Bed Rails for Seniors

Many obstacles face seniors that prevent them from being independent, and most of them struggle to maintain their independence, especially when doing their everyday tasks. Many seniors find it challenging to get in and out of the bed every day. Bed rails are made to help the elderly overcome this challenge. They are designed to add security and safety to seniors, especially those with mobility problems. There are several options to consider in the market, based on one’s needs and individual circumstances. Here is a guide to bed rails for the elderly.

What are the Bed Rails Used for?

Bed rails can be used to help seniors prevent themselves from falling or rolling down while sleeping. They also offer an improved sense of support, security, and stability when getting into and out of bed. They also allow seniors comfortably change position when sleeping or having bed rests. Why use them? because by enhancing independence, they help improve the overall quality of life among seniors. Some of the benefits of these devices include:

  • Help seniors change positions when sleeping.
  • Offer more support when getting in and out of the bed.
  • Enhances comfort and security among seniors.
  • Reduce the risk of suffering falls.
  • Make it easy to reach out for stuff, like bed controls.

This is What You Should Consider When Buying Bed Rails


Older adults should consider if the bed rails they are looking to buy are compatible with their beds. This is to provide enough support, comfort, and safety to the seniors using them. if not compatible, seniors are more likely to suffer discomfort, instability, and risk of falling.


Bed rails come in different sizes, so it’s an important factor to consider when purchasing them. Older adults should check and ensure that the bed rails they are going for are the right height and width.


Depending on how long one is going to need a bed rail, older adults should consider the durability of the equipment before buying.

Types of Bed Rails for the Elderly

Older adults will find several types of bed rails in the market to choose from, including portable ones that they can use when traveling for vacations. Too tall bed rails may make the elderly find it difficult to get in and out of the bed. If a bed rail is too low, it may not offer adequate safety and security.

Portable Bed Rails

Portable bed rails, as their name suggests, are those that are installed separately. In other words, they don’t come as part of the beds. They can be attached and removed later after use. Portable bed rails come in different forms, including:

  • Legless bed rails: These bed rails are without legs, and can be tucked under mattresses. They are L-shaped and can work for best beds with heavier mattresses to give them more support and secure seniors lying on the beds. Queen or King beds are the best options for these mattresses.
  • Bed rails with legs: Like legless bedrails, these are L-shaped, except they come with two support legs that can touch the floor to give more support when tucked under mattresses.
  • Fold-down bed rails: These bed rails can be folded, making them a perfect choice for those who like to travel.
  • Crossbar bed rails: the main features of these bedrails are the adjustability of their height and numerous spots for handholding them.
  • Dual bed rails: these beds are attached to both sides of the bed and come with crossbars that are designed to offer more support.

Hospital Bed Rails

Hospital or medical bed rails, as their name suggests, are installed into hospital beds and can be adjusted to desirable heights. They come as part of the bed and are not removable like portable bed rails.

Consider the Features

Bed rails come with different features, including adjustable height, grab bars, and a safety strap for comfort and stability, among others. Older adults should consider if the bed rail they are interested to have all the features they need to remain safe and secure as they get in and out of their beds or change into different positions.

The Cost of Bed Rail

Depending on the type, features, and materials they are made with, bed rails vary in price, but can range between $30 and $150, $50 being the average price.

Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are customized beds designed to fit specific comfort and mobility needs. For instance, seniors with certain medical conditions may be more comfortable and safer with their legs raised when sleeping or having bed rests. These beds are easy to use, as they rely on older adults controlling them via buttons. They are made in such a way that users can raise or lower them whenever they want and change positions when necessary. These beds are also designed to make getting in and out of beds a lot easier for older adults using them. Can bed rails work with adjustable beds? It is possible to attach bed rails to adjustable beds. Older adults should ensure their bed rails are compatible with their adjustable beds and meet their needs.

Reasons for Using Bed Rails with Adjustable Beds

Numerous benefits come with using bed rails with adjustable beds. This works best for older adults with mobility issues, sleeping disorders, or support to get in and out of bed safely. They come with a hand-hold feature that offers more comfort and security to users and helps seniors safely change into different positions. These beds also work in hospitals to enhance the safety of older patients and move them from place to place.

What to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Bed Rail

Some of the most important things that older adults or their loved ones should consider when buying adjustable beds are design and movability. If a senior pick an adjustable bed rail that doesn’t fit their needs and circumstances, it could result in discomfort and put them at risk of falling and suffering injuries. It is important to choose one that is specifically designed to meet older adults’ needs.