Grants for Seniors in Fremont

Living in the city of Fremont comes at a higher cost than the national average. A low-income senior person can find it difficult to survive with no assistance available. This article discusses grants for seniors in Fremont, California.

Housing Assistance for Seniors

Keep Fremont Housed Program helps low-income senior residents with unpaid rent and utility bills. The U.S. Department of Treasury stimulus funds finances the program. The program focuses on seniors at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Qualified applicants with unpaid rent can have their bills directed to their landlords. Based on the program eligibility and funds availability, your need for rental assistance must not exceed 12 months. 90% of the program funds are used for direct financial assistance of eligible low-income elderly persons. Read more at

The Housing Authority of Alameda County provides Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program to help low-income senior residents with rental assistance. Applicants are required to choose to house and ensure they meet HUD quality standards. Qualified applicants may pay 40% or 30% of their income towards their rent. The program covers the rest of the arrears. Find out more at

First Time Homebuyer Program offered by the City of Fremont offers low-income first-time senior homebuyers with opportunities to buy home at below market rates. These homes are created under Fremont’s Affordable Housing Ordinance. Find out more at

Utility Assistance for Seniors

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). The purpose of this program is to help low-income senior residents of Alameda County pay their power bills. Please note that it is not an entitlement program. The program components include heating assistance, cooling assistance, and crisis assistance designed for households facing heating emergencies. Find more information here.

Assistance with Food

Mobile Food Pantry provides food assistance to low-income seniors aged 55 or older. The eligible elderly persons can choose the food they need to maintain good health at old age. The Fremont Senior Center has partnered with Tri-City Volunteers to provide this program. Find out more at

Transportation Assistance for Seniors

Getting from one point to another can be difficult for an elderly person. Ride-On Tri-City offers transportation services to seniors aged 70 years or older. You have to demonstrate the inability to use public transit, may be due to disability, if you are below 70. It will cost you only $4 one-way. The transportation fares are paid using pre-paid vouchers. You may be assigned a personal care attendant to accompany you at no-cost. The rides to your destinations are provided in lift-equipped, wheelchair-accessible vans. The Alameda CTC funds this program through Measure B and Measure BB sales tax. The City of Fremont Human Services administers this program. The Wheelchair-Accessible Van Service is available to senior residents in need of special-door-to-door support. Find out more at

Health Care Assistance for Seniors

California’s Medicaid Health Care Program pays helps low-income elderly persons pay their medical bills. The Federal and state-level taxes support the operations of this program in California. To qualify for the Medicaid Program, you must be a permanent resident of California, a U.S. citizen, in need of health care assistance. Find out more at

In-home care in Fremont costs $4,900 monthly on average, and there are a total number of 3,017 home health care providers. This is almost 1,500 higher than the national average. In the city of Fremont, the cost of home-based health care, depending on the level of care you need, range between $23.78 and $34.34 an hour. Opting for a nursing home or community living can be expensive for a family. For this reason, going for in-home care is the best option. Visit to find the 10 best in-home care providers in Fremont, California.