Weighted Heated Blankets for Seniors

For people of all ages, getting enough sleep is essential. But as you age, it feels transient, which is why the majority of elderly people experience sleeplessness. Weighted blankets offer a variety of advantages to seniors, including relief from insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s symptoms, all of which contribute to better sleep. Moreover, they can keep them warm, particularly in the winter.

This article covers some of the best weighted heating blankets for elderly people available on the market today.

What is a Weighted Heated Blanket?

This is a traditional blanket used to cover oneself when relaxing or sleeping, however, it is filled with pellets that make it heavier than a conventional blanket and is mainly used to help reduce anxiety and aid sleep.

How they work

These blankets contain an insulated wire encased with a cloth that produces heat when plugged in. While in use, they serve to simulate the calming sensation of deep contact pressure, which is comparable to being hugged or squeezed. As a result, they have assisted users in reducing anxiety and improving their sleep quality. Many reviews for seniors have stated that they also help with insomnia.

Types of Weighted Heated Blankets

They are designed with two factors in mind;

  • Those designed for specific purposes
  • Those designed using specific materials offering particular benefits

Weighted Blankets designed for specific purposes

These are created because of certain illnesses or conditions such as;

  • Sleeplessness
  • Stress
  • Autism

Weighted Blankets designed using specific materials

These are made from particular materials and offer certain benefits. They include;

  • Chenille weighted blankets – this yarn-woven fabric is plush and fluffy
  • Cotton magic weighted blankets – they are heavy cotton-quilted blankets
  • Waterproof weighted blankets – they are resistant to the effects of water
  • Minky weighted blankets – create an extremely delicate sensory sensation of comfort
  • Custom weighted blankets – these are made exactly how you want them by choosing from a wide fabric selection, with monogramming and many other options
  • Fleece magic weighted blankets – they are intended for users who require intense pressure

It is critical to remember that weighted blankets are designed as a proportion of a person’s body weight. This is crucial since they should be about 10% of the person’s body weight. This causes it to offer soft yet firm pressure to the individual’s body, regardless of their age.

Risks associated with Weighted Heated Blankets for Seniors

If an elderly person with a medical condition like congestive heart failure or respiratory problems wants to try deep pressure therapy, it is advised to proceed with caution because it could intensify symptoms and possibly do more harm than good.

Best Weighted Heated Blankets for Seniors

Gravity Weighted Blanket

This blanket has everything seniors need for a good weighted blanket, including a machine-washable luxurious micro-plush cover with grid-like sewing to effectively keep the glass beads within the blanket in place, and secure buttons and ties to keep the blanket in the cover.

It is available in three different sizes and a variety of colors. It has been scientifically proven to improve sleep quality by SleepScore.


  • The grid-like stitching secures the beads
  • It comes in several color options
  • It has the sensation of ultra-soft fleece


  • Some users claim that it sleeps hot

Check out this weighted blanket at https://gravityblankets.com/products/gravity-blanket.

Bearaby Tree Napper

The Bearaby Tree Napper has an open-knit design that makes it possible for more air to flow through it. It is constructed of biodegradable materials, including organic cotton fabric manufactured from Tencel, a plant-based fiber, and is machine washable. Its open structure makes the weight feel more evenly distributed as you layer it over another blanket.

Both its appearance and comfort are fashionable. Its cloth may be machine washed and it dries quickly. It comes in a range of colors and three distinct sizes.


  • It is crafted from supple organic cotton
  • It has a stylish knit pattern
  • It has five different color options


  • It takes some time to dry after washing

Find out more about this weighted blanket at https://bearaby.com/products/tree-napper.

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket        

The Good Housekeeping Institute’s bedding experts advise putting this weighted blanket over another blanket due to its knit construction. It exerts even pressure while bearing a weight that is evenly distributed. It is silky and has a soothing feel.

It comes in four different sizes, and the numerous color choices will appeal to a lot of seniors. Its fabric is permeable, and it may be washed and dried in a machine. Seniors who are environmentalists will also find it appealing because it is made from recycled plastic bottles.


  • There are numerous color options
  • It is made from recycled materials
  • It has a stylish knit pattern


  • Some customers have complained that it is quite expensive

Find out more about this blanket at https://shopnuzzie.com/products/knit.

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket

The 37.5 temperature technology in the cover of this weighted blanket helps to control body temperature and guard against overheating. It is available in three colors and two weights. The inner blanket contains channels that assist keep the glass beads spread properly, and the cover is machine washable.

The cover is detachable and quilted. The weighted inner blanket should only be spot cleaned because it is entirely made of polyester. The machine-washable, quilted removable cover is constructed of both cotton and polyester.


  • The channels maintain weight distribution
  • It has a 37.5 Temperature technology
  • The cover can be machine washed


  • It is designed for a single user

Learn more about this weighted blanket at https://www.sleepnumber.com/products/true-temp-weighted-blanket.

Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket

This weighted blanket looks more elegant than other blankets because of its textured top design. Its little glass beads give you the sensation of a warm embrace. Also, its underside, which matches the top and is composed of breathable, textured cotton, is soft and exerts pressure evenly.

The blanket weighs about 12 lbs. (6 kg) and comes in four different colors. It can also be machine washed, but it is not meant to be used with a duvet.


  • It is completely machine washable
  • It has four fashionable color choices
  • It’s ideal for use as a first weighted blanket


  • It only comes in one size and weight

Check out this weighted blanket at https://www.brooklinen.com/products/weighted-blanket.