Grants for Seniors in Buffalo

Out of 198,515 adults in Buffalo, 31,818 are senior citizens. There are senior services in the city of Buffalo that aims to keep seniors active, healthy, independent, and living quality lives. The options are many and one needs to carefully explore them and identify that fits their needs and budget. Keep reading this article for grants for seniors in Buffalo, New York.

Health Care Assistance for Seniors in Buffalo, New York

The Medicaid Program provides senior citizens with access to various health insurance programs, including Medicare Savings Program and Medicaid. The program aims to financially aid low-income elderly persons by paying their hospital bills. Qualification for the program assistance depends on the income and other resource standards governing the public health insurance policies. You may be required to enroll in a Managed Care Plan if you qualify for Medicaid benefits. Are you over 65 and suffering from a physical or mental disability? Then you need to fill out the Access NY Healthcare application form DOH-4220. The local Medicaid staff reviews the applications sent using form DOH-4220. Get in touch to obtain applications by calling (716) 858-6244. Face-to-face interviews are optional for seniors applying for Medicaid. Please visit for more information.

You may also apply for Medicaid Long-Term Care by completing the Access NY Supplement A form. Outline how you love to be contacted and ensure include your signature in the application and Supplement A form. Once your application is received, an examiner will review it and contact you for further discussion. Face-to-face meetings are arranged two weeks after the agency receives your application. You will need to provide information about your gross income, medical bills and financial records for the past 60 days. This includes bank statements and those from brokerage houses. Photocopies of these documents will be needed for records. All deposits and withdrawals of $2,000 or more will need documentation of the source. You will need to present your birth certificate, social security card, Medicare card, naturalization papers/alien registration card, marriage certificate and private health insurance card. You may also need to provide proof of residence, separation or divorce and a copy of the death certificate for a deceased spouse. Read more at

The Older Americans Act requires that every state have an Ombudsman program to advocate for seniors and older adults living in nursing homes, assisted homes, and other care facilities. Through the program, senior residents are able to exercise their right to a good care environment that promotes and protects both their dignity and quality of life. The Ombudsman advocates for the rights of seniors to ensure their rights are not violated. The programs work closely with seniors and their family members towards ensuring that appropriate solutions are developed to curb problems they experience in long-term care facilities. The program provides educational resources, including consultation services to seniors, families, and the facility staff about long-term care and issues facing them. Learn more at

Housing Assistance for Seniors

Independent Housing, also known as Senior Apartments is restricted for elderly persons. This type of housing is in Buffalo, New York and does not include any support services and staffing to address the special needs of the seniors. It promotes independent living among seniors. Find a list of senior apartments at Buffalo here.

Transportation Assistance for Seniors

Erie County’s Department of Senior Services provides the Going Places Transportation Program to help elderly persons aged 60 and above get to their destinations. The program operates using the curb-to-curb van service. The service is offered to elderly persons unable to use conventional means of transportation. Services include transportation to health-related trips, such as to the doctor, hospital, clinic, counseling or prescriptions. The van service could take you to a nearby grocery store or nutrition sites, banking, bill-paying or to social events, including recreational and volunteer opportunities. There is a transportation policy that all program participants must abide by. There is a contribution suggestion of a $3 one-way trip, although it is voluntary. Any amount you are willing to contribute to get to your destination is highly appreciated. The program does not deny services to senior members who fail to contribute. The program is available to seniors living in the city of Buffalo every day from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm. Visit for more information.

Utility Assistance for Seniors

Telephone Assurance Program (TAP) enables volunteers from the community to elderly persons who are homebound and disabled to check on their wellbeing. The program allows seniors to socialize and build strong, long-lasting relationships. The program works with charities, senior services, and other agencies to identify seniors who would love to receive calls. The program then matches volunteers with seniors to receive calls. The goal of this program is to get rid of the concerns facing seniors living on their own and help them live independent life. Read more about the program at