Best Online Meal Services for Seniors

If the 20th century has taught us one thing, it’s that almost everything is accessible at the touch of a button, even food. There has been a surge of availability in the food industry through ordering online to ready-to-eat meal preparations. Going to the grocery store or cooking can be a daunting task for senior citizens for a variety of reasons. Ready-to-eat and frozen meal preps are definitely the convenient and efficient way to go. We will be listing our top choices for online meal services and why we deemed them the best of the best!

Magic Kitchen


  • Abundant choices of meal types (i.e. a la carte, meal bundles, complete meals, etc)
  • Specific dietary restrictions (vegetarian, low carb, for dialysis, for diabetic, portion controlled, etc)
  • Affordable
  • Magic Kitchen overs a variety of meals that you can purchase at an affordable price, ranging from $10-$14 for each meal. You are able to customize the meals you want and need thanks to their very flexible menu. For those going through specific diets, a dietician creates the meals that services to them, such as low carb diets, renal diets, dairy-free and gluten free diets. Their website is easy to navigate and very informative.
  • Another thing we love about magic kitchen is that these meals are frozen, which means all you need to do is heat it when it’s meal time or you can store it in the freezer and consume it when you can. Purchasing a couple of these meal preps and freezing them for later consumption is such an efficient and convenient way for your everyday needs!

Mom’s Meals


  • Subsidized by different health plans
  • Designed by dietician, targeted for seniors
  • Very affordable
  • Mom’s meals is one of our favorites! With over 60 meals to choose from that cater to different specific dietary needs and health conditions. This option is great for those who want to order bundle meals, they are available at 10, 14 to 21 meals, all fully prepared and refrigerated. A very convenient way of staying healthy!
  • Skimming through their website, you will be able to see an assortment of different scrumptious meals from Vegetable Egg Scramble and Peaches with Cherries to Pork Sausage Breakfast Skillet & Fruit Crisp. Do you have any allergens? No worries! You have the choice to exclude certain ingredients such as soy, wheat, eggs, fish, etc. That will definitely help with customizing your meal and still have it taste delightful! And the best part of it all is, meals cost about $7-$8 each. Affordability and convenience at your fingertips.

Silver Cuisine


  • Able to order online or by calling
  • Meals specific for seniors
  • Up to 100 meal selections
  • Not all seniors are apt with ordering online, or some may prefer speaking to a person more convenient. Silver cuisine offers both online ordering and calling to order their meals. According to their website, they have meals available for specific diets such as heart healthy, gluten free, menopause, vegetarian, etc. Personally, I love how their website is set-up because it is so easy to navigate through and the best part is that, once you have your eye out on a specific meal, you’re able to view a more close-up photo of the meal with a small introduction of the ingredients used, nutritional facts and testimonials. The photos look extremely appetizing so it will be hard to choose from their menu!
  •  Silver Cuisine meals are table-ready once they arrive but can also be stored in the fridge for a later meal. Their meals can be refrigerated for as long as a year so it will be convenient when ordering a bundle of meals for later dates. You can read it up more about Silver Cuisine through their blog here.



  • Organic ingredients
  • Customizable according to specific diets
  • Meals available in easy-to-cook with instructions and ready-to-eat meals
  • Skip or cancel at anytime
  • Sunbasket is one of the best meal prep websites that offer organic ingredients. You’re able to mix and match different meals with specific dietary instructions. They offer high-quality and well-seasoned ingredients as well as fully organic ingredients. Skimming through their website, you’re able to choose different types of diets such as paleo, vegetarian, and pescatarian. You’re also able to choose if you prefer high protein, high fiber, etc and avoid shellfish, poultry grains and more. Their minimum order is at 2 meals good for 2 people (4 servings) for $8.24. The more meals ordered per bundle, the cheaper the price can be! From there, you’re able to choose which meals and dishes you want to order.
  • Their website is very user-friendly and is aesthetically pleasing and bright. One of the positive aspects of Sunbasket is that a portion of their proceeds help them donate to food banks and other non-profit groups. So it’s not only your meal you order, but also a meal for those in need!



  • Menu changes weekly
  • Includes a 20-minute consult with a registered dietitian
  • Free delivery
  • Not everyone is aware what type of diet they should be following, especially if they have a specific diagnosis. Factor takes the importance of diets to another level, by including a consultation with a registered dietitian for consumers who aren’t sure what they should and should not eat. This is a very convenient way of becoming aware of your dietary needs if you aren’t already, and being able to order your meals in one go. Consultations are done over the phone and you will be able to personally communicate with the dietician what you need and ask your queries on food and ingredients. Booking is done online. Once you are done with your consultation, you will be more well-informed to customize the meal you will order.
  • Meals ordered from Factor are delivered fresh and ready-to-eat. You may also pop it in the oven or microwave to heat it to your liking. The menu changes weekly, which offers a variety for meals every week. This gives you more choices and gives you a chance to taste different recipes and dishes. Meals are priced between $11-$15 per meal, though it may seem pricey, keep in mind that delivery is for free.