Wheelchair Carriers for Seniors

Seniors with disabilities need to have access to handicap-accessible vehicles to help them gain independence. Wheelchair carriers make vehicles more accessible to older adults with disabilities as they enable seniors to transport and store wheelchairs with ease. Deciding to buy a wheelchair carrier that meets someone’s needs can be a challenging task, but a qualified mobility professional may help simplify the process. Here is a guide to wheelchair carriers for the elderly.

What Is A Wheelchair Carrier?

Wheelchair carriers are devices designed to offer a lot of flexibility and comfort when traveling from place to place. It is mounted on the hitch of a vehicle and secures the wheelchair when traveling. They are built with functions that enable users to lift and lower the wheelchair before placing it in the car or taking it off and storing it. They offer seniors as much mobility as they want and a lot of space in the vehicle. Seniors or their loved ones should always know the specifications needed before trying to shop for these tools. One must ensure the carrier they are opting for matches the type of car and wheelchair already in use.

 Benefits of Wheelchair Carriers for Seniors

The elderly using wheelchair carriers will benefit from it in two ways:

The first advantage is mobility because they allow older adults to use the car on their own, as long as they can operate the wheelchair carrier without assistance.

Secondly, seniors won’t have to move a lot anymore. And while there is some effort needed to move and lift the wheelchair when traveling with a car, it is not something to compare with not having the device.

Type of Wheelchair Carriers

Automatic Car-Top Carrier

As the name suggests, these carriers are mounted on top of the vehicle, and they come with electric motors that pick up the wheelchair and put it on top of the car. It is automatically operated with the help of a switch. These carriers are perfect for older adults who use their cars more frequently and wouldn’t move and lift wheelchairs on their own. However, it is important to note that these carriers cannot work with all wheelchairs because the sizes of their motors are always limited. They are best fitted for manual chairs.

Bumper-Mounted Carrier

These carriers come with simple features and are suitable for manual wheelchairs. Instead of the top of the car, these ones are mounted on the car’s bumper, which can make it difficult for users to access the trunk. The bumper-mounted carrier requires seniors or their caregivers to fold wheelchairs into the carrier. Seniors using these should have a QAP dealer drill holes in the bumper at the time of installation.

Hitch-Mounted Carrier

Hitch-mounted carriers are the most popular in the market because they are more affordable than other types. They are attached to a ball mount or drawbar on the back of the vehicle. Some of these carriers are automatic, while others require users to manually operated. This allows older adults to choose one, depending on their needs and circumstances. They also offer easy access to the vehicle’s trunk, unlike bumper-mounted carriers.

Pick-Up Truck Carrier

Pick-Up Carriers allow seniors to make their trucks handicap accessible. They come with electric motors that lift the wheelchairs into the bed of the truck. Older adults will have to manually fold their chair and put it on the lift. Those in need of help can acquire caregiver assistance to use these carriers.

Best Wheelchair Carriers for the Elderly

Titan Ramps Hitch-Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

Titan Ramps designed this carrier to enable older adults easily load and transport wheelchairs, and it can withstand devices weighing up to 500 pounds. It comes with an integrated ramp with three positions of use; closed flat, open L-shape, and open flat. It provides maximum safety and security for users, making it one of the best wheelchair carriers to consider buying for older adults in the market. Visit https://www.titanramps.com/carriers/wheelchair-carriers/hitch-mounted-wheelchair-mobility-rack-ramp/332200.html for more information.

Wheelchair Carrier Model 210 Lift ‘n’ Go Electric Lift

Wheelchair Carrier boasts over 40 years of experience in providing mobility solutions to older adults with disabilities, and they continue to offer innovative mobility life products in the market. It provides different types of carriers and lifts, but its Model 210 Lift ‘n’ Go Electric Lift stands out. All their carriers are hitch-mounted. The carrier weighs 103 lbs., and can withstand wheelchairs with up to 350 lbs. Visit https://www.wheelchaircarrier.com/lift-n-go for more details about the product.

Goplus Strong Hitch Wheelchair Carrier

Goplus Strong Hitch Wheelchair Carrier is a high-quality wheelchair carrier and has a maximum loading capacity of 500 lbs. The carrier works well with cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. It is very durable because it’s made of steel. It features an integrated ramp that can fold up and out in three positions. The first position keeps the ramp folded, the second position keeps the ramp folded flat for easy storage when not in use, and the third position is the ramp folded, allowing wheelchairs to be driven up the ramp. Visit https://goplusus.com/products/goplus-hitch-mount-wheelchair-carrier-mobility-scooter-loading-ramp-heavy-duty-strong-hitch-cargo-carrier for more details.