Best States for Seniors – Low-Cost Living

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In Pennsylvania, the living expenses are slightly lower than the nationwide average however the charge for basic commodities such as transportation and groceries is rather high. About 18% of the people in Pennsylvania are aged over 65. The state is home to major cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and some other country regions. The living expenses vary throughout the state and the seniors have vast options to choose from. In the cities, the living expenses are relatively high but the monthly cost of supported living care is generally reasonable. Resources are available across Pennsylvania to make care more affordable for individuals that need monetary assistance.  Affordable Senior Housing societies such as Presbyterian Senior Living are intended to help the needs and desires of seniors aged 55 and older. They provide security, freedom, flexibility, and privacy to seniors. These communities also provide services such as household repairs and yard work. For more details on resources, read Grants for Seniors in Pennsylvania.

South Dakota

When it comes to assisted care living, South Dakota is among the most inexpensive states. It has a stable economy and the lowest tax rate in the nation hence it is the go-to state for most seniors. The Senior Living facilities are located near healthcare facilities therefore seniors have easy access to advanced medical care. Non-commercial organizations and state agencies offer medical and financial assistance to seniors for supported living or independent living. A wider range of grants and funding opportunities are available to provide assistance and information to seniors in South Dakota. More details can be found here.


Located in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho is a large state with a small population of just over 1.8million people.  The state has over 144 senior living facilities to house the seniors which comprise about 16% of the total population. Idaho does not charge tax on Social Security income. The expenses of supported living and long-term domestic care are very much lower than the nationwide average making the living expenses in Idaho quite affordable. The Idaho Aged and Disabled Waiver covers support services and the expenses of upkeep for eligible seniors with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Idaho’s Residential Care and Assisted Living Act does not state particular prerequisites for seniors to be admitted into Senior Living communities. Learn more grant opportunities in Idaho that support seniors.

South Carolina

The coastal state of South Carolina with its dynamic culture and historic charm is a great place for seniors. This retirement-friendly state has options for inexpensive living and very low tax rates. It has low property tax charges and the state does not charge any tax on any form of retirement benefit. It also does not charge tax on Social Security Income. From the affordable commodities to the low housing cost the state is just plain friendly for seniors. At the age of 65, one is no longer required to pay property taxes in South Carolina. In comparison with the nationwide average, the overall, living expenses amount to about 6% less. Moreover, grants are available to support programs that help seniors in South Carolina.


Georgia has the 4th lowest percentage of residents who are over the age of 50. From a total of 10.6 residents, about 14% are seniors although the state is generally considered tax-friendly, the overall cost of living is way much greater than the nationwide average. However, the expense of healthcare is about 9% less than the nationwide average and the expenses of supported living are similarly low. The seniors are given the choice of selecting between a couple of living options such as assisted care, independent care, nursing domestic care, and memory and disability care. Georgia has about 680 senior living facilities which offer an assortment of amenities and hospitality services to seniors in need of assistance. Various assistance programs in Georgia help to compensate for the living expenses of seniors.


The beautiful state of Missouri, also identified as the Gateway to the West, is an appealing retirement destination for seniors. The living expenses are lower than the state average. The cost varies with the location of the senior living community. Some senior apartments provide support services to the residents such as transport, meals, and social exercises. Grants and loans to assist with the expenses are also provided by state-funded agencies. Furthermore, there are other resources that provide real-world solutions to the main difficulties that low-income seniors endure. Read Grants for Seniors in Missouri for further information about resources.


The Buckeye State is residence to around 11.6 million residents, with over 2million of these being senior citizens. The living expenses are moderate in Ohio and healthcare is also affordable compared to other states.  The state has numerous senior living communities which offer both independent and supported living. Several outlets and programs offer financial assistance to seniors who require help with coverage of the expenses of senior living. The Assisted Living Waiver also helps to compensate for services such as medical care, housekeeping, personal upkeep, and home nursing. Offsetting these expenses helps to reduce the living expenses by a substantial value. Also, there are grants opportunities that assist seniors in Ohio.


In Iowa, seniors make up a percentage of over 17.1 of the residents.  The senior living costs in Iowa are generally moderately priced. The state has the highest air quality across the US that considerably decreases respiratory diseases and cancer. That renders the living expenses lower as the seniors are exposed to fewer medical costs than other states. The index for water quality is also higher than the state average. There are also various programs in Iowa that help seniors maintain their quality of life.


One of Tennessee’s major cities, Nashville has living expenses that are 3.35% lower than the state average making it a very affordable place for seniors to live in. This is accompanied by the mild climate in the area which is suitable for outdoor activities. The expenses associated with assisted living are also low and various programs provide financial assistance to seniors who need it. Grants for Seniors in Tennessee has compiled a list of these programs that provide additional funds to seniors who want to make a difference in the lives of low-income seniors.


From the reasonably low living expenses to the pleasant weather and the wide variety of lifestyle options, the state of Alabama is the perfect destination for senior retirement. There are quite a few active senior communities in Alabama. Opelika, one its top communities was named by Forbes Magazine as being among the 25 Best Places to Retire in America. The living expenses are by far much lower than the state average. Also, the cost of other senior care services such as assisted is quite low. Additionally, the access to medical care, hospitals, and recreational amenities is favorable. However, on the downside, the sale tax in Alabama is quite high. To compensate, seniors can rely on financial assistance granted to senior residents in Alabama.