Grants for Seniors in Las Vegas

Help for Seniors in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is recognized for its world-class entertainment and its casinos throughout the world. Even though it sounds like it is only popular gambling, this city is also one of the best places to live. There are lots of national parks and the cost of living is cheaper than the national average. It is even more advantageous for retirees considering low taxes. There is also a great deal of services and programs for the low-income elderly. These benefits are financed by the City of Las Vegas, the federal government, and non-profit local organizations.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Neighborhood Housing Services of Las Vegas, Inc. is a non-governmental agency that has been supporting local low and middle-income persons and families who need housing support. Senior residents who are facing financial problems and looking for housing support are eligible for this program. It offers temporary or permanent housing for its beneficiaries. Furthermore, accepted people may also apply for rental support, financial literacy, pre-and-post purchasing housing counseling, down payment support, and homebuyer courses. For more information, please go to or make a phone call at 702 649 0998.

Housing Help for Nevada was found and has been sponsored by the Nevada Housing and Division for Clark County and Las Vegas homeowners. Low-income older persons who are behind on their mortgage and facing foreclosure are prioritized by this establishment. Accepted persons will be obtaining financial support to pay their debts. This organization also helps low-income senior renters who need rental support to live in their homes. Find out more information at or call toll-free 800 955 2232.

The Society of Saint Vincentin Las Vegas is the local branch of a national non-governmental faith-based organization in this city. It aims to reach out to everyone in need across the region. Low and moderate-income seniors are qualified to receive housing support from this organization. Accepted applicants can also apply for food service, free clothing, rental support, food pantries, utility assistance, and health care benefits. The scope of the help is decided according to the current financial circumstances of the applicants’. Explore more opportunities through the following link or contact 602 266 4483.

Financial Assistance

Las Vegas Neighborhood Partners Fund was formed and has been supported by the City of Las Vegas to maximize livability across the city. Senior residents who are searching for financial assistance because of their economic problems are urged to apply for this fund. Accepted candidates may have up to $5,000 to cover their needs. Applicants have to be low-income and residents of the City of Las Vegas. Read more information at or make connections with 702 229 2330.

Lutheran Social Services of Nevada is a local non-profit establishment that has been serving the community for a long time. Low-income seniors, single mothers, veterans, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to make contact with this organization. Beneficiaries of this organization will be receiving monetary aid depending on their total household income and family size. They may also obtain food support, employment opportunities, transportation assistance, rental support, help with utility expenses, and much more. To learn more, please go to or give it a call at 1 702 639 1730.

Health Assistance

Las Vegas Community Outreach Medical Center is a local clinic that has been contributing to the community by offering healthcare services. Senior citizens who are in financial hardship and require medical assistance are welcome to consult this center about their health status. Low-income seniors may benefit from general medical assistance, telehealth, cancer screening service, prenatal program, family planning, STI/STD Testing and Treatment, HIV/AIDS Program, PrEP Program, Behavioral Health Program, pharmacy benefits, and more. The type of medical help is determined by evaluating the applicant’s current financial and health condition. Find out more information at or make connections with 800 273 8255.

The Senior Medicare Patrol is one of the most known government healthcare programs in the area. Its mission is to make sure that seniors live in a secure environment. Hence, it has services to decrease fraud and abuse towards the elderly. Suspected abuse and fraud complaints are taken to the authorities for investigation. The program promotes educational presentations and courses for seniors to protect themselves. Click here  to read more information or call the helpline 888 838 7305.

Utility Bills Assistance

United Labor Agency of Las Vegas is a non-profit charity-based organization that organizes several programs for low and moderate-income people and families. Older adults who are 60 years of age or older and need cash support to cover their bills are given priority by this agency. Its purpose is to reduce homelessness by assisting its recipient’s funds to cover their rental and utility expenses. Accepted persons may also apply for other needs if it is necessary. The link to their official website is as follows  or call 1 702 648 3500.

Las Vegas River Fund is a local non-governmental agency that partners up with various utility companies to provide utility assistance for low and moderate-income people. Low-income elderly who need emergency utility support to cover their utility expenses are urged to make connections with this fund agency. Moreover, recipients of this fund apply for rental support, transportation assistance, benefits with housing support, and so on. Check out this link to read more information or by phone at 928 704 0039 or 702 298 0611.

Food Assistance

Las Vegas United Family Community Services is a non-governmental community establishment that provides food assistance in the region. Seniors who are having trouble cooking for themselves at home or who are having economic problems buying healthy and nutritious food are encouraged to apply for this benefit. Eligible persons or families will be receiving home-delivered hot, cold, or frozen meals based on their diet. They may also request free clothing, employment opportunities, and utility support. Find out more information at or make a phone call at 702 649 5995.

Local Churches are very efficient at presenting food assistance. Some of these churches are Sunrise Baptist Church, Dream Center of Las Vegas, Henderson Presbyterian Church, and NACF Food Bank. Low-income older citizens who are looking for food support may check out which church is close to them. All these churches offer hot, healthy, and nutritious meals. If none of these are close to you, please search for the closest churches to your home.