Best Places to Start Over After 50


Everything is big in Texas and the opportunities are even bigger. The income growth rate is quite high in the Lone Star State. The unemployment rate is also low compared to the nationwide statistics. These are the main factors that contribute to Texas being part of the greatest areas to start over. These positive numbers are a result of the strong impact of the defense and technology sectors within the area. Also, the energy industry is high profile in Texas. Oil, gas, wind, and solar energy are a huge contribution to the state’s economy. The weather is warm and one can enjoy the scenic landscape views all year round. Texas is among the few states across the US that do not overcharge income tax. Compared to other states residents in Texas save as much as half of what they would normally pay in taxes. Aside from being one of the states with the lowest tax burdens per capita, there are numerous resources available in Texas.


The pristine and tax-friendly state of Virginia affords ample monetary benefits for seniors who want to start over. Also, it does not charge any tax on Social Security Welfares. Wonderful landscapes and national parks offering unlimited relaxing activities can be enjoyed. With its monuments and museums, it is suitable for history buffs. There are also great opportunities to financing retirement plans. However, the living expenses in Virginia are very high. Hence, it is suitable for seniors with a stable income source. Virginia has a lot to offer and that includes the resources elders can rely to.

New Mexico

New Mexico is renowned for its low living expenditures, which is about 3.1% lower than the nationwide statistics. Housing is also affordable within the area. Also, New Mexico’s favorable weather, which is characterized by sunny days and low levels of rainfall, makes the state a prime choice for a location in which to start over. The population of New Mexico is about 2million which is quite low and ideal for seniors who want to escape the noise and crowds in other states. New Mexico has a number of advantages, including temperate weather, low cost of living, and safety. This should include assistance for senior residents from federal and state government benefits, churches, and non-profit organizations.


Alaska is ranked among the best states for seniors’ financial security, ranking higher than some warm-weather states regarding better-funded senior services and more working opportunities. There is no income or sales tax in Alaska. Also, seniors are charged lower property taxes when they are buying houses.  Seniors in Alaska enjoy a unique lifestyle, but at a price. Due to the state’s low population density, extremely cold climate, and isolated location, the living costs are very high in Alaska. However, some programs help seniors with money to pay other costs. The Senior Benefits Program which is administered by Alaska’s Department of Health & Social Services Division of Public Assistance provides monthly financial assistance to senior residents who have low and moderate-income sources. The cash is not provided for a precise reason but the recipients are at liberty to utilize the money however they want. Read Grants for Seniors in Alaska for a comprehensive list of the state’s assistance.


The tax-friendly state of Nevada is a great choice for seniors who want to move to the state to start over live, work, and even retire. The living expenditures are very reasonable making starting over in the state quite affordable. House prices are relatively cheap. Commodities, food, and utilities are also inexpensive. The area is said to be tax-friendly because there is no estate or inheritance tax, pension income is not taxed, there is no personal income tax, withdrawals made from retirement accounts aren’t taxed, Social Security earnings are not taxed and the sales tax is very low. Aside from being a tax-friendly state, Nevada is also an excellent place to start over after the age of 50. Elderly people can continue to connect with the many opportunities and resources provided by the state.


For persons who appreciate the beauty of all four seasons, no place beats the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. With numerous chances for outdoor recreation, it’s an excellent location to pursue wellness, and the healthcare system is exceptional. In 2019 Minnesota was ranked on 4th position in the list of healthiest states for seniors and it was ranked first in health outcomes. The living expenses in Minnesota fluctuate due to different location and is maximum in its enormous metro areas, but collectively, it complements well together with the coasts and two big cities. Housing costs follow a similar pattern. For adults aged above 65, 78 percent own their own homes. Above all, Minnesota is a neighborly state which is filled with nice people willing to help anyone however they can.

However, Minnesota is not a tax-friendly state. A retirement fund is fully taxed and Social Security funding is partially taxed. To compensate, Minnesota has the available assistance to aid seniors in living comfortably.


Colorado is also considered a tax-friendly state as it has immense tax benefits. It has some of the lowest taxes on property in the entire country. Medicine and food are exempted from tax.  The state is world-famous for its extraordinary scenery and the outdoor adventure it offers. The living expenses in the state are considerably greater than the entire of the country, even though the state is often regarded as a much cheaper place than California and Massachusetts. Including the surrounding rural areas, that will forever be beautiful and engaging and may hold faintly increased living expenses. Mountainous Colorado is outstanding when it comes to healthcare. In addition there are several programs for seniors to help the retirees to make up for the high cost of living.


If you wish to start over in a state with a rich culture, four seasons, and great healthcare, consider going to Massachusetts. Massachusetts serves up beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, historic charm, and a funky culture, perfect for seniors who want to try new things. Social Security Earnings and pension funds are exempted from tax. Housing and rentals are quite cheap in Massachusetts. Furthermore, there are numerous aid to senior citizens to help offset the high cost of living.


The living expenditures in Oklahoma are about 14% less than the countrywide statistics. It holds one of the lowest costs attached to living, in the entire country, making it an ideal place to start over for seniors. Compared to other states; goods, utilities, and groceries are cheaper in Oklahoma. Also dining in restaurants and other entertainment centers is cheap. However, seniors are charged with property taxes as other residents. Oklahoma is one of the best places to start over after 50 to senior citizens with low-cost retirement. Besides that, there are subsidies for the elderlies that are readily available and accessible.


When considering that an area is a place of beautiful scenery and its tax friendliness, Michigan has incredibly low living expenditures. It experiences all four seasons with warm, mild summers and extremely cold winters. The property taxes charged to homeowners are insanely high but the sales taxes are quite manageable. There are not any inheritance or estate taxes. Michigan, with its beautiful scenery, four seasons, excellent healthcare system, and low cost of living, is also an excellent place to start over after 50. Moreover, the state, churches, and organizations all provide assistance for senior residents in Michigan.