. Pulling on the heel strap and fastening it using the hook and loop on the rear secures and tightens the straps. This can be done from any side of the shoe. They feature;

  • A tie-less lacing system
  • Premium cushioning and orthotic soles
  • Rubber outsole
  • Width options are standard, wide and extra-wide
  • Sizes range from 7 to 14


  • They are comfortable and convenient
  • They help to ease foot conditions
  • They are supportive of to wear


  • Some users claim they are too tight

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Propet Scandia Strap

These shoes are appropriate for seniors who have difficulty maintaining their balance. They are lightweight and have a hook and loop closure for easy on and off. They are also spacious and provide excellent arch support. The shock-absorbing insoles and anti-slip rubber soles provide excellent grip on slippery ground. They feature;

  • Removable footbeds
  • Ortholite insoles
  • 100% leather
  • PU outsole
  • Three width options
  • Sizes range from 7-15


  • They are lightweight
  • They are easy to slip-on
  • They are roomy


  • Some users claim the velcro is of poor quality and does not hold

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Things to look out for when purchasing Velcro Shoes

Width: This affects how well the shoes fit and feel overall. Getting shoes with the proper width is essential to find a pair that is comfortable to wear. Shoes from various companies on the market typically have different widths. Make careful to select the manufacturer that offers the right size for your foot.

Grip: This is crucial since seniors frequently trip, fall, and slip. Choosing footwear with superior traction will lessen the likelihood of experiencing a fall that could have been avoided. Lack of traction in your shoes can increase your risk of experiencing a catastrophic fall, so you should avoid wearing them.

Soles: The comfort of a shoe depends on its soles. The thicker, more cushioned soles are the ones that should be chosen for an older person. Since they provide additional padding and support pressure points, they help lessen the pain that comes with standing on your feet the entire day.

Price: The market offers a wide selection of velcro shoes. Finding those who are going for a competitive pricing point is advised. There are numerous solutions available, all of which range widely in price. Identifying the features you value most in shoes will help you determine which stores offer your ideal shoe for the lowest price.

Reviews: One of the easiest methods to narrow down your options is to choose the products with the top reviews. Even though many purchasing selections, like choosing a pair of comfy shoes, are going to be far more subjective, you should still consider reviews when making your choice. Based on customer reviews posted online, you can usually weed out shoes of low quality.

Quality: When buying any kind of shoe, the material is an important consideration. The likelihood that the shoes will be long-lasting increases with the quality of the material utilized. The more likely it is that they won’t defect earlier than you would expect. You don’t want to always need to buy new shoes since your old ones were made of substandard materials.