Swivel Car Seats for Seniors

As we age, getting around becomes more difficult, and getting in and out of a car can become challenging. A swivel seat could be a solution for seniors who drive cars. These are rotating chairs that can be placed on car seats or any other seat that does not have armrests. They are portable, softly padded, and universally fit. The best ones include a nonslip base that keeps them firmly in place and keeps them from moving as you turn.

There are many swivel car seats ideal for seniors, that offers a comfortable driving experience. This article discusses some of the best ones suited for them.

What is a Swivel Car Seat?

This is a 360-degree movable cushion seat that allows seniors to easily get in and out of their vehicles. They include a turntable base which allows the senior to swivel sideways and towards the car door, reducing pressure on their back, hips, and knees as they are getting out of the vehicle. They also contain a comfortable padded cushion that is convenient for use during long travels.

How a swivel car seat is beneficial to the Elderly

The majority of elderly car swivel seats are lightweight yet sturdy, and able to support up to 130 kg. It is prudent to make sure seniors aren’t subjected to any potentially hazardous scenarios when transporting them in a vehicle, or driving themselves. Injury risk increases when they struggle to get into and out of a car seat. A swivel seat makes it simpler for them to exit the car, improves their travel experience, and lowers the likelihood that they may sustain an injury.

Best Swivel Car Seats for the Elderly

Drive Medical Padded Swivel Seat Cushion

This swivel car seat makes it simple to transfer passengers between vehicles without the typical difficulty. Most seniors will find it helpful since it relieves the tension that turning and twisting causes on the back, knees, and hips. It can spin 360 degrees making getting in and out of a car seat simple and pleasant. It is also sturdy, solid, and covered in a plush velvet material over polyurethane foam.

It may easily fit into a variety of car seats because of its ergonomic spherical form. Additionally, it is portable, light, and capable of supporting 300 pounds.


  • Its cover is silky velvet
  • It contains foam cushioning
  • It weighs 3.25 lbs. (1.5 kg)
  • Has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. (136 kg)

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HealthSmart Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushions

This lightweight and portable 15-inch foam cushion seat swivels 360 degrees in any direction. It includes a non-slip flexible swivel base that mounts to the seat and can support up to 300 pounds, so the user never needs to worry about it shifting at an inconvenient time.

The soft foam padding is relaxing and relieves tension on the back, hips, and tailbone. It is entirely constructed of polyester and has a removable and machine-washable cover. It raises the seating height from 12.5″ to 15″, improving visibility on the road.


  • It alleviates knee, back, and hip discomfort
  • The foam padding relieves back and tailbone pressure
  • It is available in different colors
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs. (136 kg)

Find out more about this swivel car seat at https://www.livehealthsmart.com/HealthSmart-Deluxe-Swivel-Seat-Cushions.

Sharper Image 3600 Swivel Cushion

The Sharper Image swivel cushion is 16 inches in diameter and is therefore appropriate for larger seats. It is ideal for long periods of sitting and long car drives, and it also contains a temperature-regulating cushion that is thick enough to offer comfort to your seat.

To facilitate cleaning, the cover is removable and machine-washable. It also has a 330-pound weight capacity. It is perfect for seniors with mobility challenges, those recovering from surgery, or those who have incurred injuries.


  • Its cushion regulates the temperature
  • It measures more than 16 inches in diameter
  • It has a 330-pound weight restriction (150 kg).

Learn more about this swivel car seat at https://www.sharperimage.com/view/product/360-Degree+Swivel+Cushion/206101.

FOMI Premium Firm Swivel Gel Seat Cushion

This swivel car seat has a gel interior that is designed to resemble a waffle. The grooves in the gel cooling structure, when combined with the breathable mesh cover, help increase airflow and keep you cool on lengthy trips. Best of all, this durable product will keep its shape over time, and because it evenly distributes your weight, it can help prevent pain caused by conditions such as sciatica and degenerative disc disorders.

The cushion is 2 inches thick, and the internal swivel mechanism allows for it to rotate 360 degrees, making for comfortable and smooth entering and exiting any seat without painfully twisting or straining your back or hips. Its cover is removable and easy to wash.


  • The gel cooling structure contributes to increased airflow
  • It is robust and holds its shape
  • It distributes weight evenly
  • It weighs 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)

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Carex Swivel Cushion with Removable Cover

Seniors who yearn for comfort during long-distance travel will appreciate the simplicity and softness of this swivel car seat. It has a slip-resistant base which ensures that you won’t ever have to be concerned about it sliding and slipping around beneath you. It can support people weighing up to 300 pounds.

Its cover is machine-washable, which makes maintaining your swivel seat fresh and clean easier. Its ring shape incorporates a cutout in the center to ease the strain on the spine and tailbone.


  • The base is non-skid
  • It restores the lumbar curvature to its original state
  • It adds 2 inches to the seat height
  • It can support up to 300 lbs. (136 kg).

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