Walk-In Tub Shower Combo for Seniors

Walk-in tubs are designed to help seniors age in place and help anyone facing mobility problems. But some older adults are looking for the benefits of a shower and a safe walk-in tub in one place. The good news? Many trustworthy companies are making these walk-in tubs that seniors in need of extra safe can add a standing showerhead to make their bathing more comfortable. Keep reading this article for the best walk-in tub shower combo for seniors.

What to Consider When Buying a Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

Size and Shape

Walk-in tubs come in varying shapes and sizes, and older must put them and their features into consideration:

  • Soaker Tub: This walk-in tub comes with an accessible shower chair and high walls – and its price point is a bit lower than most of the other walk-in tubs.
  • Jetted Tub: This one is made a bit more like a soaker tub, but with water or air jets, designed to help the elderly through pain relief and achieve body relaxation. Seniors can choose an either tub with water jets, or air jets, or decide to go for a combo.
  • Lay-Down Tub: This tub is made more like the standard tub with no chair, and low walls, except it, comes with a door that makes sit easier for older adults to walk in and get out of the tub. Since most of the elderly experience difficulty in using this style of a walk-in tub, it is not easy to find it in the market.
  • Two-Person Tub: Sometimes mounted side-by-side, a two-person comes with two shower chairs positioned across one another, and they are perfect for senior couples.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Tub: only tubs coming with high walls can be wheelchair accessible, and their doors must be L-shape to allow older adults to easily transfer from their wheelchairs to the shower seat.
  • Bariatric Tub: Weighing over 300 pounds? This tub is built to withstand overweight older adults. It offers seniors extra support and width, for those wider than the average human being. It comes with a wider do, a shower chair, and a frame to provide more comfort and safety for the elderly with wider bodies.

All these tubs can come with a feature that allows seniors or their loved ones to convert them into showers. The installation experts add a shower head. However, not all brands offer this feature, and it can be a problem if a senior is looking for a combo. To be on the safe side, seniors should opt for tubs with shower wands that can be held in their hands to allow seniors to take a bath while seated. All these options above are for older adults who don’t want to hold the shower wand while bathing or prefer taking standing showers.

The Water Capacity of the Tub

Size is the biggest factor that differentiates models of walk-in tubs, with larger ones offering a more comfortable showering experience to older adults. However, there are disadvantages to this. The larger the tub, the longer the fill time, and drain time. Seniors will also have to sit and wait inside the tub until the water fills up and drains after they bathe because these tubs come with a door on the side. Older adults can always go with walk-in tubs with fast drain and fill features, and options with backrests and heated seats. The elderly may also use a plumber to make some changes to the water pipes if they want the tub water to drain faster. Another downside of a larger walk-tub is, that they require a bigger heater, which may lead to a senior paying an additional $5000 or more for installation.

Safety Features of the Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

Seniors must consider their safety in the bathroom when buying a walk-in tub shower combination. Other a side door with a lower threshold, enabling older adults to walk in and leave the tub more safely, they may consider these features:

  • Flooring: Because most senior injuries are caused by sipping, or bathroom falls, older adults must ensure they opt for a textured floor to reduce the risk of falling while taking a bath.
  • Handrails: Safety handrails offer extra support when bathing, allowing seniors to control their balance as they move around the tub.
  • Grab Bars: Grab bars operate as handrails, offering maximum security to the elderly while bathing.

The Design of the Door

When it comes to taking a safe bath, the door design is one of the top considerations. When buying a walk-in tub shower combo, seniors should ensure that the model they are going for will give them an easy time taking their bath. Some doors are opened inwards, and others open outwards. Older adults should definitely opt for outward-opening doors because they are easier to navigate than inward-opening doors. Plus, outward-opening doors are the only ones that can fit the elderly using wheelchairs.

The Cost of a Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

Acquiring a walk-in tub shower combination is going to be costly, with the lowest a senior can spend being $2,000 and the utmost $10,000. Older adults should note that there are additional costs to having these tubs operating in their homes. They will have to pay for installation, electric and plumbing upgrades, and bathroom remodeling costs. The setup and desirable style may also affect the final cost.

Best Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

Here are the top brands to consider;

  • Safe Step: This company’s Jetted Tub Shower Combo is best suited for luxury buyers. It comes with free in-home consultation and a bunch of luxury features. Its cost is only accessible via in-home consultation. https://www.safesteptub.com/.
  • Kohler: Kohler’s Jetted Tub-Shower Combo comes with custom design features for remodeling the bathroom and a warranty. Its price is accessible only via in-home consultation. https://www.kohlerwalkinbath.com/features/comfort/tub-shower-combo/.
  • Ella’s Bubbles: This company offers a variety of tubs, including soaker, jetted, wheelchair-accessible, bariatric, and tub-shower combo. Price ranges from $3,870 to $9,990. The tubs come with features, including serving all the needs of every type of walk-in tub; wider bodies, small spaces, wheelchair access head, neck, and seat pillow options. Read more at https://ellasbubbles.com/.