Grants for Seniors in Boston

Help for Seniors in Boston

Boston is one of the most desirable cities that people want to spend their golden years in New England. There are various employment opportunities, healthcare options, indoor and outdoor social events for older people. Even though it has its advantages, it is a bit expensive to cover the cost of living in Boston. Therefore the federal government, the City of Boston, and local nonprofit charitable organizations offer a good deal of programs and benefits for older people who are having financial problems.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The City of Boston Public Housing was created by the state and has been managed by the city of Boston for low-income families, older people, and persons with disabilities. There are two types of public housing which are congregate and supportive housing. There are various assisted living housing options across the city for seniors who need housing assistance. People who are 60 years of age or over and at the risk of becoming homeless or who are already homeless are eligible for this public housing facility. It can be permanent or temporary housing assistance based on the applicant’s case. To learn more information please visit or make a phone call at 617 573 1100.

Metro Housing Boston is a local non-governmental organization that aims to reduce homelessness in the city. It offers safe, decent, and affordable housing options for low and middle-income families and individuals. Some of its services are rental assistance, fair housing, housing supports, inspections, and property owner services. Older persons who are having difficulties paying their rent or are facing eviction are prioritized by this local organization. To see the best available option, please follow the link or by phone at 617 859 0400 or dial the toll-free 800 272 0990.

Boston Housing Authority is the largest housing provider in the city for low and moderate-income persons and families. The main aim of this organization is to increase the quality of life and wellness by creating healthy and sustainable communities across the city. Older persons who are searching for housing assistance concerning moving in a new home, lease issues, repair, inspections, trash and recycling, community services, and pets are qualified to get help from this housing authority. Eligible seniors not only benefit from these services but also can apply for rental support. The amount and the length of the cash assistance may differ based on the case as well as the housing assistance. Recipients may also participate in training classes regarding housing management. Find out more information at or give it a call at 617 988 4000 or call the toll-free 800 545 1833.

Financial Assistance

Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ACD) is a non-governmental local charity based organization that helps more than 100,000 low-income residents and families each year. It offers various benefits to people in need. Older people who are in financial hardship in need of cash assistance to go on with their lives are eligible for this establishment. Some of the services it presents are carrier training, education on various issues, elderly support, energy assistance, basic needs, food support, health assistance, housing support, and much more. The type and content of the help may change based on the changing needs of the beneficiaries. Explore more opportunities through the following link or dial 617 348 6000.

Health Assistance

Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly is the local branch of Agencies in Aging Massachusetts. This local branch presents a lot of programs and services for older adults and those who care for them. Senior citizens who need health information concerning their condition and do not know where to look at it are urged to get in touch with this local branch. Apart from providing health information or finding cash support to cover the medical bills, the recipients of this agency also may ask for food assistance, housing support, counseling, respite care, and transportation programs. Older adults who are 60 years of age or older are eligible to make use of these services. For further information, please visit or call 617 635 4366.

Boston Centers for Youth & Families Grove Hall Senior Center was formed and has been subsidized by the city of Boston for senior citizens who need health assistance. This local senior center runs a wide range of diverse benefits and programs for the elderly from Monday to Friday. Some of these programs and courses are senior whole health, Zumba, tai chi, low cardio fitness, meditation, line dancing, cheer hip hop, chair yoga, aqua aerobics, baguazhang, and so on. Besides, it offers social activity courses to make sure that its participants are socializing with the community. Some of these classes are art meditation, crocheting, and quilting, drumming, jewelry making, kicking it with Karen, and Japanese taiko drumming. There is also food and transportation assistance in this center. It is highly beneficial to reduce the loneliness and isolation of older people. The link to their official website is as follows  or make communications with 311 or 617 635 4000.

Utility Bills Assistance

The Salvation Army Boston assists low and moderate-income people and families with various resources. It organizes different events and programs for older people including care homes. Older individuals who are not in good financial shape and searching for utility support are prioritized by this organization. Accepted seniors will be receiving monthly cash assistance to cover their utility bills depending on their current economic status. For further information, please click the link or contact 339 502 5900.

Food Assistance

Boston Centers for Youth and Families is a department that was formed and has been led by the City of Boston for people who require help. It runs a local senior center which is called Golden Age Senior Center. This city center serves hot, cold, and frozen meals for senior residents from Monday to Friday. Senior residents who are not able to cook for themselves at their homes or who are not able to purchase healthy and nutritious food are urged to visit this center. Apart from food assistance, the center runs many social activities for its participants such as bingo, book club, crochet, pokeno, and walking club. Furthermore, it assists them with health screenings, home repair programs, housing referrals, and pre-placement. It gives importance to the well-being and health of all of its participants. To see more information and to apply, please follow the link or call 617 635 5175.