Grants for Seniors in Philadelphia

Programs for Seniors in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has been known for its affordable living expenses and growing job market compared to other big cities. U.S. News & World Report declared that it is one of the best places to retire. There are lots of factors that the magazine takes into account such as health care, housing affordability, happiness, wellness, retirement taxes, and employment opportunities. Philadelphia has various outdoor and indoor events for older citizens. Although the advantages come into prominence, it might not be easy to live in this state for some seniors if they are having financial troubles. Thereby, the deferral authorities, the City of Philadelphia, and local charity organizations offer several programs and benefits for senior residents.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Homelessness and Rapid Re-Housing Program was created and has been subsidized both by the City of Philadelphia and the federal government for low, moderate-income people and persons who are at risk of homelessness. Seniors who need help with housing, financial assistance, or counseling are encouraged to get in touch with this program. Eligible candidates may benefit from short-term and emergency loans. The monetary aid can be used to cover utility bills, rent, housing expenses, or medical bills. For more information, please go to or make a phone call at 215 686 7106.

Catholic Charities of Philadelphia is a non-profit organization that has been functioning across the city. It has been coordinating with the United Way and other local churches to assist thousands of residents every year. Older individuals who are facing foreclosure or who are about to become homeless are one of the priority groups for this program. Apart from emergency housing assistance, qualified people may benefit from utility bill support, food pantries, clothing, and counseling. The link to their official website is as follows or call HELPLINE at 267 331 2490. There are a few well-known, well-established churches that support seniors who receive little or no financial assistance.

Diversified Community Services, Inc. is a local initiative that provides referrals for individuals who face eviction. Seniors who need help with an eviction are urged to make connections with this organization. Accepted participants will be receiving cash assistance, utility bills support, housing items, and other expenses related to housing. Read more at or give it a call at 215336 5505.

Likewise, Home Repair Grants For Seniors are offered across the country to make dwellings safer and more livable for elderly citizens.

Financial Assistance

The Foreclosure Prevention Grant Program was formed and has been funded by the City of Philadelphia to provide mortgage assistance for low and middle-income residents. Older people who need short-term emergency financial support are prioritized by this program. Its main criteria are the size of the household and annual household income. The amount of the money depends on the current financial status of the applicant. To learn more, please visit or give it a call at 215 686 9749.

Intercultural Family Services, Inc. is a neighborhood initiative to support residents who need cash assistance. The main aim of this cash support is to resolve a housing crisis, pay utility bills or prevent homelessness. The amount and the length of the grants change depending on the applicants’ overall condition. Find out more information at or dial 215 386 1298.

Healthcare Assistance

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging is the fourth biggest Area on Aging in the country. It has various cooperation with different sponsors and companies to help older people. Anyone who is 65 years of age or older and needs help should take into consideration the services of this organization. Some of them are as follow:

  • Senior Centers: PCA has 38 senior community centers throughout the city. These centers provide meal sites and organize various social events and educational courses. The mission of these centers is to make sure that senior citizens are healthy and may socialize with other people. These centers are open from Monday to Friday and they have a transportation service.
  • SEPTA Key Senior Fare Card: This is a special card for seniors who need transportation services. People who have this card can travel on all fixed SEPTA transit routes free of charge.
  • Health and Wellness Program: PCA has been working with local clinics to maintain the wellness of older residents. Seniors who need health assistance may benefit from health-related training, skill-building courses, screenings, medical surgery, and anything related to health problems.
  • Senior Companion Program: It is kind of a friendly community where older people help each other out. Particularly adults who feel lonely or isolated may participate in this program.
  • Care Management: Seniors who need a personal caregiver for a long or short time can apply for this benefit.
  • Home-Delivered Meals: This service offers healthy and regular meals for older people who cannot buy or cook for themselves. There are both frozen and hot meals according to the diet of the beneficiaries. There are also emergency meals for seniors who need them.
  • Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program: It offers to help with minor repairs and modifications at home for low-income people or people with disabilities.
  • Domiciliary Care Program: This is kind of a nursing home with comprehensive services for seniors. Particularly adults who cannot live independently due to emotional, physical, or mental impairments are qualified for this benefit.
  • Older Adult Protective Services: It seems that some people try to abuse people when they get older. This service aims to detect, avoid, and protect elder residents from all forms of abuse, self-neglect and monetary exploitation.
  • Insurance and Benefits Counseling: This is a special health insurance counseling service for persons who are already enrolled in Medicare.

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging has many more programs and services for senior people. These benefits may differ according to changing needs of the recipients. Explore more opportunities through the following link or dial HELPLINE at 215 765 9040.

Oral health deteriorates daily. Even for seniors with modest incomes or who are unable to pay, dental health should not be neglected along with general health. Learn how Philly seniors can obtain grants for dental care by visiting Dental Grants in Pennsylvania.

Utility Bills Support

Utility Emergency Services Fund is a non-governmental agency that provides utility support for low and middle-income people who are having a hard time paying their bills. Seniors who need utility bill support may receive cash support up to $500 based on their case. Some of the applicants can also have monthly discounts on their bills. For more information and to apply, please click the link or by phone at 215 972 5170. Besides from the UESF, there are additional organizations and agencies that provide bill assistance to poor and moderate-income elderly adults.

Food Assistance

Share Food Program Philadelphia is a local non-profit establishment that aims to help low and middle-income citizens who need food assistance. Older people who are not able to cook at home or who are not in a position to pay for healthy and nutritious food are eligible for this program. Beneficiaries will be receiving monthly food bags that are full of fresh food and groceries. Some people may also have financial support to purchase food. Read more at or contact 215 223 2220. Additional Senior Food Programs are being established to make it easier for people in need to obtain nutritious food and meals.