Best States for Retirement


The state of Iowa has been ranked as the safest and most secure state to live in. It offers a strong community feels making it part of the top states for seniors to go to. The place offers a wide range of activities for staying healthy both mentally and physically. There are quite a few lakes for fishing, mountains for hiking, and golf courses. Iowa experiences all four seasons with a generally humid continental climate. It experiences extremes of both cold and heat depending on the season. The winters are extremely cold and the summers are incredibly hot with temperatures above 90°F. Tornadoes and thunderstorms are common throughout the state of Iowa with over fifty days of thunderstorms in a year.

West Virginia

West Virginia, also known as the Mountain State, has a population of 1.8million, and over 18.3% of the people there are seniors (over 65years of age). It is characterized by wonderful and friendly societies. It also experiences four seasons but the weather patterns differ throughout the region. The climate is generally humid subtropical. The northern portion of the region and the areas with higher elevations frequently experience snowstorms. It similarly experiences very hot summers and cold winters.


The State of Arkansas, also identified as the Natural State, offers seniors senior communities with distinctive features and amenities. These communities offer both indoor and outdoor activities for seniors such as swimming, parks, tennis, and walking paths. Arkansas is ranked in the lowest ten in regards to property taxes in the US. The state does not charge railroad, military and social security retirement funds. The cost of living is relatively low in Arkansas and the average annual income is also low. Living in Recreational Vehicles and Parks is available in the state. Arkansas has numerous communities that are great places to Arkansas is quite appealing as it offers multiple leisure activities such as fishing in the lakes, swimming and site seeing in the waterfalls, hiking, camping, and biking in the mountainous areas. Large cities like Little Rock offer various places for entertainment and sporting activities. They have high-end restaurants and hotels, incredible shopping centers, and multiple golf courses. For those who love alcoholic beverages, the state has numerous wineries, breweries, and distilleries.


Nebraska is also a good state for seniors to go to. It is known for its affordability. It is quite safe, secure and the health care system is quite good. Health care is easily affordable and accessible to seniors it is cheap to buy a house in Nebraska. They also offer many events and sporting activities. Nebraska is very cold compared to other states. The area is also filled with friendly individuals.


Florida, the Sunshine State, offers nearly the best communities for retired seniors. The region has a warm climate and luxurious retirement homes that offer comfort and desirable amenities. There are numerous recreational activities and events to choose from depending on one’s preferences. The activities include swimming, biking, beach walks, and surfing.


Kentucky is a beautiful state which offers exceptional recreational activities suitable for seniors. The cost of living is much lower than in other states in the US. The state charges no tax for Social Security benefits. Sales and property taxes are also low. The climate is humid sub-tropical. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are a little less cold than in the southern states. In areas with higher elevations, that is the mountainous areas the climate is quite cooler. Kentucky has many retirement towns with certified retirement communities. Some are college towns while others are situated close to large man-made lakes. Murray, a lake town, offers extraordinary climate, lost cost living, and unlimited recreation.


In the state of Missouri, retirement benefits are charged tax the same way as regular income. The property taxes are below the average but the sales taxes are way much more expensive compared to the nationwide average. When assessing the expenses incurred in senior living one has to consider costs of food, bills and utilities, house maintenance, health care, and homeownership. There are numerous communities in Missouri suitable for retirement. Some of these communities offer several amenities which may include engaging social events and activities, independent living, assisted living, mental health assistance, regular housekeeping, home maintenance services, gym and fitness classes, language lessons, travel opportunities.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire, also recognized as the Granite State, has numerous lovely towns sprinkled throughout the state. It has beautiful lakes and the White Mountains. The world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee and the ferocious mountain Mount Washington are in this beautiful state. The climate is humid continental with very cold winters and mild summers. There are frequent snowstorms during the winters. New Hampshire experiences all four seasons. The area has a few pleasant little towns and cities, and the low tax charges make them indeed more welcoming. It remains a good place for the retirement of the elderly who like outdoor activities.


The state of Arizona (AZ) has been a huge retirement place for a while. It experiences hundreds of days of abundant sunshine in a year therefore it remains a great place for outdoor activities. It has tons of golf courses. The state does not charge any tax on Social Security and it remains probably one of the greatest tax-friendly states in the USA. The popular retirement communities in Arizona offer sensational views, a lot of amenities, historical features, and outdoor activities such as golf, cultural centers, bona fide Mexican cuisine, and incredible climate.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the Ocean State, is a small state with residents of slightly over a million people (as of 2016). Its coastline is one of the major coastlines because of its many bays and harbors. It stands as the perfect state for energetic seniors who enjoy the water. Rhode Island boasts of fantastic sightseeing, cruising and sailing, fishing, and kayaking. The state also experiences intensely cold winters but the summers are generally warm and mild. Rhode Island is only 50miles long so it remains not a challenge to move around.  On the downside, Rhode Island charges tax on retirement benefits and Social Security funds. Furthermore, it has the maximum rate of property tax in the country. Also, it remains the only state which collects estate tax.