Food Programs for Seniors

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Eating healthy and nutritious food based on a diet is vital for a senior’s health. However, it might not be easier to have healthy meals or to afford them for everyone. Particularly senior citizens who have a disease or and a disability may not be able to cook for themselves or older people who are in financial struggle are not able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. There are quite a few programs and benefits for seniors who need food support. Here is a list of these services.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

This is the main food assistance program that was formed and has been financed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Its purpose is to end hunger in the country. Low and moderate-income households are urged to apply for this benefit. Eligible recipients will receive monthly cash support to purchase healthy food until they become self-sufficient. For more information, please visit or make a phone call at 1 800 342 3009.

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

This is a meal assistance program specifically designed by the federal government for low and middle-income senior residents. Seniors who need fresh fruit and vegetables and cannot buy it are eligible for this benefit. Eligible recipients can have locally grown herbs, honey, vegetables, and fruits. This initiative also supports the development of local farmer’s markets. The main criteria for this meal assistance are that applicants must be 60 years of age or above and have financial challenges. To learn more and apply, please go to or by phone at 877 774 9519.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program

This is a food support program that was established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture particularly for adult people who are 65 years of age or older. The main aim of this program is to make sure that older citizens stay healthy by keeping a balanced diet. Eligible recipients will be having a monthly food package that includes fruit, vegetables, juice, milk, cheese, protein, and grains. For further information and apply, please follow the link or dial 1 202 645 6087.

Administration for Community Living Nutrition Services

This organization was created to make sure that every senior citizen can live where they choose and with the people they want. It has a food support program for elder people who are not able to have healthy meals at their homes. It both offers home-delivered hot, cold, or frozen means, and food pantries at different senior centers throughout the country. Eligible seniors are also able to benefit from nutrition screening services, webinars, and counseling about healthy eating. Eligibility criteria changes from one state to another and most of the states provide various extra services. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the following link or contact 800 677 1116.

The Elderly Nutrition Program

This meal assistance program was constituted and has been subsidized by the Administration on Aging for the older residents. Low and moderate-income seniors who need food benefits are qualified to receive. Apart from providing healthy food, it has a nutrition screening service and specific health assessments for its applicants. The meals are mostly served at congregate meal sites which are schools, churches, elderly housing units, senior centers, restaurants, and various community settings in the region. Seniors who are 60 years of age or above can find more information at or make connections with 202 720 2791.

Meals on Wheels America

It is one of the largest and most known meal support programs across the country. It has congregate meals and home-delivered meals depending on the applicant’s condition. The volunteers and staff of this establishment keep track of the health conditions of their beneficiaries on a regular basis. Please go to the link to see the nearest provider to you or get in contact with 1 888 998 6325.

Child and Adult Care Food Program

This is a special food program that was established and has been financed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for low and moderate-income children and adults. Adult people who participate in day care homes or adult day care centers are eligible to apply for this benefit. Seniors who are part of an adult day care center may receive nutritious food while they are in there. The link to their official website is as follows or give it a call at 1 866 348 6479.

Older American Act Nutrition Programs

These programs are part of the Administration for Community Living which is a government division that provides grants and various help to maintain the health of senior residents. It has both congregate meal providers and home-delivered meal services for its beneficiaries. It promotes health assessment, nutrition screening, counseling, and educational support in case of necessity. Furthermore, these programs give importance to economic, physical, and psychological conditions they receive by organizing outdoor activities, home repair and modification, transportation service, and chronic disease self-management courses. These programs are comprehensive and seem beneficial for older persons. Read more at or dial 202 401 4634.

The eligibility of applicants for many of these aid programs is determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines.